Doris Bergman’s Seventh Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party - Two Celebrations in One Festive Event

Take the two biggest events in February, sprinkle in some glorious Southern California sun and throw the party at one of Hollywood’s finest restaurants, Fig & Olive and you are in store for one fabulous day. Of course the day is fabulous when you have the delightful Doris Bergman throwing her Seventh Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party on Thursday, February 12th.

The celebrity filled day was hosted by MD Sun Skin Care and presented by Pura d’or Hair Care and featured everything you would need to get yourself red carpet ready. While guests enjoyed some amazing gifts throughout the day, they were also treated to an enchanting lunch experience from Fig & Olive to go with cocktails from Veved Ice Vodka and refreshing Hint Water.

The day was filled with gifts and fun, the day was also put together to benefit Wednesday’s Child, the official charity of the lounge. Doris collected new, unwrapped gifts – clothing, accessories, electronics, sporting equipment, monetary donations, and anything else that would put a smile on a child’s face for a Post-Holiday Gift Drive. All guests were encouraged to donate at least one item for teens in foster care aged 13-18.  For more information and to help out this great organization, visit: Wednesday’s Child.

The celebrity list for the day included; Elise Robertson & Marnette Patterson (Oscar Nominated Movie “American Sniper”), Oscar Nominee Danielle Brisebois (Original Song “Lostt Stars” from “Begin Again”), Kenny Chin (Oscar Nominated Move “Birdman”), Maddalena Ischiale (Oscar Nominated Movie “Unbroken”), Manny Marroquin (Oscar Nominated Original Song “Glory” from “Selma”), Melora Hardin (Golden Globe Winning Comedy “Transparent”), Trinity Simone (Oscar Nominated Move “Selma”) joined former Oscar Nominees Renee Taylor & Joe Bologna, Hollywood Icon & former Golden Globe Nominee Lainie Kazan, Greg Grunberg (“Masters of Sex”), Hollywood Icon, Deidre Hall, Dennis Christopher (“Django Unchained”), Jackson Pace (“Homeland”), Comedian Kevin Farley, John Savage, Kelsey Scott (2014 Oscar-winning film “Twelve Years a Slave”), Lisa Vidal “Being Mary Jane”), Michael Welch (“Twilight” Trilogy), Richard Grieco (“22 Jump Street”), and multiple award-winning actor Chris McDonald.

Sue Wong

There is nothing like the Academy Awards when it comes to the most scrutinized red carpet appearance of the year. While the dresses get most of the attention, a perfectly fit and luxurious suit is just as important and no one can create a suit quite as perfect as Art Lewin. Art Lewin & Co. was on hand making sure that everyone was going to be looking their best for Oscar week as he offers a number of great services; creating custom suits and shirts, they can plan, coordinate and maintain your wardrobe and they have consultants to help build your wardrobe if you need some fashion help. Any questions about the quality of the work, just look at Art himself, always flawless and stylish with his own attire and he has garnered several awards over the years. For more information visit: Art Lewin & Co.


For the ladies, the fashion maven Sue Wong had a lineup of dresses that would fill out any red carpet and would make fashion police obsolete.  The racks of stunning dresses from Sue Wong were the highlight of the Doris Bergman event, leaving guests stopping and staring in awe of the pure beauty and brilliance that went into each artistic dress. For more information visit: Sue Wong

Sue Wong Dress

Sue Wong Publicist Greta Kovacs Schmid holding Sue Wong Gown

Single by Galina Sobolev was gifting guests an assortment of fun and fashionable dresses and tops. Great colors and designs give you the perfect dress for a first date, a girls night out, really for any occasion, you will look amazing in Single. For more information visit Single.


Dr. George Sun, a renowned facial plastic surgeon, gifted his MDSUN Skin Care line of products that allows you to use a medical grade product in your own home. Guests were gifted the luxury travel set with all the products that one would need to bring back that youthful look and feel to their skin. For more information visit MDSUN

Former Oscar Nominees, Renee Taylor & Joe Bologna with Title Sponsor MD Sun Skin Care

Pura d’or Hair Care was gifting their hair care products that are made out of at least 95% organic products and all of the ingredients are grown on trees, nothing artificial. Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo can do what it says, help prevent hair loss, while also strengthening hair, adding volume and providing vitamins for hair growth. For more information visit: Purador.


Pura d’or Hair Care

Cancer is wreaking havoc in so many forms and it is important to prevent it in any possible way, sadly dogs are often forgotten when it comes to cancer. My Dog Nose It! came along to help fight this battle by creating their sun protection that was made for your dog’s nose. This is not harmful to your dogs and it will protect the exposed nose from any harmful UV rays while also soothing and adding moisture to their nose. For more information visit: My Dog Nose It!

My Dog Nose It!

Spongelle created a body wash infused buffer to make your showering experience just that much better. Made with organic extracts, each sponge gives you at least 14 washes and they have scents for every taste. For more information visit: Spongelle


While getting treated to amazing gifts, a favorite of the day was getting your hair styled by Whirl A Style. Whirl A Style was not only doing hair, but they were giving it that extra touch by using Swaroski Crystals, just beautiful! For more information visit: Whirl A Style

Whirl A Style

Going green has become popular in many industries, but one you might not think about in those terms is jewelry. Silvana K Designs has become the leader in this area by recycling over 250 pounds of copper a month from certified recycling centers to create beautiful handcrafted pieces that are lead, nickel and cadmium free. For more information visit: Silvana K Designs.

Silvana K Designs

Microderm 360 created their microdermabrasion to help keep you skin clean and get out all of the impurities. They were gift an entire kit of their products so that guests could take care of their skin at home in a professional manner. For more information visit: Microderm 360

Microderm 360

Handmade Hearts was gifting their stunning wearable glass art created by Hillel Rzepka. They were also introducing their photographic art based on the glass hearts. For more information visit: Handmade Hearts.

Handmade Hearts by Hillel

It is no fun having to reapply your makeup over and over, Model in a Bottle has solved that problem. Simply apply your makeup then spray on Model in a Bottle and your makeup will stay in place all day! For more information visit: Model in a Bottle

Model in a Bottle

To bring good energy into the lives of all of the guests, Spellbound Sky Studio was gifting an assortment of crystals and sage to clear out negative energy. Spellbound offers meditation classes, essential oils and ritual candles. For more information visit: Spellbound Sky Studio

Spellbound Sky Studio

Shoppe 815 is an online boutique store that allows you to simply find some of the coolest products around from clothing to home goods, to candles and more. Shoppe 815 was gifting their hand poured candles, including the lovely White Tea scent. For more information visit Shoppe 815

California Shoppe 815

The perfect hat to be at this lounge, Di Snapback draws inspiration from everyday life and finds the hidden beauty in the urban streets of Los Angeles, while providing a great line of  limited edition headwear. For more information visit Di Snapback.

DI Snap Back

Twisted Silver was created by Debra Mitchell to give people unique options when they go looking for jewelry by using earthy base metals, recycled and found objects to create her distinctive and edgy indie line. For more information visit Twisted Silver.

Twisted Silver

Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Kama Sutra was gifting an assortment of their massage oils, lover’s body paint and more. You can find great gifts this holiday such as the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lover's Body Paint. For more information visit Kama Sutra.

Kama Sutra

“The Virgin Cure Movie” was sharing information about their important film that follows the lives of four girls in South Africa who were all victims of child rape. The movie explores the possible link between the country’s very high rape rate and the “virgin cure myth.” For more information visit: “The Virgin Cure Movie.”

Virgin Cure Movie

When it comes to stylish hats, you are going to be hard pressed to top Bling it Hat Designs line of baseball, trucker and cowboy hats. Featuring Swarovski and Czech Crystals, the hats are hand sewn, distressed, acid washed and heat pressed to create a unique look. For more information visit: Bling it Hat Designs.

Bling It Hat Designs

My Saint My Hero was gifting pieces from their inspirational line of jewelry featuring many saints and their virtues. For more information visit My Saint My Hero.

My Saint My Hero

Tequila Azul Imperial was sampling and gifting their award-winning tequila. Smoother than other tequilas, you can enjoy a variety of flavors including the Anejo version which in aged in oak barrels for 18 months. For more information visit Tequila Azul Imperial.

Tequila Azul Imperial

Too many red carpets can lead to sore feet and wanting to just wear something comfortable. Thank goodness Telic Footwear was gifting their comfortable sandals. Countoured to fit your fit your feet perfectly, combine that with cushioning and you have the most comfortable sandal around. For more information visit: Telic Footwear

Telic Footwear

Nitrocream was showcasing their liquid nitrogen ice cream machines and serving guests a tasty flower petal infused nitrogen ice cream. For more information visit: Nitrocream


Arbonne was gifting an assortment of their healthy vegan products such as protein shakes, detox drinks and meal replacement bars. For more information visit Arbonne.


Samiah Fine Clothing offers vintage clothing that takes you back to the Victorian and Renaissance era. Beautiful coats that will surely get you noticed. For more information visit: Samiah


While the entire day was a huge success, the most amazing part of the day was the fact that Doris invited two foster children to join in on the festivities and experience what it felt like to be treated as a VIP!

Dining at Fig & Olive

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