The Boom Boom Room’s 2009 Pre-Golden Globe Awards Baby and Big Kid Wonderland Villa

It’s that time again.  Hollywood is all abuzz as the Golden Globe Awards crowns the very best in the industry.  One of the most exciting events leading up to the big night was Jayneoni Moore’s The Boom Boom Room’s 2009 Pre-Golden Globe Awards Baby and Big Kid Wonderland Villa, held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City on January 9 & 10. Celebrities flooded the event to be gifted with the hottest maternity, new mom, baby and children’s products out there.  We were thrilled to have the chance to experience this extravaganza with our two 2 1/2-year-old daughters.  As moms, we can certainly appreciate the amazing products on display!

Hosted by glamour guru Jayneoni Moore and presented by BornFree and Baskin Robbins, 83 vendors offered their wares in a bonanza of creative, entrepreneurial ingenuity along side some of the biggest names in baby and children’s industry.  The event supports Los Angeles area Foster Children and the Jayneoni Moore Children’s Fund.

The celebrity list is outrageous!  Take a look at who showed up:
Tim Allen (“Home Improvement”), Anne Heche, Kathy Hilton, Brooke Mueller, Angela Kinsey  (“The Office”), Chyler Leigh (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Constance Zimmer (“Entourage”), Busy Phillips (“ER”), Julie Bowen (“Boston Legal”), Rich Sommer (AMC’s “Mad Men”), Evan Handler (“Californication”), Neal McDonough (“Desperate Housewives”), James Black (“The Starter Wife”), Currie Graham (“Raising The Bar”), John Sally,  Kellie Martin (“ER”), Bryan Posehn (“Sarah Silverman Project”), Marissa Jaret Winokur (“Dancing With The Stars”), Ali Landry, Sarah Jane Morris (“Brothers and Sisters”), Joey Lawrence (“Dancing With The Stars”), Shar Jackson, Constance Marie (“George Lopez”), Kevin Weisman (“Alias”), Victoria Recano (“The Insider”), Kristy Swanson (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer”), Kevin Sorbo (“Meet The Spartans”), Tracy Hutson (“Extreme Home Makeover”), Roger Cross (“The L-Word”) Holly Robinson-Peete (“Hanging With Mr. Cooper”), Salli Richardson (“I am Legend”), Madison Pettis, Treadway (Merv Griffin’s Crossword), Rhys Coiro (“Entourage”), Mircea Monroe (Fox’s “Drive”), Raymond J. Barry (“Cold Case”), Jennifer Blanc-Beihn (“Party of Five”), Leslie Boone (“Ed”),  Shirly Brener (“Labor Pains”), Melyssa Ford, Zorianna Kit, Dave Kushner (“Velvet Revolver”), Elizabeth Sanchez (“A Place of Our Own”), Christie Lynn Smith (“Bones”), Abigail Spencer (“All My Children”), Nicole Tubiola (“Wildfire”), Maxine Bahns (“The Mentalist”), Jonathan Drubner, Elan Gold, John Livingston (“Bones”), Larry Bagby (“Young and the Restless”), Jake Busey (“Tomcats”).  And that was just day one!

Check out the rest of the crowd who showed up on Saturday:
Chris Noth (“Sex And The City”), Elisabeth Rohm (“Law & Order”), Kelly Rutherford (“Gossip Girl”), Sibi Bale, Jodie Sweetin (“Full House Jeri Ryan (“Battlestar Gallactica”), Erinn Hayes (CBS’s “Worst Week”), Ming Na (“ER”),”), Joely Fisher (“Til Death”), Rena Sofer (“24”), Scott Baio (“Confessions of a Teen Idol”), Darren McFadden (NFL Player- Oakland Raiders), Amber Stevens (“Greek”), Merrin Dungey (“Alias”),  Erik Ellington (Pro Skater), Tony Plana (“Ugly Betty”), Kai Milla (Mrs. Stevie Wonder), Shannyn Sossoman (“Moonight”), Jonathan Dixon (“Lost” Season 5),  Hamish Linklater (“New Adventures of Old Christine”), Amber Frakes (“24”, “Damages”), David Blue (“Ugly Betty”), Martin Sopha (“Dirty, Sexy, Money”, “Dexter”), Angus T Jones (“2 ½ Men), Dylon Bruno (CBS’s “N3mbers”), Alimi Ballard (“N3mbers”), Kim Rhodes (“Sweet Life of Zach and Cody”), Kelly Hu (“CSI NY”), Kevin Frazier (“Entertainment Tonight”), Justine Dorsey (“Brothers and Sisters”), Greg Vaughn (“General Hospital”), Ashley Argota (“True Jackson", "VP”), Lorna Scott (“Wanted”), Matt Borlenghi (“Days of our Lives”), Thea Andrews (“Entertainment Tonight”), Field Cate (“Pushing Daisies”), Kenny Johnson (“The Shield”), Latrice Kleine (“The Big Bang Theory”), Alexandra Leighton (“Swingtown”), Ryan Newman (“Zeke and Luther”), Maya Pfeifer (“Hung”), Heather Christie (child with Anthony Kiedis),  John Henson (“WipeOut”), Bryce Johnson (“Popular”), and many more.  Pretty impressive, I dare say!!

So what was all the whoopla about?  Join me as we delight in some of the extraordinary gifts presented:

Peek-a-Boo Products
Here is an ingenious product designed by mother-of-four, Lakysha Keene, called the Peek-a-Boo Nursing Bib.  It covers the nursing mom’s entire front, attaches around the neck and creates complete modesty.  There is a Velcro flap that can be opened for mother and baby to see one another and light weights in the bottom to keep it from shifting.  The baby can be placed on top of the bib after nursing for burping, keeping Mom dry and clean!  The newest design includes brightly colored shapes and characters on the inside of the flap for the baby to see, aiding in eye coordination and focus.  These bibs are handmade in the USA. 

Nursing bib with matching diaper pocket

To find out more, go to their Website


BonBon Cupcakes
A sure delight for your little one!  BonBon Cupcakes Microfiber Ruffle Leggings are a terrific way to add style to your little princess’ wardrobe.  They range from basic leggings, matching tight and ruffle in a solid color, to a variety of ruffle patterns including polka dots, holiday and cheerleader styles.  Sizes range from infant to 8 years. 

Dress 'em up yummy!

Be sure to check them out here


The Playroom
Known as one of the cleanest indoor play places in town (a big concern to those of us with wee ones), The Playroom is full of fun and exciting adventure for kids.  It boasts a large bounce house, mini roller coaster, real playhouse, air hockey table, rock wall, ride on toys, ball pit, and much, much more!  There is a separate eating area, always spotless, for when the hunger hits and two restrooms.  We have been here on many occasions and it’s a great way to spend a day! 

A great adventure in a clean environment

For more details click here


“Babies love buckles!!”  That’s this company’s motto – and it’s the truth!  These adorable, cuddly friends give your child not only a playmate but a challenging learning opportunity as well.  Listen to what they say:
BuckleyBoos encourage cognitive development through multi-stage learning. What this means is that from the ages of 15 months to 4 years your child will embark on a developmental journey where each mastered task serves as a springboard for the next level of learning.

Stage 1: Matching
Children first learn to scan and match the brightly patterned ribbons- polka dot to polka dot, stripe to stripe.

Stage 2: Buckling
At eighteen months, children are ready to buckle, but they cannot yet unbuckle, which makes BuckleyBoo, for a time, a toy to be shared between parent and child. At this stage, the child will likely leave all the other buckles in their environment alone; now they have their own buckles with which to play.

Stage 3: Unbuckling
At three years, children have both the physical strength and the problem solving skills to buckle and unbuckle and they will happily do for hours on end. Children will also begin to integrate their lovable pal into their world of imaginative play.”

Buckle bears, cats, bunnies and others

It’s already a winner in our households!  Website


Tasty Baby
Here’s a company making healthy food fun and enjoyable for babies and kids!  Their focus is to create highly nutritional foods that are both healthy and delicious, using 100% USDA-certified organic products, gluten-free and leaving out any preservatives, trans-fats, sugar and salt.  Brilliant!  They come in single serving packages that are eco-friendly, using BPA-free recyclable containers and biodegradable cardboard printed with vegetable-based inks.  They have thought of everything, haven’t they?  Tasty Baby food comes in 3 stages, from infants just starting solids to toddlers.  Even older kids and adults could munch on the stage 3 delights!  Try giving a gift basket to families you love and try the recipes offered for free on their website! 

Organic baby food gift basket

Bon appetite!  Website


Giggles ‘N Hugs
Today’s answer to going out to eat with the kids.  Born of one family’s frustration with restaurants that insist that our children sit, be served and behave like adults long before they were ever intended to, Giggles ‘N Hugs is a children-focused restaurant that satisfies the parents too.  With a fantastic indoor playroom to entertain the little ones, you never have to tell your 2-year-old to sit down and be quiet here!  The food is health-conscious and yet still yummy.  Chairs and utensils fit the size of the person sitting down to eat and fun is had by all. 

Restaurant and indoor playroom in one!

Birthday parties and special events are also offered.  Website


Paper Shouts
“Why whisper when you can Shout?”  Paper Shouts is a line of traditional, vintage and modern designed note cards, invitations and announcements to help you connect with your friends and loved ones and share the special moments of your life.  First, you get to pick the style that reflects you and then you get to personalize it!  And they are now printing on 100% recycled, high-quality, uncoated paper. 

Posh notes for every occassion

Just Shout!  Website


Girlie Gear
For all the girls, from tots to adults, who love cars and want to show it but aren’t so fond of the boy-style clothes and logos, this is the company for you!  Started by Allyson Strope, wife of car builder and owner/designer of Pure Vision, Steve Strope, Girlie Gear strives to give the female side of the car enthusiast hobby a wardrobe that is feminine in both the clothing style and the imprinted logo.  With designs like “Raspberry Roadster” and “Mango Go-go”, they use an ice cream theme, keeping designs wholesome rather than racy.  

Vroom, vroom! Watch out boys, here I come!

Matching bottle cap hair clips and necklaces sporting Swarovski crystals accessorize in the perfect, girle way!  Website


Using sign language with pre-verbal babies has been show over and over again to enable these youngsters to communicate much earlier than would be possible otherwise.  Mocobabies supports this early communication technique with flashcards, signing stickers and placemats, helping both the children and the adults in their world learn and remember the basic signs. 

Teach your baby and toddler how to sign!

Help your baby communicate with you!  Website


Green Girl
Fashion meets function meets saving the Earth!  Green Girl offers a beautiful selection of highly fashionable, fully reversible and washable eco-totes that are support women nationwide say “no thanks” to paper and plastic bags.  Each bag holds a surprising amount of goods, yet folds up small enough to fit into your glove compartment of purse!  You can use your bag in any situation – going to the gym, the grocery store, the mall, or even as an in-flight carryon!  Even better, get your daughter involved too with the children’s size bags. 

Eco-friendly bags, each reversable with two fashionable designs

"Saving the Earth has never felt - or looked - so good." Website


We all hope to give our children a special place to call their own, a room that celebrates their very life and all we wish for them.  The decorative styles offered by MiGi can provide just that.  With coordinating crib sets, blankets, area rugs, window valances and more, the refreshing patterns help create the dream nursery. 

Style to help you create the nursery of your dreams

Migi also offers dishware to accent your home and entertaining lifestyle and a line of invitations and announcements. Website


Happy Heinys
Folks are returning to the wisdom and comfort of cloth diapers for their babies and Happy Heinys one of the largest manufacturers of the modern cloth diaper.  The diapers are made of custom-milled fleece without dioxins, providing superior comfort and rash reduction.  The diapers and covers are made with Velcro or snaps to aid in efficient and safe changes and come in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Functional and fashionable cloth diapers

The line has a wide range of environmentally safe, cost effective options for infants, toddlers, bed-wetters and even adults.  Website


Smart Mom
What mom hasn’t had their infant pull, grab or bite the necklace hanging around their neck?  We know plenty of moms who simply gave up wearing jewelry altogether because it wasn’t worth it!  Well, Smart Mom has the solution.  With their line of fashionable Teething Bling, you can go back to wearing jewelry and your infant can handle and chew to their hearts content.  Why?  Because Teething Bling pendants, bangles and even key chains are made of non-toxic, phthalate, BPA and PVC free, federally approved silicone.  The material is latex-free, food–safe, and even dishwasher-friendly! 

Teething Bling

Who knew that you could accessorize so beautifully with teething items?!?  Smart Mom did! Website


No Slippy Hair Clippy
There are lots of hair accessories out there for babies and kids, but how often do you finally get that beautiful clip in their hair and within seconds it’s hanging in your daughter’s eyes or on the floor altogether?!?  Too often, right?  Well, not with this hair clip!  No Slippy Hair Clippy means exactly that.  A small magnet securely holds the clip in even the finest hair and it’s lined with velvet to assure softness. 

This clip just won't slip

With a glorious array of designs, colors and sizes from newborns to big kids in both clips and headbands, you can accessorize every day and for any occasion!  Website


How would you like to have a new, fun and creative way to help teach your child to do helpful, generous and overall good deeds to brighten the world around them?  This is exactly the focus of Snugaboo.  With online characters that come alive when your child adorns the matching adorable, wearable blankets, you child can not only create imaginative play but can also use the built in rewards system.  Each character blanket comes with matching freckle tattoos which are given out for every good action the youngster takes.  As the line grows, you are sure to see more creative ways to reward kids for thinking of and helping others. 

Watch all the good I can do!

Check out their ideas and submit your own: Website


LAF Brand     
How often have you carefully dressed your little angel for a trip to the park and then after you have been there for a while, wished you had a different shirt, since the weather had changed?  LAF Brand has the answer! "Mom-preneur" Juls Nguyen has designed a fabulous line of attachable clothing – a short sleeve t-shirt with snaps to attach a long sleeve, which is perfect for this transitional weather.  Plus you get two shirts in one!  They offer a Roll-n-Go diaper caddy, which has several roomy pockets to hold all your diapering supplies.  It’s easy to move from bag to bag, so you are always prepared.

It's two shirts in one!

Also check out their stylish line of  bibs and burp cloths.  Website


Have you gone shopping for your kids but felt that you couldn’t find modern, stylish clothing that suited their style?  Or your taste? Saurette may be the answer you have been seeking!  They offer fashionable clothing for kids with unique style.  The Spring 2009 collection is gorgeous, with beautiful floral prints and motifs on a soft cotton/silk voile that is wonderful to the touch.  The line has charming details – ribbons trims, hand embroidery, beading and specialty appliqués that add a special and unique feel to each garment. 

Feel like a princess anytime

Your daughters will truly feel like princesses while wearing this line! Website


Have you been frustrated with nursing wear?  The openings are too small, or too large?  Look no further! Boob is a highly innovative clothing line that offers stylish and comfortable maternity and nursing wear.   Their nursing singlet is particularly clever.  There is a double layer of fabric with an invisible seam that allows your baby access to your breasts while offering complete coverage.  You can easily open the top while holding your baby.  You can confidently nurse in public.  People may not even notice what you’re doing!  All items are machine washable - another huge plus! 

Dylan, Emmeli and Demian Bruno getting Boob swag

Please check out their line Here


With all the negative news about the potentially harmful effects of BPA, Phthalates and PVC on young and growing bodies, who hasn’t worried and wondered about the baby products in your home?  BornFree is the smart and safe way to help feed your baby.  Everything in their line is totally free of the potentially dangerous chemicals Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates and PVC.  They have  a terrific line of baby bottles, pacifiers, training cups and drinking cups.  

Bottle, sippy, pacifiers and more!

You can feed your baby without fear - what a wonderful feeling to trust the baby products you are using!   Website


BamBoo Hugs 
When your child gets out of their bath, you just want to wrap them in soft love.  Well, try a bamboo towel!  Bamboo is soft, sustainable, offers superior absorbency with antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties.  BamBoo Hugs has a wonderful line of cute and fun bamboo towels.  They use organic and fair trade bamboo and cotton - with low VOC dyes. 

Aren't I the cutest kitty?

You can’t ask for a better towel to use on your child.  And they will love the fun designs! Website


Barbamel Books 
Sometimes our children don’t see all of their relatives very often.  Barbamel Books offers a smart solution to help our children feel connected to family.  They offer a four adorable, sturdy and easy to handle photo board books - I Love Mommy, I Love Daddy, I Love Grandma and I Love Grandpa.  You add your own 4x6 pictures to colorful pages to create a personalized story. 

Personalize your child's books

Every child will delight in reading and seeing their family - and look forward to the next visit!  Website   


If you would like to steer clear of all plastic drinking products, OrganicKidz is the line for you!  They offer a fun line of stainless steel bottles, drinking cups and accessories for your family.  All of their products are lightweight, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.  They won’t leach toxins and are shatter proof. 

Snazzy, stainless steel bottles

The bottles are designed wtih kids in mind - they are easy to hold, handle and are very durable.  Website


Your Baby Can Read! 
Your Baby Can Read! is a fun and easy to use early language development system that was created by Dr. Robert Titzer, an expert of infant development and research. He has been featured on CNN and Good Morning America.. The Your Baby Can Read! program is designed for infants to children 5 years of age. The 5 DVD and word card set teaches  children whole language and phonics using a combination of sound, sight and interaction. 

Teach your baby to read before she can talk!

Y our Baby Can Read! takes a multi-sensory approach through interactive DVDs and sliding word and picture cards, helping a child grasp word recognition leading to early reading success.  Website


is an amazing line of safe, green cleaning products to use in your home, specializing in cleansing baby toys and dishes - all the things that babies are constantly putting in their mouths.  All Dapple products use natural-based ingredients that are environmentaly safe, biodegradable, and free of parabens, SLES and phthalates, as well as synthetic dyes and fragrances.  They offer handy wipes - convenient for home use and while you are on the go. 

Toy cleaning wipes and spray, plus dish liquid

You can buy Dapple products at Babies R Us and at Website


has a smart and stylish line of hair accessories for your little sweetheart.  Their barrettes are covered n fabric for added comfort and security and they offer a wide selection.  There is something to suit every girl's needs.  Their headbands feature a plastic slide to provide a comfortable, custom fit for every pretty head, from infant to adult.  Bugalug also has pony loops in a variety of colors - and these are not your average pony tail holders!  Last but not least, a line of beautiful, ribbon clips keep pacifiers close and handy for Baby to pop back in her mouth. 

Accessorize, accessorize

Order online Here


Chuck the Yuck
Have you or your child ever gotten sick and unfortunately were no where near a bathroom?  Save yourself the mess and Chuck the Yuck in style.  Chuck the Yuck is a fashion forward water tight sickness bag for sick kids, morning sick moms or travel (car, plane, train or boat). 

Even the mess can be fashionable

They come in handy 3-bag packs.  Website


has a fantastic line of stylish, super-soft, cotton products.  They offer a 4-in-1 nursing shawl, perfect for use while you are on the go.  Their Cotton Basics Clothing line is durable and form-fitting, with a great selection of mix and match t-shirts, pants, bodysuits, overalls, sleeping gowns and hats.  Also check out their arms-free swaddler blanket.  Perfect for the 3-6 month old who no longer wants their arms swaddled, but is too youngs to leave with a blanket. 

Bodysuit and hat keeps baby feeling L'oved

All items are machine washable.  Website

Bratt Décor
Welcome to your dream nursery!  Bratt Décor is where you will find extraordinary furniture for your precious one's special room.  From cradles and cribs for your newborn to bookshelves, nightstands, chairs and beds for your older child, you will not be disappointed with the elegant designs and sturdy craftsmanship.  Buy individual items or create a complete look with the collections.  The Chelsea Cradle in Antique Silver is a perfect example - the cradle has a solid structure, rocks back and forth to sooth your little one to sleep and has a discrete locking mechanism to keep the cradle stationary without distracting from the beauty of the design.  It's a stunning addition to any nursery and is only one item in a complete collection, so it doesn't stop there.  Just beautiful.

Chelsea Cradle in Antique Silver

See all the amazing styles here!


Created by fashion forward designer mom, Boren Lon, Bodemi is a fabulous and innovative line of children's apparel and accessories.  From casual and adorable play clothes to posh and exquisite special occasion wear, Bodemi provides your children with durable, stylish and one-of-a-kind fashion that will have people talking!  Accessories like belts, hats and booties accent the great clothes and you can even find blankets, bags and bibs.  The unique look and special quality of this line will undoubtedly delight both parent and child.

Custom cape, boy's shirt, girl's pants and special occasion dress

Find your fashion at their Website

 . . .

Buggy Bagg
You've seen those shopping cart covers protecting kids from the germs and bacteria that collect themselves on the cart seats, right?  Well, here's the original and most versitile of them all!  The Buggy Bagg was designed by a grandmother for her grandchild and not only serves as a shopping cart cover but also as a high chair protector and a diaper bag - all in one!  Imagine, a diaper bag that carries up to four bottles, diapers, wipes, toys and snacks (not to mention keys, cell phone and wallet!) that actually opens up with one hand to drape over a shopping cart seat or high chair, maintaining the diaper bag section in tact, allowing you to quickly get your child into a safe, soft and protected space!  Ingenious!

The diaper bag, shopping cart cover and high chair protector in one!

Get one for yourself or someone you love!  Website

 . . .

Combi is known for their line of stylish, lightweight strollers and travel systems, as well as bouncers, walkers, high chairs and play yards.  They have broken the mold again with one of their fabulous and unique chopsticks!  An actual training set, the chopsticks have plastic connectors that help a child learn to hold a set of chopsticks correctly while maintaining the pair as one unit.  As the child becomes more and more proficient in their use of the chopsticks, the plastic connector can be "upgraded" and eventually removed.  Voila!  They are using chopsticks!  What a wonderful addition to your little one's utensils and skill set.

Teach your kids to use chopsticks in 3 easy steps!

See these and all of Combi's other outstanding products on their Website 

 . . .

The Buti-bag co.
The Buti-Bag Company was created by mom-of-a-toddler, Nicole Williams, who had outgrown lugging around her big diaper bag and was in need of a compact, versatile bag for just the essentials now required by her run-around son.  When she was unable to find what she wanted in the marketplace, she made it!  And how lucky for the rest of us!  Named "The Bundle", this bag is can be used for almost anything: toiletries; cosmetics; diaper essentials; first aid kit; the possibilities are endless.  Throw it IN the daiper bag to keep it tidy; attach it to your purse or stroller; use the handle to slip on your wrist or carry by hand.  Featuring multiple pockets, a water-repellent lining, removable handle and an array of fashionable design choices, the Buti-Bag Bundle will be your new favorite bag!

Your new favorite bag!

The Buti-Bag Co. also offers a number of other fantastic baby products. Website


Cricket and Monkey
Here's a company focusing on how much fun babies can be and how trendy and fashionable their mom's can remain!  With a line of designer diaper bags, luxurious blanket coordinates, nursery bedding and innovative gifts, you are sure to find countless items to make both mom and baby feel special.  Try the snazzy metallic (washable, mind you!) or faux leather diaper bags and you might forget you're heading to the park instead of the club!  They have coordinates including a play/travel mat, small and large blankets and bibs; and some of the patterns even match the diaper bags, totes and cosmetic bags.  What fun!  Designs are whimsical, fun and stand out from the rest.  Be careful - the paparazzi might start following you around!

You and your baby will love it all

Start your collection: Website

Fantaisiekids provides extraordinary, hand-smocked and hand-embroidered children's clothing, for infants and children.  Their beautiful lines for special occasions are not to be missed.  Whether a baby naming, flower-girl or other remarkable event, your daughter will feel like the princess she is in these stunning gowns.  You can also find more casual dresses, coats and separates that are equally unique and exquisitly crafted.  And don't forget the boys!  They have a line too.

Ali Landry and daughter, Estela, in plaid holiday dress

Let them take your breath away! Website      


BYOG (Bring Your Own Gown)
So they day has finally arrived!  You are wisked off to the hospital for your long-awaited bundle of joy to come into the world.  Nothing could be more special and extraordinary for you.  Then you get to the hospital and are tossed a many-times-used, run-of-the-mill hospital gown.  Yuck!  Is this really reflective of the momentous occassion this is?  Certainly not!  So B.Y.O.G. - Bring Your Own Gown!  That's right - a company who's thought of this very cunnundrum and solved it for you.  With a line of wonderfully-patterned gowns, you could walk down the street and folks would think you were on your way to a party.  Now that's more like it - you are!  Gowns feature removable ribbon tie and sleeves that unsnap for modest and easy breastfeeding.  So come to the hospital in style and beauty and feel like the extraordinary mother you are!

Look like the extraordinary mom you are!

Also offering the "Hip Mama Suitcase" and "Push Out Socks". Website


Chef Antonio
Five-star restaurant owner and chef, Antonio Frontera, has brought his passion and extraordinary talent for cooking to the whole family his new book "Chicken Soup for the Soul - Kids in the Kitchen".  As someone who learned to love cooking at the tender age of 8, Antonio knows what it takes to motivate kids to cook.  He has joined with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-creators of "Chicken Soup for the Soul", to create this unique "Chicken Soup for the Soul" cookbook.  Crammed full of kid-friendly recipes and wonderful tales of lessons learned while cooking with loved ones, this book will bring your family together in the kitchen and at heart.  While inspiring kids to cook and familes to create lasting, loving traditions, the coauthors of this book are going even further and donating a portion of the book's proceeds to Feed the Children, the world's largest network of children helping children through education.

Get you kids in the kitchen and your family connected!

Get your copy now at or at your local bookseller and check out Chef Antonio's Website too!


Cover Me by Undercover Inc.
Cover Me
offers a seemingly unending array of patterns and styles in their line of blankets, offering you just about anything you would want.  With solids, two-color and multi-color designs, the majority of the blankets are made of 100% cotton, from USA yarn, and all are made in Long Island, NY.  The blankets come in 3 sizes, depending on the style: Stoller size (28x36), multi-blankets (30x40) and crib size (36x50).  Plus, the patterns are all created so that the blankets are all reversible!  Cover Me provides you with the highest quality blankets at affordable prices.  You can't lose!

Designs and styles to fit every taste and budget

Buy one for all the babies in your life!  Website            

My Rock and Roll Baby
Want to dress up your little star with accessories as outstanding as their personalities?  My Rock and Roll Baby has got exactly that.  With originally designed hair clips, headbands and bows adorned with Swarovski crystals for that extra pazzazz, you won't find hair accessories like these anywhere else.  The clips and bows are lined with velvet to assure softness and security and are made with non-toxic glue so they are as safe as they are snazzy.  And if that's not enough, they also offer equally glitzy nail clippers and pacifier holders and even a ribbon clip hanger to organize and store all your clips and bows.  What?  More?  Yes!  They even offer a line of clothing and are working towards dressin' up those boys as well - check out their clip-on ties!

Glamour for your little diva!

Rock and Roll your Baby! Website


Mabel’s Labels
Who of us as parents hasn’t found ourselves frustrated by the amount of stuff our kids lose?  Sippy cups, toys, clothes that simply vanish, never to return?  And here’s my solution:  Mabel’s Labels!  With sticky, clothing and household labels, stationary products and ID wristbands, there’s virtually nothing that you can’t label!!  The sticky and clothing labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry machine safe and you can personalize the labels combining the child’s name, favorite color and chosen icon (animal, symbol, etc.).  It’s so much easier to keep track of things when a Mabel’s Labels shows everyone to whom that item belongs. 

Sticky and clothing labels

Awesome! Website


Zoobi Pets
These loveable, versatile friends will bring joy to any youngster!  What looks simply like an adorable stuffed animal transforms with a quick Velcro release into a snuggly pillow and then just pull the zipper and find a heavenly soft blanket hidden inside.  This is perfect for home, travel or sleepover, anytime and anywhere. 

It's a plush toy, pillow and blanket all in one

The variety of animals from the zoo or the safari will make any child fall in love. Website


Time Out Spots
The Time Out method of discipline is one we all know as parents.  Dreams of perfect behavior are just that, so we find methods to instruct and discipline and parents use this one with great success.  But where does your timeout occur?  Do you put your child in a corner?  Put them in their room where they only end up playing?  Well, now you have a solution.  You put them on the Time Out Spot!  And there they stay until their time is up.  A small, round rug, it’s the perfect place to sit and think about their behavior. 

Never wonder where to have Time Outs again

The company also offers a line of T-shirts and furry friends with cute and funny Time Out sayings.  Website

Other vendors included:
Aden + Anais
Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit
Baskin Robins
Bebe au Lait
Blankie Keeper
Blessence Maternity
Boogie Wipes
Boujie Baby Couture, Inc.
Chicco Strollers
Child to Cherish
Dear Johnnies
Diapees and Wipees
Dublin Dog
Go Gaga
Just Buzzin’ By
Lil Darlins
Mama Om
McCall Wikler Designs
Me and My Peeps Board Books
Messy Face
My Pacifier
Phillips Advent
Rich Soil Babies
Seven Smooches
Spa Di Da
Stride Rite
Titi Collection
West Coast Wagons

Whew!  Is that an amazing list or what?  The celebrity parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friend of parents-to-be, etc. came in droves for good reason!  They left with so much swag, they were grateful for the staff members who helped them carry it around the venue and finally out to the car.  No question, the related kids are the real winners here, as are the benficiaries of the two wonderful causes this event's generous donations will support - Los Angeles area Foster Children and the Jayneoni Moore Children’s Fund.  Five years and counting, the Boom Boom Room is a yearly don't-miss event!

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