Connected Room Oscar Gifting Suite Review - A Celebrity Filled Day of Gifting

The Connected Room Oscar Gifting Suite helped kick off Oscar weekend in Los Angeles with a list of celebrities that included; Oscar Nunez, Delanie Walker and Matthew Fahey just to name a few ate, drank and were pampered with services and gifts at this amazing event.

Iron Horse Jeans was gifting certificates so that guests could go online and pick out some of their stylish jeans. From great jeans for little kids to the hip and trendy jeans that adults want to be noticed in, Iron Horse Jeans creates some of the best jeans in the United States while selling them at an amazingly low price compared to what you might imagine.

Iron Horse Jeans

Dare to Care was on site providing information on their school lunch program. The Dare to Care program helps feed children-in-need who chronically go to school hungry and without food or money to purchase a school lunch. Many of the children who benefit are abused and neglected.  Dare to Care also goes into schools and facilitate anti-bullying assemblies, teaching tolerance and the importance in not judging others.

Dare to Care

Michele's Sweet Shoppe was gifting a bag stuffed with their gourmet goodies. Everyone in attendance was treated to Michele's gourmet popcorn, treats and chocolate covered cookies.

Michele's Gourmet Popcorn

Steps 4 Paws had an adorable puppy to help promote their cute t-shirts that they were gifting. Not only are these shirts the perfect thing to be seen walking your dog in, but you can also write the name of your dog on your shirt to personalize it. By purchasing a Steps 4 Paws t-shirt you are donating to the Steps 4 Paws cause to help save dogs, and by wearing the t-shirt you are helping to spread awareness and promote education on pet overpopulation.

Steps 4 Paws

Designer Lisa DiMaggio was gifting her Rock N The Trend rock n' roll inspired jewelry pieces. Lisa designed necklaces, earrings and even belts from guitar picks. A huge hit with everyone in attendance, it did not take long to see Rock N The Trend earrings dangling from ears by the end of the day. 

Rock N The Trend

Slim Chillers had the blenders fired up as they were providing samples of their low-cal frozen cocktails. Slim Chillers also sent everyone away with a wide assortment of their frozen drinks and the perfect for summertime alcohol infused popsicle.

Slim Chillers

The San Diego Zoo has some amazing animals including a kangaroo for guests to take a picture with. The San Diego Zoo was also gift assorted gifts from the zoo and were having people sign-up to attend the zoo at a future date.

San Diego Zoo

BYOU (Be Your Own You) was spreading the word about self-esteem for girls. BYOU is an online magazine dedicated to helping promote self-esteem in young girls and provides a number of great tools.

Splash Magazines Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Davis being interviewed by BYOU

Life Long Dreams was introducing their amazing program that brings the arts to special needs and underprivileged children.

Splash Magazines Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Davis with Dreams

Smarty Pants was gifting an assortment of their vitamins including their tasty and good for you Smarty Pants Weight Management vitamins that have fiber, no added sugar, is a multivitamin with Omega 3s and Vitamin D. Smarty Pants not only will provide you with all of your vitamins, but they also match 1-for-1 for each bottle sold, giving bottles to needy children.

Splash Magazines Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Lawrence Davis with Smarty Pants Vitamins

Its A Jar Life was gifting jars of their Kiss Mix Doggie Biscuit Mix. Its A Jar Life is a great way to make sure what you are feeding your dog is natural and it is a great feeling to be able to give your pup a treat that came right from your hands. Very simple to make and the ingredients are so healthy the owners of Its A Jar Life even have tried the biscuits themselves.

Its A Jar Life

Ms. California was helping spread the word about the Ms. America Pagent.

Ms. California

Cakes by Tricia Faye was gifting an assortment of their beautiful and tasty cake pops.

Cakes by Tricia Faye

Energy drinks are everywhere these days but a new alternative to those calorie high and expensive cans is Fighter Energy. Fighter Energy comes in a container of 10 effervescent tablets that taste great and still give you all the punch of any energy drink. Just drop the tablet in a bottle of water and you are ready to go at a cost of only 5 calories.

Fighter Energy

Simbi Hair Bracelets were gifting their bracelets as well as spreading the word on their company whose goal is to create jobs in Haiti and improve the quality of life.

Simbi Hair Bracelet

A big hit with the kids on this day was Galaxy Shooters. These easy to toys will make any kid feel as if they are launching a rocket into space.

Galaxy Shooters

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