“EinDrink©” Review - Introduced to the United States

Bergman Public Relations has just announced that “EinDrink©” was named Title Sponsor for Doris Bergman’s 7th Annual Style Lounge & Party honoring Emmy® Season.


Conceived in Romania, EinDrink© is an innovative social platform, using smart mugs/cups – based on a personal patent -- allowing ‘things’ to talk to each other independently,” says Diego Valdez of the company.


Diego Valdez


EinDrink© extends the concept of social media from human conversation to smart cup chatting, using either virtual cups/drinks or a physical smart cup (with smart sensors).



“Each new cup or drink will start searching around for other cups or drinks and initiate a ‘virtual chatting’ -- without the cup’s owner involvement,” relates Valdez. 

This serves as an “icebreaker” for real conversation to commence among the owners of the cups and drinks. 




Ground-breaking and forward thinking, EinDrink© is an absolutely brilliant concept!" adds Valdez.  It’s an innovative app that can transform a drinking night into a social event.



The app can show your drink’s temperature, volume and movement.



In addition, you can view the social history of your glass and expand your network of friends.  It will be engaging to see how your glasses talk with one another in a smart and funny conversation.

It’s great for parties, events, or a night out at a cool drinking spot. 



As the title sponsor for Doris Bergman’s 7th Annual Style Lounge & Party honoring Emmy® Season, “EinDrink©” will be demonstrated to the many Hollywood stars, celebrities and VIPs in attendance at this special event in honor of the upcoming Emmy Awards. 





It’s sure to be a fabulous time for all, with lots of in-person socializing, schmoozing and maybe even social chatting between their “EinDrink©”  glasses as well!


For celebrities, the cups might be having a real Hollywood conversation.  Would their drinks say, “Have your agent call my agent” or would it be: “Have your martini call my margarita!”



For more information about this innovative app now making its debut in the United States, visit The Eindrink website

Photos courtesy of Doris Bergman



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