Jesse Pringle Turning Modern Day Mafia Web Series Kill Em All into Film Franchise

After receiving international recognition, thousands of fans, attention from press and media Jesse Pringle has decided to franchise the Kansas City based series to Los Angeles.  “Kill Em All” is a "Blue Collar" series inspired by comic, westerns and real life experiences that are based in Kansas City.  The series was created, written, produced and stars Jesse Pringle.

Kill Em All Los Angeles



Kill Em All is an American crime drama web-series created and written by Jesse Pringle. Set in present day Los Angeles, Kill Em All is about Carson McCullough, son of an Irish mobster who, after the demise of his brother Clinton at the hands of the Italian Mafia (The Martucci crime family of Kansas City), sets out on a plan of revenge & murder. After a near death experience of his own in the streets of Kansas City, Carson finds himself shipped to Los Angeles (via help from the Russian Syndicate of Pittsburgh) right back into a whirlwind of crime with only the aid of his few close friends and mentor .


Kill Em All Los Angeles

The series deals primarily with themes of ruthless back-stabbing and manipulation between different criminal organizations in their constant struggle for respect and power.


KC Show:

Directed and co-produced by Shawn Wright (Season 1 Episodes 1-4, Season 2 Episodes 1-2)

Directed by Brian Holton (Season 2 Episodes 3-4​)

Kill Em All Los Angeles


LA Show:

Director Errol Sack (Season 1 Episodes 1-4​)​


In 2014 Jesse signed a French distribution for the series and returned to LA with season 1 to the LA WebFest Awards and walked away with 7 awards including: best writing, producing, soundtrack, guest star, best drama, best theme song, etc…  He also began franchising the series in LA with the start of “Kill Em All” Los Angeles which includes more Hollywood talent such as Richard Tyson, Don "Predator" Frye, Pete Koch, Jim Zahnd, Josh Nasar, and Torrei Hart.  The story is learning and leaving LA to start something organic and build a Big Fish Small Pond story that Jesse accomplished and now returned to LA not just as an aspiring actor but an award winning writer and producer.  They are set to continue franchising series to Pittsburgh in 2016. 



Kill Em All Producer/Creator/Writer Jesse Pringle grew up in the Kansas City area and divides his time between Hollywood and Kansas City.  He returned to his hometown to shoot and produce this web series.  Jesse decided to film the series in his hometown so that he could involve local actors and musicians who don't normally have the opportunities that are available in Los Angeles.


​Los Angeles:




Kansas City: ​








Kill Em All Los Angeles

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