California Queen 2012 MTV Movie Awards Talent Swag Social - A Rooftop Party at the Luxe

The California Queen 2012 MTV Movie Awards Talent Swag Social was all California. From the bright Southern California sun, to cocktails, to a live DJ, cocktails and of course celebrities. The rooftop of the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills was a stunning setting to kick-off the MTV Movie Awards weekend.

This event featured Children of the Night, as they continue to do amazing work and they are still trying to spread the word about their organization that has been around since 1979. Children of the Night is a privately funded non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing America's children from the ravages of prostitution. For more information or to make a contribution to Children of the Night, visit:

Hard Luck Candy Vodka

Hard Luck Candy flavored vodka was preparing some of the sweetest and tastiest cocktails you will ever come across. The flavors were amazing, Root Beer, Orange, Lemon Drop and then these flavored vodkas were prepared into a wide variety of cocktails. With vodka that is this flavorful you don't need to add much for a special drink. The Lemon vodka mixed with lemon-lime soda made for a great refreshing drink on a sunny afternoon. For more information on Hard Lucky Candy Flavored Vodka, visit:

Geek Eyewear

If you are looking for that extra something to change up your look, Geek Eyewear has the perfect accessory. A wide variety of glasses for males, females or both, you are sure to find a pair of glasses that will fit your personality. For more information on Geek Eyewear, visit:

ISO Beauty

ISO Beauty was gifting their professional ionic straightener. This handy ready-to-go straightener will curl just as easy as it will straighten. For more information on ISO Beauty, visit: 


Bellaboo was gifting out their natural skin care line that is aimed at young girls. Created as a way to introduce girls to an all-natural way to make their way through puberty and pimples. Bellaboo is not just about skin, it goes a little deeper. The Bellaboo website has a lot of information and tips on a wide variety of topics that will help girls. For more information on Bellaboo, visit:

Shocking Goat Watches

Bright, vibrant and stylish that about covers the Shocking Goat Watch line which was being gifted. We did leave one thing out, interchangable. Yes, whatever mood you are in you can take the face of you Shocking Goat Watch and match it up with any color band. These were a huge hit and you could not help but notice everyone leaving the party had already put on their watch. For more information on Shocking Goat Watch, visit:

Chocolate for the Spirit

Chocolate for the Spirit was gifting samples of their chocolate that came all the way from Indiana. Made from only the highest quality chocolate, the amazing flavors and combinations left no doubt that there is a difference in chocolate. I would have to say Chocolate for the Spirit had the best toffee I have ever come across and the beauty bark is not far behind. Beauty bark of course begins with the finest of chocolates and then you add in dried fruits and exotic nuts, you can't put it down. For more information on Chocolate for the Spirit, visit:

Christina Sanchez and Lisa Bingham (photo by Xavier Collin)

Platinum Stages was there to help you burn off those calories with a look at their dance pole class. Platinum Stages has made it easy for you to put a pole in any location whether it is just for one day at an event or if you want to have one in your house, a great an innovative way to burn calories and have fun. For more information on Platinum Stages, visit:


Just in time for summer to help avoid a run-in with those nasty mosquitoes, Bite-Lite was gifting their inventive candles. A great smelling candle, but more important is that Bite-Lite uses essential oils that will keep those mosquitoes from ruining your next outdoor party. For more information on Bite-Lite, visit:

DJ Fredo

To put the final touch on any outfit, Rafia Jewelry was gifting some of her original hand-made pieces. You can choose from any of the stunning pieces that are sold by Rafia or you can request your own special design and wait for your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. For more information on Rafia Jewelry, visit:



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