Debbie Durkins Main Event Host Eco Hollywood Earthday - Celebrities Come to Support Earthday

Debbie Durkin of Main Event Red Carpet Lounge produced en Eco Hollywood Earth Day celebration, and gift lounge at the beautiful Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, to celebrate Earth Day in partnership with Music Saves Lives® and Green Wish™.  Ed Begley, Jr. and Rachelle Carson-Begley hosted the event.  At The Eco Hollywood Earthday event guests were invited to register as a bone marrow donor with DKMS, and to order a do-it-yourself registration kit.

Sadly, Debbie recently lost her father, Robert J Durkin who passed away last month at 85, and she dedicated the Eco Hollywood Earth Day event in his honor.  Debbie said " my wonderful father's inspiration & encouragement was the single motivating factor in my life." 

Many Celebrities came out to celebrate the event featuring Montage Chef’s-On-The-Grill, Organic Catering, Eco-Chic Fashions, Jewelry, Skin Care, a Neckwork Expert, Celebrity Pets, and Green Technologies, and Live Acoustic Performances.  The event was sustainably produced.

Music Saves Lives® works with youth to encourage saving lives through blood donation. Music Saves Lives® is the bridge between music, entertainment and important life-saving causes. They bring a simple concept; connect the music and entertainment, we all love, to a life saving community action. Their goal is simple; their action is incredibly effective. “Saving Lives Has Never Sounded So Good!”

Music Saves Lives® mission is to create opportunities for people to save lives with simple contributions and to teach the facts about the affects of what they contribute to. They then bridge their efforts to something special related to music, musical artists and general entertainment.


Green Wish™ is a non-profit that helps local, green, organizations fund projects for their communities through donations at retailers and from concerned neighbors like you.   Green Wish™ was taping Celebrities Green Wishes PSA’s for a documentary film. Green Wish gives 90% of its proceeds to local green groups and can be purchased at the checkout counter of different stores in LA.  Rachelle Carson-Begley and Ed Begley are very involved with Green Wish™, with Ed on the board and also the face of the organization.

Original Pet Food Co. only uses food grade certified ingredients with no factory farming, superior taste, high omega and antioxidants for a healthy, happy pet.

3 Green Dog Vitamins is a full line of vitamins for dogs of all ages. For every product someone buys online the company donates $5 to an animal rescue or shelter of your choice in your name.  They also offer Free Shipping!!

Tim Urban (American Idol), Chris Arena, Lauren Mayhem,  Ryan Boone, Natural Remedy, CEEJ, Yvonne Larson, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Brent Roske, Jenni Alpert, Bryce Vine, Kori Withers, Carolina Liar, KellyMcGrath, Lisa DeRazzo, Joel Eckels, and  Priscilla Ahn entertained with awesome, live acoustic performances all day.


Shaklee, a long time name in good clean, green products, gifted everyone with giant boxes of their nontoxic and natural cleaning products that are SAFE, POWERFUL, GREEN and SMART.

SoPhyto makes a full line of anti aging certified organic skincare products free from parabens. Made with 95% organics whole food ingredients, results orientated naturally. Vitaphenol Skin Care Collection does what other anti-aging skin creams can’t do. It visibly and powerfully repairs past skin damage and protects against future oxidative damage. The secret is in our exclusive Vitaphenol Complex. This unique blend of four natural, clinically proven ingredients: mangosteen, pomegranate, green tea and white tea—combine with active ingredients in each product to restore skin’s structure for a brighter, vibrant

(Natural Remedy) )Diego Perez, Laury Prudent, Shane Richardson, Jameson Morris, Amelia Jackson-Gray, Gabriel, and Rhett Guillot

Even the bands were green.  The band Natural Remedy waa fantastic!  I sat down and enjoryed their entire set.  All of their songs are original and written by either lyricist and rhythm guitar Shane Richardson or lead singer guitar, Jameson Morris.  With a focus on the environment, life, and love, their song Our Arms inspires one to take notice of our healing our environment and realize that we are all responsible to be the cause of change.  As the band puts it, “We need to realize our planet is our number one priority. Without it, we really have nothing.”

Stefanie G of Beverly Hills is a makeup and brow expert who was giving makeup touchups for the invited guests at the event.

Rev7 Gum is the solution to one of the main problems creating pollution in our environment.  Rev 7 Gum is not only delicious, it solves an age-old problem and doesn't stick to your shoes----it’s the world’s first environmentally safe gum!!  Its biodegradable Rev 7 Gum is a great for the environment!

Laury Prudent and Amelia Jackson-Gray accompanied PR Creative, Nadine Jolson,  Laury and Amelia are starring in Deep Gold, a 3D action thriller that opened nationwide the night of the Earth Day event, and premiered at the Bigfoot Crest Theater in Westwood.  

Amazing Neck Worker, Yvonne Larson who was giving VIP treatments to the VIP’s at the Eco Hollywood Earthday celebration.  Her motto is “Have a treatment with me once and be a client for life!!!

Bod-Health Nutrition delivers healthy meals to your house.  They were giving the VIP’s 3-day samplers of home food service.  Their meals are wheat free, gluten free, and dairy free.

Endre Hules of Apollo 13

Another guest was Endre Hules  of Apollo 13, won a SAG award for his role as Dr.Gunter who suited up Tom Hanks and astronauts in Apollo 13, is one of the best character actors on the planet today. He wrote, directed and starred in his latest film, "The Maiden Danced to Death" that screened April 26th at Raleigh Hollywood Studios.


Global US Solar power company sells solar modules & will have 7 concerts around the country in different cities with different genres of music.

They’ll keep half of the proceeds and use the money to buy energy systems to donate to children’s hospitals, community centers, orphanages, etc.

Jeremy Bassett (Skyrocket Love), Casper Van Dien (Starship Trooper, Andrew Bilotti (Skyrocket Love)

Jeremy Bassett (lead singer) and Andrew Bilotti (drummer) from the awesome band Skyrocket Love were enjoying the event and talking to Casper Van Dien of Starship Trooper. Great band—I love Jeremy’s voice.

Ojavan makes all natural skim care from America’s dead sea in Salt Lake, Utah.  It’s PETA & vegan certified.

Customer Advantage is a collective group buying company that is extremely popular and very lucrative. Now you can not only get great discounts but you can also earn commission on everyone that signs up and on their purchases for you, your business or your charity.

Odina bathing suits are made out of recycled plastics and resourced.  Their model and representative is Allie Brown, who has been a 2nd & 3rd place winner in a national surfing competition.

Calleen Cordero leather is tanned in Italy with vegetable dyes and uses alderwood and plywood from sustainable forests, made with 80% non-toxic glue!  They’re handmade in LA. 

Dr Paul J. Dougherty laser surgery and is Gifting LASIK and implantable contact lenses.

Jennifer Christi does Life Transformation through conscious awareness, psychic counseling, transformational healing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and psychometry.  

Kimberly Goodnight owner of Pure Consulting, did PR and was in charge of talent and media for Main Event, Red Carpet, Green Grammy Gifting Lounge 2011.


All Photos © Judith Orr Photography










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