Steve Stein Gets Celebs "Connected" with Hot, New Style

Beauties of all ages get Connected


Connected Celebrity Gifting Suite is recognized as one of the hottest tickets in town for actors during award seasons.


Safely Sexy: Designer Pepper Spray


Producer Steve Stein and Connected gives creators and new companies from across the country the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get their products to A-list stars.  


"Doctor Who Big Finish" star Chase Masterson rocks her Tardis pendant by Kate Mesa


Participating clients' products range from global travel, jewelry, luggage, and apparel to culinary delicacies, beauty products and consultations with financial experts.


There's nothing "Off the Cuff" about this style


Lechat Nails for natural elegance


Fashion FLEXY fun


Each seasonal gifting suite provides the ability to get product photo opportunities with celebrities of film, TV,`music, and sports.


Lynnae's Gourmet Pickles


Trilipiderm for moisture-rich skin


In addition to getting their products directly in the hands of stars, companies also receive major media coverage through regional, national, and international press, all of which cover the A-list event on television, cable, satellite, internet, magazines, and newspapers.


Beauty products were in demand for Connected celebs


On-site tanning by TanDazzled


Steve Stein has over 20 years in the entertainment marketing industry; his approach enables companies to get their products directly in to the hands of the industry's top stars.


Financial tips for the A-list set


T-shirts for men and women


Stein says, “This is truly the answer for businesses in Los Angeles and beyond to expand in this economy."


B Toffee...Mmmmmm!


Custom-made cell covers, just for you


Stein has lectured across the country on the powers of marketing with an emphasis on “Celebritizing” your product or service. Over the last 10 years, he was the pioneer of taking a sleepy “gift bag” at celebrity award shows and turning it into a full-fledged revenue generating industry. Working with producers, management and celebrities in the industry, he was able to take the gift bags concept to the next level by developing “Celebrity Gifting Suites” backstage at high profile celebrity events.


Cupcakes: still in high demand


Pink ribbons & gifts for breast cancer charities


Ponderosa Roasted Coffee Company -- delish!


Steve has been featured in hundreds of media related stories, ranging from Dateline NBC to Howard Stern. Steve does not believe in “Thinking outside the box,” his credo is “Smash the Box completely.” He and his associates have taken this type of mental attitude and worked with everyone from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to Scott Kay Platinum Jewelry.


Reboot Yourself for health


Follow Your Quest for a Healthier Body


For more information on Steve Stein and Connected Gift Rooms or gift bags, including dates for upcoming events and high-profile marketing opportunities, visit


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Ponilox: natural-looking hair extension


Not Your Mother's hair products give fun, easy style


E-Ko-Rock: gifts that say it all


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