Debbie Durkin - Hosts Her Famous Eco-Lounge at The Beverly Hilton

Debbie Durkin is one of Hollywood's favorites! Durkin is not a stranger to hosting a great event, and this time proved to be no different. The Debbie Durkin Eco-Friendly gift suite for the 66th Emmy Awards were held recently at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, and what a great time it was. 

Cute doggy corner! Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Alignmed is a shirt that is built to improve your posture. With neuroband, and a kinetic design this shirt activates your muscles to mimic the contractive properties of muscles which cause them to activate. The lightweight, vented panels, support, anti-microbial protection, and wicker design are sure to improve posture for individuals. 

Serengeti lenses. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Serengeti had its photochromic lenses on display for guests to try on. The team at Serengeti strives to focus on every detail of the eye so its users can focus on the detail of every moment. 

Baylee Nasco pet blankets. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

The Rein Coat. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Baylee Nasco had fluffy, lovable, comfortable blankets for pets. The Rein Coat is the premier calming coat for your dog. It's made of breathable lightweight ripstop fabric that also cools the underbelly. This fully adjustable coat reduces anxiety of your pet and is custom made for pets 5 lbs-250 lbs. Canine Caviar  provides pets with the utmost best foods and products for leading a healthy lifestyle. The line is composed of 100% nutritious probiotics, prebiotics, herbs, and treats for your loved pets. 

Canine Caviar. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent


OC Hair and Make Up. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

OC Hair and Makeup is based in Orange County California but is a traveling hair and makeup team. The team has worked on red carpet events, film, TV, and special events for the past 10 years. With a variety of services to choose from they will be sue to make everything perfect on your special day. Mark Roscoe is a one-of-a-kind designer with 'you' in mind. Each garment that is made is truly unique as no duplicates are made. So there is no need to stress while at an event and wonder if anyone else will be wearing the same dress as you. Armani Wells is a store in studio city that offers distinctive men's clothing without the hefty price tag. J.Andre Sponges  are all natural cosmetic sponges that are versatile and reusable. Great for applying liquids, creams,powders, and mineral makeup these sponsges contain vitamin E and are odorless and latex free. 

Amazing ties and sample styling rack by Mark Roscoe. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Armani Wells. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

J. Andre all natural cosmetic sponges

Youth Eternal is 100% natural skin care oils by Kelly Ann Novak.  It is made of 22 essential oils such as: virgin coconut, apricot kernel, carrot seed, rose hip, lemon oil, myrrh, rosemary, lavender, Tamanu, and more. The products are all natural and will no clog prose and also has cell regenerative properties while it softens and repairs skin. 

Youth Eternal essential oils. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Big Brother Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles was the charity of choice. The organization opens new horizons for children by providing a one-on-one mentorship program to build friendship and made a connection by lighting a path to a more successful future. Their mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong professional relationships that change their lives for the better. 
Fresh Body  is the new science of dry. At the suite they recently launched their new line called 'fresh balls', and it is for just that-hygience for the groin area. It applies as a smoothing cream, dries as a cooling powder, and prevents wetness and anti-chafing. Vypassetti Cake Pops had tasty cake pops and chocolate covered pretzels for guests to enjoy while sampling wines from Club W 

Vypassetti Cake Pops. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Get wine delivered at your doorstep every month by Club W. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Debbie Durkin never disappoints and was the absolute perfect way to end the weekend just in time for the red carpet on Monday! 

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