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ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/MixMedia Luxury Lounge with Fortunate Angels benefiting Project Green - Green Glamour at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival

By Paula Jessop

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ALIVE! Expo Green Pavilion/MixMedia Luxury Lounge with Fortunate Angelsbenefiting Project Green at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Outside it was a white winter wonderland inside ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­was all glamorous and green. Sundance Celebrities walked the green carpet showing their support of the original green suite and Project Green.

Founders Kim Kreiss and Patrycja Siewert-Towns, of Project Green & the owners of AEGP/MixMedia Luxury Lounge, take going green to the next level; with hundreds of returning guests at each event. Fortunate Angels is helping support and bring awareness for Project Green501c3. Founder Kathleen Grace Donnelly is a new age humanitarian, dedicated to making this world a better place. Kim Kreiss and Patrycja Siewert-Towns have perfected the ultimate lounge when it comes to raising awareness in the green community in conjunction with their charity and of course FAB eco-goodies. 

It was an eco-overload as some of Sundance’s biggest celebs browsed, wined, dined and got a taste of hot new sounds from amazing artists like: Natalie Gelman, CubWorld, Pablo Blaqk, Kerri Anne & Philip Taylor Allred, Ryan Innes, Sayde Price, with tunes from DJ Adam Harris, andRootMusic.

Celebrity guests who walked away with VIP gift bags valued over $1000 included: Casper Van Dien, Catherine Oxenberg, Michael Emerson – ("Person Of Interest"), Graham Patrick Martin (" Two 1/2 Men"), Thomas Howard (NFL Bengals) Ash Christian ("The Summer Of Monte Wildhorn") Zach Roerig (" Vampire Diaries"), Thom Matthews (Return of the Living Dead) Gina Rodriguez("Filly Brown") Kaycee Stroh – ("High School Musical") Pooja Bater (" Miss India"), Caroline Lagerfelt ("Gossip Girl"), Alex Hyde White ("Adventures If Tin Tin"), Sara Chase (" Hello I Must Be Going") Julia York ("One Shot" w/ Tom Cruise), Tim Daly, Traci Lords, Emma Roberts, Toni Braxton and Paul Simon.


Huggrz Boot Wraps: A desire for warm feet, style and versatility prompted   Debbie Thelen Millerto create Huggrz. This woman, bless her heart, didn’t want to commit to just one pair of boots. Her determination to have it all: fur boots, fringe boots, sweater boots, has given us Huggrz. Changeable boot wraps which fit over any boot and can give your same old, same old new life and a new look every time you put them on. http://www.huggrz.com


Shel Rae Jewelry: "Every new piece is ‘born’ with its own voice; all carry my signature bead, the shell…”  Shelley Buck artist gathers visually exciting materials from her travels and combines them into pieces of art, designed to adorn the necks, wrists and fingers of today’s woman. Whether its fresh water pearls, precious stones, gold, silver, or shells from the sea; her artist’s eye sets these material into visually stunning pieces of wearable art. http://www.shelrae.com/


Phytomer USA, Marine Plankton Skin & Bodycare: Scientists at Phytomer study the defense systems developed by algae and marine plants in order to survive in their hostile environment (waves, UV rays, pollution etc.). They extract those marine ingredients which are able to reproduce the skin's natural functions and integrate them into advanced cosmetic formulas. This is known as marine biomimicry: new generation cosmetics which imitate the best aspects of nature for healthy, natural beauty. www.phytomer.fr/en  


Bari Olive Oil: A family owned business with California groves  and olives that are picked and pressed within 24 hours Bari Olive Oils are certified organic, complex and delicious. With offerings such as a traditional EVO to olive oils infused with lemon, garlic, basil, chipotle, and tandoori. Also featured was a delicious fig balsamic vinegar. Have I over used the word delicious? Maybe but believe me these products are delicious.  http://www.barioliveoil.com/


Aubrey Organics 100% Natural Hair Skin & Bodycare: Has a simple philosophy at the heart of the pioneering personal care company; great products. Founded over 40 years ago. They continue to use only the finest herbal, plant extracts and natural vitamins in all of their products. You will find no paraben preservatives, no petrochemicals, no artificial colors or fragrances of any kind. They believe that everything we know about hair and skin care we learned from nature first.  www.aubrey-organics.com


Taylor Andrews, Makeup-Makeovers & Hair Touchup Sponsor: Taylor Andrews was on hand for any makeup and hair touch ups which were needed. This was a great idea. Nothing like a snow storm to mess up all that carefully applied make up, and don’t get me started on hat hair. Taylor Andrews helped the celebs and common folk stay camera ready for all the unexpected paparazzi and fan photo shoots. www.taylorandrew.com

Ferro Cosmetics: Complete Mineral Makeup-Makeovers Sponsor: Krissy Ferro was on hand with her team for complete makeovers. After hitting the slopes, attendees sat in the director's chairs getting dolled-up for the night's festivities. It was the perfect 'glam' rest-stop, brightening up and beautifying cold ravaged faces. www.ferrocosmetics.com



Successful Self Dentistry: Book - Successful Self Dentistry - How to avoid the Dentist without ignoring your teeth by Nadine Artemis. Inside you'll find helpful information and tips like: How to choose a dentist, prepare for your visit, and balance bacteria in your mouth. Or how to protect your teeth without avoiding candy and sweets. www.livinglibations.com


More items at the Green Suite and in the gift bag were: Hero Nutritionals, All Natural Gummi Vitamins for Kids and Adults, Fashion Hope with Tembo Trading Company, Kiondo Bags (profits help starving children of Africa), Prophetic sustainable, eco-friendly fashion, PlayitFWD; online platform for movie watching, Izze 100% Natural Soda, Earth Friendly Products, 100% Natural Household Cleaners, Sparkle hearts, 100% Bodycare products for girls, www.VKLynne.com, latest release music CD - "Whiskey or Water", Activate Water enhanced Vitamin Water, Redmond Sea Salt All Natural Salt Shakers, and All Natural Facial Mud from the Earth, Conceived by Nature Natural Shampoo & Conditioner, Icelandic Glacial Water; Natural Artesian Water, , Medicine Mama's "Sweet Bee Magic", Boku Superfood; Organic High Protein Shakes & Bars, KeVita, Probiotic Drink, RePurpose insulated hot cups, "the world's greenest disposable coffee cup.", The Explorateur, Hotel Explorateur Concierge Access Membership Certificates, Pig of the Month, BBQ sauces, DROPPS eco-friendly laundry detergent, So Animal Shoe Covers, Buddha Bar Music, Downloadable MP3 Music Gift-Cards; Horizon Organic, 100% Organic Coffee Creamers and String Cheese, Earth Balance All Natural Spreads, 28Black, natural Acai drink, andMolly Sandberg-Jacobs of Fleur de Bee Design & Production Interiors.


Production Design and Event Décor:  Molly Sandberg-Jacobs of Fleur de Bee Design & ProductionInteriors ~ Set ~ Event ~ Art, Brittany Gerson, Butterfly Art, L Floral Studio floral art, Synergy Sound & Design www.synergysoundanddesign.com, DaniellaReneePhotographywww.daniellarenee.com.


Published on Feb 19, 2012

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