The American Music Awards Gift Suite

The American Music Awards hosted a 'Celebrity Suite' for the nominees, and presenters.

The Celebrity Gifts

Lawrence Davis, Publisher and Editor in Chief, for Splash Magazines Worldwide and I were invited to the 'Celebrity Suite.'
I can sum it up in one word. WOW, WOW and WOW!
Lindsay Kelterer, Vice President of Public Relations for Distinctive Assets, greeted us. Then Lindsay introduced us to Dina Rezvanipour, Director of Marketing and Public Relations and Rebecca Ludlam, Public Relations Coordinator, who would be our guides, and would present us to all of the vendors.

Each of us was given a giant black canvas bag, compliments of Memorex with the slogan 'Is it live or is it  Memorex.  The bag was incredibly well made and will be usable in the future. What musician can do without  Memorex anyway? And the bag was HUGE enough to fit all of the terrific booty we were going to be acquiring. Our escorts, Dina and Rebecca insisted on carrying the bags for us, and gave us the full celebrity treatment.

We were first introduced to Brooke Hughes of lyman public relations. Brooke gifted us with a Sansa Rhapsody from SanDisk, known for the great electronic devices and accessories the company produces.

Brooke Hughes with the Sansa Rhapsody by SanDisk

This Lil' Monsta is just too cool! It plays audio, video clips and photos. It has a large 1.8' color screen. With it you have unlimited access to millions of songs. You can access continuous music with the Rhapsody Channel and you can save what you like and skip what you don't. It's also an FM radio and a digital voice recorder. It's so tiny and a must have to keep with you at all times. I love this. Another feature is an SD expansion slot where you can add additional memory and SanDisk Trusted Flash. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is replaceable with a battery with up to 20 hours of battery life.

Next Katy Ocean, a publicist for lyman public relations gave us an invitation to Kiana Resorts on Costa Rica's pristine southern Pacific Coast. including 5 nights accommodations and a $150.00 dinner. The resort will be open starting July 1, 2007. It's just outside of the surf town Dominical, at mile zero of Costa Rica's lush green coast. Kiana Resort at Playa Dominical is a new world world-class oceanfront property.

Katy Ocean with Kiana Resorts Gift Certificate

The invitation says: 'Dominical is a rare place. It is for those who seek the extraordinary, the pristine, and the soul-stirring experiences of life in a largely undiscovered Shangri-la.  Those who fall in love with this place do it almost instantly. Dominical isn't for everyone. But it might be just perfect for you. Again and again, you'll find yourself, here.'   I'll keep you posted for when I go!! This is going to be hot.

Stephen Hotis, Marketing Director of Latino Royalty. This really is a spectacular line of clothes. They have a line that is unique, sophisticated and the coolest. Beautiful blazers, shirts, t-shirts, pants, knits, handbags, bags and sandals are all available on their website.

Stephen Hotis of Latino Royalty gives me a cool belt

From their website:
"The Latino Royalty Lifestyle is fashion with a harmony of colors, fabrics, design and workmanship that draws from the best of Latin culture' its rich heritage, its beauty, and its zest for life. The brand exemplifies the lifestyle of someone who bridges both worlds of the contemporary Americas - multicultural, bi-lingual, sophisticated male of Latin heritage who wants to express his own sense of individuality.

There is a universal appeal that crosses ethnic and cultural boundaries. The man who wears Latino Royalty clothing will feel equally home in Buenos Aires, or Boston, or Bogote, Los Angeles or on the streets of New York. It is truly a marriage of cultures.It is-- the Best of Both Worlds."

My gorgeous, Latino, golf-pro boyfriend sure would look awesome in this line!

JGatsby Events,
a full-service Special Event, Wedding, Convention Services, Party planner for individuals, celebrities and corporations.
J Gatsby is a division Distinctive Assets. We received gift certificates for $1500.00 towards an event .

does everything from Event Production, Event Design, and Event Management. They'll help you select and coordinate the venue, arrange and manage transportation, lodging, and entertainment. They also design the decor and floral arrangements. With JGatsby Events, you eliminate dozens of event needs.

Elliot Lucca Bags
gave us our choice of one of his stunning handbags. The detailing, the leather and the colors are extraordinary. I absolutely adore this bag. It has it all going on and is so well-made. The stitching is perfect. And the smell of that leather!!

Elliot Lucca Bags

I chose an Eva Satchel in cognac, natural leather finished with intricately braided straps with diminutive gold studs. It has a double zip closure. Polyester lining features cell phone, multipurpose and back wall zippered pockets. It really is beautiful!  

Jill Reno's
stunning jewelry was our next stop. Jill adorned each of the celebrities and presenters with gifts of her exquisite jewelry, personally selected by each person. Her superb line is delicate and lovely with ornate designs that are inspired by her exotic travels. The pieces are made with precious met and extraordinary, handpicked gemstones.

(t) Jill Reno (b) Jill Reno with Elaine Provine who makes Jill's jewelry

Her unique line includes beautiful earrings, bracelets, amulets, necklaces and many other superb items. According to her website: Jill Reno travels extensively internationally, to bring back the most elegant, glamorous, one-of-a-kind gemstones. Just like her exotic travels, each piece has a story. To quote Jill Reno, 'Every time you put on a piece of my jewelry, I want you to remember you are beautiful, worthy and have captured the heart of the One who created you.'

Celebrities who wear her beautiful jewelry include: Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Richie, Avril Lavigne, Marcia Cross, Kelly Rippa, Hillary Duff, Roselyn Sanchez, Anne Heche, Katie Couric, Geri Halliwell, Krista Allen, Shannon Elisabeth, Maria Menounos, and many others.

She also gave us a bottle of wine (I chose Rossoibleo Red by Gulfi). And some creams and vitamins by LarreaRX:

All of the celebrities (and us of course) received a fantastic Hair Care System by the Los Angeles based company, Hair Dr. Spela, Total Hair Clinic. The products were the winner of 2 consecutive gold and silver medals in an international invention competition. The brochure shows microscopic photographs of the hair illustrating the products results after usage. It's astounding and I'm impressed. I'm starting on it immediately.

Edward Yi, Director at Dr SpelaTotal Hair System

The system included a JadeAir hairpeutic hair dryer, which heals damaged hair by applying negative ions and far infared. It creates moisturized and smoothed hair. It's twice as fast as conventional hair dryers to prevent damage. JadeAir is certified with proof of amazing 91.6% far infared procution from the dryer. It stimulates and massages the scalp for better blood circulation. The heat core is made out of genuine jade.

We also received a scalp massager and shampoo brush, made out of antibiotic silicon, and emits negative ions that stimulates the scalp for better circulation and aids in removing dead skin and creates a better environment.

They also gave us a shampoo called SPELA 707, for a healthier scalp and hair. It cleans the scalp, protects from hair loss, removes dandruff and stops the itching it causes.

The products are FDA, KFDA and JFDA certified. Dr. Spela specializes in 7 of the major hair treatment machines in the world. They have personally customized hair treatment systems and Dr. Spela prescribes its 21 different medicinal products by hair type and conditions. He has 12 different steps of programs to treat hair and scalp. The products have all been clinically tested and approved to have 95.8% hair growth ratio.

Mossy Oak
gave us a giant camo duffle bag choc full of some great gear. They gave us a full wardrobe of items from their Mossy Oak Apparel line. They included a fleece jacket, fleece vest, a colorful tee and an earthy tee, a fleece camo hat, and a camo over shirt. The items were size large and I would usually wear a small or medium, but I have to say the large ones they gave me are roomy but still look darn good on me. I already wore both the vest and the jacket. The hat is too cute.

Mossy Oak Apparel

Primarily they make camo items for hunters that really camouflage the person almost completely. But their sportswear line is great too. I'm certainly not a hunter, and I'm actually a 'very city' girl, but I look adorable in these items too. Even in this hip, cool city!

Metropolis Technology,
a complete brand of cutting edge tools for the next generation. Celebrities using their products include: Seth Green, Lisa Rinna, David Spade, Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff, Brooke Shields and others. Their mission is to innovate and deliver better products for hair care.

Metropolis Technology

We received a Tourmaline Ionic Travel Iron. According to their brochure: 'Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone and a potent source of ionic energy. The tourmaline-ceramic plates of this generate negative ions that straighten hair like!

Negative ions are like diet and exercise for hair-sealing the cuticle and straightening without 'cooking' hair. It styles hair making it vibrantly healthy with great shine and manageability in half the time with less effort.'  They have a full line of other hair care products.

iHome Audio
makes innovative accessories for use with your iPod. We were given a choice of either an iPod Clock Radio, a portable iPod Boombox, or a Portable Water-Resistant iPod Speaker Case. 

iHome Audio

Lawrence chose the Boombox, for the iPodÆ & Shuffle with 6 FM radio presets and remote.
The portable design lets you bring the party wherever you go with rich full sound. This hip boom box runs on batteries, AC outlet or a car adaptor. 91The built-in dock allows charging for both the iPod and iPod Shuffle when the AC adapter is plugged in. It has an Aux/MP3 line-in jack with patch cord for other MP3 players and audio devices.

I chose the Portable Water-Resistant Stereo Sport Case for iPodÆ, Shuffle, or any MP3 Player. It's small and compact. It charges the iPod and incorporates a full function remote control, so you can use your iPod while it's protected in your sports case. Listen through the speakers, or with headphones.

Solstice Stores
had an array of great looking sunglasses. They carry sunglasses by Alexander McQueen, Blinde, Bolle, Bottega, Boucheron, Venet, Carrera, Cartier, Chanel, Chrome Hearts, Diesel, Dita, Dior, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Hobie, Polarized, Initium, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Kieselstein-Cord, Marc Jacobs, Maui-Jim, Max Mara, Moseley Tribe, Modern Amusement, Oliver Peeples, Paul Frank, Paul Smith, Penguin, Police, Ralph, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Smith, Valentino, Stella McCartney, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Solstice Stores sunglass collection

Creative Nails were on hand (no pun intended)
to give manicures and allowed us to choose some nail polish from their vibrant polish colors. They also gave us a large MZ Wallace cosmetic bag filled with Creative Spa products with gorgeous smelling gels, creams, lotions, SpaPedicure masque and heel therapy cream.

Creative Spa Nail Design

Bodega Chocolates are the yummiest, creamiest chocolates. Goodies you can purchase from them are Chocolates & Truffles, Cookies & Pastries, Desserts & Beverages, English Toffee, Gift Paks & Seasonal, Gourmet Apples, Party & Table Favors, and a Sugar-Free Collection.

Bodega Chocolates display

I LOVE BODEGA CHOCOLATES! They gave us a box of truffle candy bars. I'm thinking of keeping the whole lot for myself!!

gave out men's tee shirts and undershirts in black or white. They also had men's underwear. The tee fit incredibly well and looked very sexy on my beau.

DKNY underwear for men

m.frederic had a plethora of their wonderful tee's for both men and women in a variety of colors. They had hip Affliction Clothing's tee shirts with the Harley slogan Live Free, Die Young. They also gave me one of the women's m. frederic logo shirts which looks great on. They carry jeans too, but we didn't get a chance to really see them. They carry 1921 jeans, which looked like they may be very cool.

m. frederic

Jim Hayek, is an artist who began by doing tattoos and then turned to painting to express his creativity. He listens to a song and then with the stimulation from the song he creates an original and unique painting.

Jim Hayek and his paintings

He gifted us with a 50% off coupon for one of his commissioned works.

Melinda Pritchett, Mrs. Smith's Dessert's
Brand Manager, gave us coupons for a whole year of free Mrs. Smith's pies, once again named 'among the best desserts in America' at the National Pie Championship.

Mrs. Smith's Desserts

Gibson Guitar
had cool chrome stools upholstered with black patent leatherette and emblazoned with Gibson in white to give the celebrities.

Gibson Guitar

Dina Rezvanipour and Rebecca Ludlam with our goodies

All Photos by Lawrence Davis

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