Distinctive Assets Grammy Gift Lounge - Candyland in Los Angeles


A general view of the atmosphere at GRAMMY Gift Lounge during The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 9, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by: Tiffany Rose. WireImage

What better way to buzz in the Grammy’s than with the beautiful weather of Los Angeles and a week full of gifting suites and viewing soirees. Distinctive Assets kept it young at heart and invited us to ‘Kids In A Candy Store’ gifting lounge backstage at the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.


Held in the heart of downtown at the Staples Center, Distinctive Assets Gifting Lounge definitely changed the tone and meaning of the lounge.  Candy inspired and designed by Seyie Design, the décor was phenomenal. Collaborating with the overall theme for the weekend, the candy inspired theme for the gifting lounge stemmed from the observation of celebrities that visit the lounge, meaning they are like ‘kids in a candy store’. With a little creativity combined with Hollywood glam, Seyie Design executed its plan and layout of the event flawlessly.


Lasio Professional Hair Care - www.lasioinc.com

A general view of the atmosphere at GRAMMY Gift Lounge during The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 9, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by: Alison Buck. WireImage

Lasio Professional Hair Care has been making its mark in the beauty industry for over 10 years.  Lasio specializes in offering high end salon services at a reasonable price. At this particular suite, Lasio, is proud to introduce its new line, Rio de Keratin. Rio de Keratin is a gives individuals the tools needed in order to receive the high end Keratin treatments in the comfort of your own home. Geared towards the younger generation, young adults, and college students, Rio de Keratin is sure to be hot off the market. These remarkable Keratin sets retail for only $29.99 and can be purchased online.


Emanuel Andren - www.emanuelandren.com

Guests Were Able to Indulge in Fine Chocolates by Emanuel Andren

Following the trend of the afternoon, Emanuel Andren, graced Los Angeles with his impeccable truffle creations. Each piece of truffle has been infused with an array of flavors that once consumed will take you into rollercoaster of pure divinity. As described by one guest, ‘its like a rock party in my mouth’, the truffles by Emanuel Andren is the perfect gift and solution for any occasion.


ESP – Essential Safe Products - www.liveesp.com

Learn Safe Practices with Essential Safe Products, ESP

ESP – Essential Safe Products will be providing a bevy of non-toxic, eco-friendly and reusable products to keep food and drink chemical free while on-the-go in order to assist in keeping the earth 'green'. Safe practices to be had here at the Distinctive Assets Gift Lounge.


Pepsi Cola - www.pepsi.com

The Pepsi Pop Phone.....Can You Hear Me Now?

To keep the energy and excitement flowing throughout the venue, Pepsi had some fun innovative combinations including: cupcake, coconut, vanilla, (etc) to mix with the Pepsi product itself. Introducing the Pop Phone, which serves as a fun, hip and clever headset for using your cell phone or any other portable device such as an iPod.

New Era - www.neweracap.com

It's a 'New Era' with This Seasons Hottest Hats

Other Lounge gifts include: New Era headwear/belts/accessories, which were gifting hats as well as showcasing their new 'hoodie'. Clipping onto the top of your hat, by magnetic force, serves the purpose of a hoodie without all of the extra clothing.  Third generation owned, New Era had enough hats for every occasion. Dressed up or more casual, New Era is the place to go when in search for quality and style at an affordable price.

Gibson Guitars - www.gibson.com

The Gibson Guitar Center

Gibson Guitar's Melody Maker electric guitar was a pleasant surprise for all in attendance. Gibson had a nice layout complete with its Melody Maker Electric Guitar as well other guitars for everyone to sit down and have a jam session. Bringing the studio right to you, Gibson Guitar knows how to strike the right cord! Attendees were able to make appointments at their showroom in Beverly Hills to get gifted for the electric guitar.

Ubisoft, Just Dance 3 - www.ubi.com

Just Dance 3 Had Attendees Showcasing their Dance Moves

Just Dance 3 (along with 3 other video games from Ubisoft) was also on display. Attendees were able to show of their dance moves either in a competition or solo in front of the crowd. 

MTG - www.mtg.gr.jp/en

Stay Refreshed with this Mister Provided by MTG

MTG’s Glalent Facial Mist and ReFa Platinum Electronic Roller, which were a great addition and serving as a perfect gift. Sending micro-current energy throughout your body not only felt remarkable but it is also good for you and your skin cells. MTG also had showcased its classic mister for those extra hot days.

Belldini - www.belldini.com

Chic Pieces Provided by Belldini

Belldini chic women’s apparel that is family owned. Belldini's clothing is great for special occasions as well as everyday wear. Dressed up or down, Belldini is the place to look for amazing pieces where the quality shines through every single item. Belldini is where fashion forward ladies can get Hollywood glam without the Hollywood prices

Hick Stuff - www.facebook.com/hickstuff

Hilarious Clothing Provided by Hick Stuff

Hick Stuff,  brought the humor to the room by showcasing its hilarious products, which was everything from t-shirts to trucker hats. 'We want to have hilarious gear, products that make people say 'Dang'', said the president of 540 Brands Steve Rapaport.


Butterfly Twists - www.butterflytwists.com

The Band Perry with Butterfly Twists at The Distinctive Assets Gifting Lounge

Butterfly Twists foldable ballet flats that are comfortable, and great for the girl on the go. Easy and small enough to fold and place in your purse, Butterfly Twists are great for everyone. The cool thing about these ballet flats that sets them different from the rest is that they are very fashionable and they come in more than your standard colors such as black, white, and silver. They offer different styles and add a different twist such as messhing lace, rhinestones, studs, and much more. The perfect 'twist' to your perfect evening!

Rider Sandals - www.grendeneusa.com

Rider Sandals

Rider Sandals, which are 100% made in Brazil, come fully lined and equipped providing extra flaps for comfort or can be removed. The middle flap expands and contracts with the curve of your foot for extra comfort. Not only are these sandals comfortable, they are recyclable, and even come with a map of Rio de Janeiro on the bottom.

Simone I. Smith - www.simoneismith.com

The Perfect Jewelry Provided by, Simone I. Smith

Simone I. Smith had her fashion forward fine jewelry on display at the event. Displaying a lot of interesting and unique pieces, Simone I. Smith jewlery is more than breathtaking. The best part of this fine jewelry line is that 10% of all sales are contributed to the American Cancer Society.

Field Candy - www.fieldcandy.com

Stand Out From the Crowd with a Field Candy Tent

Paging the outdoors! Who said that you can't be decorative, trendy, and fashionable when camping. More than the average tent, FieldCandy, comes in 42 different designs on website and are individually printerd. Composed of cotton and polyesterthe outer tent is created to keep the rain out while the inner cotton layer lets you breathe. Retailing from $350.00-$400.00, FieldCandy, is a fun and collaborative way to spice up your average camping excursion.

Solstice Sunglass Boutique - www.solsticesunglasses.com

Stay Cool with Solstice Shades

Solstice Sunglass Boutique showcased their hottest designer sunglasses, in perfect timing for the sunny Los Angeles weather. Ultra classy and based upon durability, Solstice Sunglass Boutique is the cream of the crop when it comes to sunglasses. Those in attendance were able to see the hottest trends of the season in the top colors.

Red Carpet Manicure System - www.redcarpetmanicure.com

Guests Were Able to Receive a Manicure by Red Carpet Manicures-Which Showcased its New 24K Gold Nail Polish

Red Carpet Manicure’s fast-drying DIY gel manicure system, which showcased its 24 K gold nail polish. Every attendee felt like a star after receiving star treatment at the Distinctive Assets Gifting Lounge.  Known for being the first at-home professional salon gel polish system for consumers, Red Carpet Manicure provides its customers premium results for a fraction of the cost.

Slimware - www.slimware.com

Stay Fit and Within Portions Constraints with Slim Ware

Slimware appeared just in time to slim a few inches for award season! Unveiling three chic, microwave safe, ceramin designs Slimware is an easy way to watch what you're eating without weighing your food and/or counting calories. Slimware is designed to portion your food, this is done by basically not letting your food go outside of the picture on the plate. So stop weighing food and counting calories, and let Slimware do the job for you.


Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary attends GRAMMY Gift Lounge during The 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. Photo by: Tiffany Rose. WireImage

The 'Kids In A Candy Store' Gift Lounge presented by Lasio and by Distinctive Assets was a breath-taking must see gifting lounge. Where it is camping, decor, royal treatments, or just plain fun the Distinctive Assets Gifting Lounge has something to offer, in style, and just in time for one of the biggest nights in Los Angeles, The Grammys.


For more information about Distinctive Assets visit www.distinctiveassets.com

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