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It’s no wonder, wedding season is definitely here, everything was about that dazzling bride and bridal party on May 25th at Consumer Product Events gifting suite at ‘ The Mark’ in Los Angeles. What better way to surprise the couple with new products designed for that special day? Consumer Product Events did a remarkable job once again by exceeding the expectations of the attendees and various forms of press in attendance.


Every one of these items at the gifting suite could not only be used in preparation of the big day, but as a wedding gift or for everyday situations. Every product had a compelling story to tell which in the end drew the connection between the customers to the actual product.


Forgetful Gentleman: 


Forgetful Gentleman was one of the featured vendors at the Consumer Product Events bridal lounge. Forgetful Gentleman is stationary for men, made simple and tells men what to write and when to write it. At the gifting suite, Forgetful Gentleman was showcasing its stationary and its ‘guide to articulate writing’. This guide could be better described as a handbook of thoughtful comments. This amazing line removes all obstacles and helps the ‘forgetful gentleman’ to redeem himself.


Seagate Technology:  


Seagate Technology has brought its newest line of Go Flex. The go Flex has many variations, the Go Flex Slim and the Go Flex Satellite. The Go Flex Slim is an external hard drive that holds up to 320GB and most importantly portable and light weight. The Go Flex Slim weighs less than a pound and is as thin as a pencil; this is perfect for the everyday businessman. The Go Flex Slim has been out on the market for one month and is interchangeable between Mac and PCs. The Go Flex Satellite is a mobile wireless storage device. The Go Flex Satellite is the first battery powered external hard drive and holds up to 500GB. One key feature is the Go Flex Satellite is accessible from three different devices. Either of these devices would be a great addition for that happy couple on their honeymoon. Both devices offer great benefits, and are easy to use, light weight, can hold an immense amount of pictures at a compelling price.




Just about every couple has a coffee maker on their gift registry. Why get the average ‘cup-of joe’, when you can get a Tassimo coffee maker. The Tassimo coffee maker comes with 40 variations, and can not only make coffee but it can make cappuccino, espresso, tea and a variety of drinks in a minute of less with no waste. This coffee maker is the only coffee maker that currently uses real milk. So make the new couple happy with the Tassimo coffee maker which ranges from $99.00-129.00 and can be found at most retail stores.


Kirstie Kelly Couture: 


Kirstie Kelly has decided to revamp the search for that perfect dress. Bridal dresses are now being sold at Costco at a discounted rate of 40% off. Kirstie Kelly shows her ‘sample travel trunk show’. Ladies are able to have the whole experience; Costco has a variety of styles and different sizes. The trunk show will last for the duration of the year and runs Thursday-Sunday at different locations nationwide. To find the next location for the ‘Kirstie Kelly Sample Trunk Show,’ you can check local listings at 


Spa Connections: 


Image is everything on your wedding day and every bride has last minute jitters. Take your worries away and let Spa Connections come solve the problem. Spa Connections eliminates the last minute mess ups and offers luxury spa services on the go. Spa Connections is open 7 days a week for 10 hours a day and offers full services and will come to where you are. Services include, but are not limited to: manicure, pedicure, hair, styling, and also last minute make ups as well as other services. After all, who doesn’t want to be pampered, especially on your special day?


Advantage Bridal: 


Advantage Bridal specializes in every thing in association with weddings except wedding gowns. Advantage Bridal offers: personalized rhinestone apparel, bridal and evening shoes, customized tote bags, crystal monogram cake toppers, customized wedding invitations, hair accessories, as well as other various items. Let Advantage Bridal serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your wedding details. For more information on Advantage Bridal or to order products check out the website at




The ‘Travalo’ is the perfect gift for the honey moon. It allows you to bring your favorite perfume with you with just a few simple pumps. The ‘Travalo’ retails between $14.99-19.99. The best thing about the ‘Travalo’ is its approved for carry on luggage and holds 50-65 sprays of perfume depending on the model. This key item has been featured in Bride, InStyle, and Cosmopolitan magazine. The ‘Travalo’ makes a good gift for both men and women and makes taking your favorite items, that much easier.




Simplicite is ‘pushing the envelope’ when it comes to being different. Created two years ago, Simplicite puts a twist on greeting cards and stationary. This line offers greeting cards, candles, and is now introducing its new, greeting card soap. Included in the soap is a greeting card which is unlaced with half through the soap. Simplicite has is launching its greeting cards with a garden stake. The garden stake really adds the finishing touches and personalization to the greeting cards, and can be used at a later time when planting your favorite items! Simplicite has an arrayof items from greeting cards, and soaps to candles, I’m sure you can find the perfect item for that beautiful bride to be at ‘Simplicite’.



Life Of Reiley: Consumer Passion: 


With the wedding buzz in the air one major factor that brides in particular worry about is their weight and eating healthy before the big day. Amy Reiley is showcasing her latest book, Love Diet, along with her other two books, ‘Kiss My Bundt’, and ‘Fork Me, Spoon Me’. The collection of books delivers healthy recipes designed to focus on fitness and your love life while accelerating your libido, but all are very different.‘The Love Diet’ focuses on ‘keeping happy couples happy’, it gives the couples a sense of connection in the kitchen and offers fun and healthy recipes. ‘Kiss My Bundt’, lets you recreate award-winning recipes in your very own kitchen. ‘Fork Me, Spoon Me’, is a sensual cookbook that is very appealing whether you are in a relationship, or looking to add a little fuel to your love life. While I was munching on the delicious cupcakes they had presented, which the recipe is also in the book, I couldn’t help but think that these books would be the perfect gift for any occasion.


Affirmations Mirror: 


Who doesn’t need a daily pick me up? The Affirmations Mirror is the definition of the real life mirror on the wall. In the past people have written positive messages on the mirror in various forms, and before we know it our mirrors would be filled with post-its and various encouraging messages written in lip stick which would make it difficult to see the original message. The Affirmations Mirror takes the concept to another level and is introducing the ‘real life mirror on the wall’. With a similar look of girls compact makeup the Affirmations Mirror is a mirror you can record positive messages into and play on repeat. Individuals are able to record as many messages and delete when desired. The Affirmations Mirror can be used with any Mac or PC. The Affirmations Mirror is a genius idea because as humans, we have to hear messages on the repetitive daily basis for the message to stick and that is exactly what this mirror delivers!


Deborah Lindquist Fashion: 


Never ceasing to amaze me, Deborah Lindquist has done it again! At this Consumer Product Events gifting suite, Deborah Lindquist showcased her latest designs for this wedding season that are eco-friendly. Offering more than the average dress, she also had hot pieces for the reception. It’s becoming more of a trend for women to change into a party dress at the reception; her pieces are still very elegant, very easily interchangeable and show off a little leg. When I saw these beautiful designs I already had images of which designs I wanted to purchase for myself. This beautiful, eco-friendly line has something for everyone, and what’s even better is its not just for weddings its for every occasion.


Wonder Bakery: 


We all know that wedding attendees look forward to the wedding cake. Wonder Bakery has brought an array of baked goods for the Consumer Product Events gifting suite. This bakery had beautiful cupcakes, wedding cakes, and also their bobble head option for the cakes on display. Wonder Bakery has bobble heads with precise pictures of the bride and groom that can come with your choice of outfit, the standard dress and tuxedo or they have more fun and outrageous options such as basketball, football, as well as many others. Wonder Bakery is not your average bakery, its three entities in one; it offers delicious baked goods, coffee, juice, and sandwiches as well. Let Wonder Bakery bring the perfect finishing touches to your wedding!


Rodan + Fields Dermatologists:  


Leading up to the big day there are a number of things that can cause you to break out with last minute pimples and zits. However, thankfully the makers of the ‘Pro-Active’ are at it again! Rodan + Fields Dermatologists have released a new line of facial buffers and cleansers; this line is more specific and will fit the needs of most. At the Consumer Product Event gifting suite, this company was showcasing the different cleansers and buffers that Rodan + Fields Dermatologists have created. The ‘Reverse’ line is used to lighten brown spots, dullness, and sun damage. The ‘Soothe’ line is a regimen used for sensitive and irritated skin with facial redness. The ‘Unblemish’ line is a regimen used for acne and post-acne marks. This line goes beyond preventing acne; it helps treat post-acne marks as well. The ‘Enhancements’ line is used to optimize the results of your regimen, and acts more like a daily cleanser. Each line has a variety of products that range from morning, daytime, to night time use to ensure your skin is back on the right track and glowing on the big day!


Philip Press Jewelry: 


The rings are very important and play an imperative role in weddings. It signifies the bond between the two and should be something that is thought about and picked out very carefully. Philip Press Jewelry offers customizable wedding rings as well as other fine jewelry, which all hand is made on premise with platinum and diamonds. Philip Press Jewelry is located right on the Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood. This amazing jewelry store has designed rings for multiple A-list celebrities, royalty, socialites, and other high end clientele. Not only does Philip Press Jewelry design rings for weddings, but they can design rings and other jewelry for other special occasions. Come check out the jewelry they have in store and let the on site craftsmanship create the customizable rings that will form the bond between the new happy couple.


As always the Consumer Product Events ‘Bridal’ gifting suite was a huge success. The products showcased would tie in the perfect wedding even down to the last minute gifts for the wedding party. The Consumer Product Events gifting suite left me inspired motivated, and full of great ideas for the next wedding I attend.

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