Doris Bergman’s Eighth Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party

Take the two biggest events in February, sprinkle in some glorious Southern California sun and throw the party at one of Hollywood’s finest restaurants, Fig & Olive and you are in store for one fabulous day. Of course the day is fabulous when you have the delightful Doris Bergman throwing her Eighth Annual Valentine Romance Oscar® Style Lounge & Party on Thursday, February 18th.

The celebrity filled day provided guests with red carpet attire from Art Lewin and Sue Wong as well as plenty of accessories to get them camera ready. Guests were also treated to an exquisite lunch experience from Fig & Olive to go with cocktails from Veved Ice Vodka, refreshing Hint Water and the fabulous flavors of hard cider from Rekorderlig Cider.

The list of guests included; Oscar Nominees Brionne Davis (“Embrace of the Serpent” Best Foreign Film), Cas Anvar (“Room” Best Picture), Director Evgeny Afineevsky (“Winter On Fire” Best Documentary),  Vanessa Cloke (“Spotlight” Best Picture), joined George Chakiris (former Oscar Winner “West Side Story”), former Oscar Nominees Sally Kirkland, Renee Taylor & Joe Bologna, former Golden Globe Nominee Evan Brinkman (“Trainwreck”), former Golden Globe & Grammy Nominee & Frank Stallone (“Stayin’ Alive”),  TV Legal Analyst Areva Martin, Multiple Emmy Winners Doris Roberts & Marilu Henner, Maria Conchita Alonso, Naomi Grossman (“American Horror Story”), Robin Givens, Eva La Rue, Ernie Hudson, John Savage, Steven Bauer (“Ray Donovan”), Judy Tenuta, Kelsey Scott (“12 Years A Slave), Adina Porter, Lou Ferrigno, Angela Gots (“Madam Secretary”), Damian Whitewood (“Dancing With The Stars”), Keesha Sharp (“The People vs. O.J. Simpson”), Corey Feldman (“The Lost Boys”),  & Robert Carradine.


Doris once again made Wednesday’s Child her official charity and was collecting new and unwrapped gifts for children in Los Angeles. Doris collected new, unwrapped gifts – clothing, accessories, electronics, sporting equipment, monetary donations, and anything else that would put a smile on a child’s face for a Post-Holiday Gift Drive. All guests were encouraged to donate at least one item for teens in foster care aged 13-18. For more information and to help out this great organization, visit: Wednesday’s Child.

Wednesday's Child

Veved Ice, Josh Wines, Rekorderlig Cider

There is nothing like the Academy Awards when it comes to the most scrutinized red carpet appearance of the year. While the dresses get most of the attention, a perfectly fit and luxurious suit is just as important and no one can create a suit quite as perfect as Art Lewin. Art Lewin & Co. was on gifting bow ties and accessories to guests so that everyone was going to be looking their best for Oscar week. Art offers every service you would need to look your best including/ creating custom suits and shirts, they can plan, coordinate and maintain your wardrobe and they have consultants to help build your wardrobe if you need some fashion help. Any questions about the quality of the work, just look at Art himself, always flawless and stylish with his own attire and he has garnered several awards over the years. For more information visit: Art Lewin & Co.

Art Lewin

For the ladies, the fashion maven Sue Wong had a lineup of dresses that would fill out any red carpet and would make fashion police obsolete. The racks of stunning dresses from Sue Wong were the highlight of the Doris Bergman event, leaving guests stopping and staring in awe of the pure beauty and brilliance that went into each artistic dress. In addition Sue was providing samples of her lovely line of perfume. For more information visit: Sue Wong

Sue Wong

Always one of the favorites on this special day is My Saint My Hero. This beautiful line of jewelry was founded on the belief that God is real, prayer works and love heals. The pieces from My Saint My Hero are not only stylish but they are wearable blessings that are there to remind you that you are loved. My Saint My Hero makes a perfect gift for anyone special in your life to give them a reminder of faith and love in their life. For more information visit: My Saint My Hero

My Saint My Hero with Lizzy Small

Singer Laura Wilde was looking for a better way to increase her energy level and keep going while she was touring. Out of that was born Ascend Cleanse, a different cleanse than what you are used to as it cleans the body and mind and works in two parts. Ascend Cleanse “Awaken” is a high quality organic herbal tea that stimulates the mind and body.  With twice as many antioxidants as green tea and as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, it’s organic super leaf ingredients induce meditative brainwaves as well as the energizing effect of enhanced mental clarity and focus to give you the perfect start to the day. Ascend Cleanse “Dreams” is a herbal tea for lucid dreaming. This all-natural organic blend allows access to the inner reaches of your mind. It enhances the ability to explore your creativity and unbridled imagination during the dream state. For more information visit: Ascend Cleanse

The 2 Minute Club was gifting a package of their organic shampoo and conditioner along with aragon oil. Going beyond just using organic products, the 2 Min Club uses a 100% Aloe Vera base and is combined with essential oils that are gathered at the source. You will soon find yourself with thicker and healthier hair. For more information visit: 2 Minute Club

2 Min Club Hair Care Products

Spongellé Infused Body Buffers are always a must have when you are preparing for a big night out. The line of products are infused with exotic extracts, rich moisturizers and gentle cleansers. Spongellé simply creates a one-of-a-kind luxurious bathing experience. For more information and to view the entire lineup of products, visit: Spongellé 

Beyond Cleansing

The Auto Gallery was showcasing the new McLaren, which comes with a price tag of over $200,000. Inside the event itself a stunning Maserati Ghibli was on display. For more information, visit: The Auto Gallery


Maserati Ghibli

Guests could not get enough of Rekorderlig Cider premium hard cider. This smooth cider is perfect for a hot day in Southern California and it comes in such tasty flavors as; wild berries, strawberry-lime, pear, passionfruit and spiced apple. Made in and imported from Sweden and made with European apples and pears, they have already won several awards. For more information visit: Rekorderlig Cider

Rekorderlig Cider

NuBra was gifting a variety of bras including backless bras and underwire that are perfect to go with that stunning gown on your big night out. FOr more information visit: NuBra. Personal Touch Lingerie creates some of the most beautiful pieces of lingerie around with pieces for an and every occassion. For more information visit: Personal Touch Lingerie

Personal Touch Lingerie

Nu Bra

Guests were gifted the MasterPan, an amazing five compartment aluminum non-stick frying pan. Now you only need one burner and one pan to get all your cooking done. For more information visit: MasterPan


Single by Galina Sobolev was gifting guests an assortment of fun and fashionable dresses and tops. Great colors and designs give you the perfect dress for a first date, a girl’s night out, really for any occasion and you might just have seen Taylor Swift or Katy Perry in attire from Single. Single was also introducing their latest product, a line of men's underwear. For more information visit Single.


Handmade Hearts was gifting their stunning wearable glass art created by Hillel Rzepka. They were also introducing their photographic art based on the glass hearts. For more information visit: Handmade Hearts.


Mahankirn Kaur, a Los Angeles based global yogi and healer, was offering treatments throughout the day for guests. For more information visit: Mahankirn


Fit For A Belle®! was created by Megan Williams after completing my very own physical transformation a few years ago. Realizing that her busy schedule had caused her health to suffer she made her transformation and uses it as a source of inspiration to others on the same journey. To help women feel confident and empowered, Megan created a clothing line that helps women feel okay to be strong, that strong was sexy. For more information visit: Fit For A Belle

Fit For A Belle®!

The perfect hat to be at this lounge, Di Snapback draws inspiration from everyday life and finds the hidden beauty in the urban streets of Los Angeles, while providing a great line of limited edition headwear. For more information visit Di Snapback. Faux Pas, a line of workout clothing for women, was started a mere seven months ago and has quickly gained popularity all over Los Angeles. Both lines are created and manufactured in Los Angeles so you can feel good about buying a local product. For more information visit: Di Sanpback

Di Snapback

Faux Pas

Twisted Silver was created by Debra Mitchell to give people unique options when they go looking for jewelry by using earthy base metals, recycled and found objects to create her distinctive and edgy indie line. For more information visit Twisted Silver.

Twisted Silver

Tequila Azul Imperial was sampling and gifting their award-winning tequila. Smoother than other tequilas, you can enjoy a variety of flavors including the Anejo version which in aged in oak barrels for 18 months. For more information visit Tequila Azul Imperial.

Azul Tequila

Too many red carpets can lead to sore feet and wanting to just wear something comfortable. Thank goodness Telic Footwear was gifting their comfortable sandals. Contoured to fit your fit your feet perfectly, combine that with cushioning and you have the most comfortable sandal around. For more information visit: Telic Footwear

Ernie Hudson with Telic Footwear

Katherine Ahn, DDS was providing tips on dental care as well as sleep issues. Katherine teamed up with The Center for Sleep & Wellness to offer a variety of services to help with teeth and sleeping issues. For more information visit: The Center

Katherine Ahn DDS

Arbonne was gifting an assortment of their healthy vegan products such as protein shakes, detox drinks and meal replacement bars. Arbonne also brought out their latest line of products to support your workout. For more information visit Arbonne.


Samiah Fine Clothing offers vintage clothing that takes you back to the Victorian and Renaissance era. Beautiful coats that will surely get you noticed. For more information visit: Samiah

Samiah Fine Clothing

Realtor to the Stars Debbi DiMaggio was gifting her book "The Art of Real Estate."

Debbi DiMaggio

Guests were also gifted an assortment of Luna Bars, The Basics Wallet and Blue Can Water, created with a long shelf life to use in case of earthquakes or other emergencies. The VIP bags that guests were gifted VIP Gift Bags were donated by MD Sun Skin Care Company

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