The 2007 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

The 2007 Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards does one great thing every year' have fun! The slight difference today is that they're more mature. Happy 20th birthday Nickelodeon!

Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards have been providing fun for everyone in the past 20 years. 


This Nickelodeon event brought back some very special memories like when my mom left me at my best friend's birthday party when I was 5 years old, and I felt like such a big girl. My brown eyes grew three times their normal size when I walked in, since I was given a gift bag just for coming to the party. The bag was heavy. I thought it was filled with rocks and sticks' I wanted to go home. But I looked in and my smile stretched out. I found a lollypop bigger and rounder than my face. My shaky hand dove into the bag, as if I were on a hunt. I pulled out a sparkly necklace and a matching diamond ring that was bigger than my big toe. At that moment, my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. On top of that, I got glittery slippers. All at once, my friends and I let out a screech of pure happiness. We leaped, as if there was lava streaming through our feet. Our smiles went from ear to ear and our giggles lasted all through the night. Those were some great memories!

The Kid's Choice Awards really know how to put on a show for children and young teens. They also know how to entertain adults. This year was extra special as it was the 20th Annual Kid's Choice Awards. The theme was 20 fabulous gifts for 20 amazing years.

Nickelodeon called upon Distinctive Assets to help them create a three-foot high gift bag for their Talent/VIP Gift Lounge.  Nickelodeon and Distinctive Assets helped me relive special childhood memories. The gift bag almost seemed silly because it was so large. Again, Distinctive Assets knows how to take care of people. I had my own bag carrier to help with each gift deposit that I collected. I felt like Santa Claus about to hit the sleigh and make the delivery. Many big names like Paula Abdul, Hayden Panettiere and Hillary Duff were there to fill up their bags too.

As I entered the lounge, I felt as though I was in a Sponge Bob Square Pants underwater home designed by J. Gatsby Events. The role of J. Gatsby Events is to design the gifting lounge to accommodate the vendors' requests complete with an interview area for MSN/NEA and a style salon for the fashion vendors, etc. for the flow of the celebrity and executive guests to create an atmosphere for the sponsor's creative vision.  Their challenge with the Kid's Choice Awards was to create an underwater fantasyland that would represent Sponge Bob Square Pants' Bikini Bottom home out of a drab college room.  It had to be both fun for the children as well as appealing for the adults.

Are you ready for the virtual tour?

I was so thrilled; I felt like I was in a race. I was on fire, and ready to reach the finish line. The race has just begun. My mother has always been my greatest inspiration. I whisper her wise words. 'Don't quit. You can do it.'  Almost two hours later, I reached my goal.  Now for my thank you speech to all those wonderful people who helped me to the end.  I couldn't have done it without:

Netflix. The World largest online movie rental service provided a generous, complimentary one-year membership. If you want to register, all you need to follow are four easy steps: 1' register online, 2' select the three movies that you wish to view (There are over 75,000 titles. For example, you may select War of the Worlds, Babel, or Willy Wonka 3.), 3' respectively receive each movie rushed out from Netflix, 4' return the movie in the envelope provided by Netflix. This way, you don't incur any late fees and you will receive your next movie within a few days.  If you return all three movies, your next set of three movies will be sent out to you.  Subscriptions start at $4.99 a month. How can you go wrong with no due dates, no late fees and no shipping fees? Normal delivery only takes one business day.  For more information, please visit

As I'm thinking about the movies I want to order, Christine Price's Premium Collection captures my sparkling eyes. This collection is based in Los Angeles. The label mixes 'suburban chic mom-about-town-wear.' They make 'hot moms' rule! If you only have a few minutes too get ready, just look for the Price Collection. You'll be styling in casual wear, looking and feeling good.  Thank you Christine Price for making me feel and look like a hotty. Your Tee's and jeans are so comfortable, and my 18 year old daughter always wants to borrow them. I am officially a 'Haute.' Christine Price has dolled-up Paris Hilton, Debra Messing, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Kelly Preston, Kyra Sedgewick, Nicole Richie, and the list goes on and on. They're ready to dress you up in Haute Tee's & Haute Jeans. Coming soon:  Haute Diaper Bags. Warning:  The Haute collection should only be worn by hotty people.


Before I walk away, my nose is led by the aroma of luxurious leather. There is something special about genuine leather. My appreciation goes to the creator of a luscious, lovely, sexy, classy leather handbag for anyone and any age.  It is handcrafted, exotic, modern, sophisticated' revealing the new in the old and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Elliott Lucca's white leather handbag has got it all and it's practical too. I love how you make me feel like a real woman. Thank you Elliott Lucca!


At this moment, my face is looking a bit shiny. I'm feeling the heat, which makes my face itch. I'm rescued by the fabulous makers of DermaciaPro. Their products soothe acne, Rosacea and sensitive skin. The results give a flawless complexion. Dermacia will make your skin feel and look like it should' natural. My skin stopped itching after a few spritz of their breathable moisture. DermaciaPro reinvigorated me. Thank you for helping me look and feel good! Dermacia is clinically proven to bring much needed oxygen to your skin. It promotes the natural production of collagen to help maintain the skin's youthful look and feel. It is the only foundation that has the ability of healing damaged or surgically' repaired skin. www.dermacia.

I'm ready for the next stop. RobeWorks is anxiously awaiting to cloack me with their Microfiber Robe. We all should treat ourselves to a luxurious a robe. This one is a light, breathable fabric that looks new, even after 500 washes. Made in the USA, RobeWorks knows that quality is the only reason their robes are loved by everyone. RobeWorks made me feel cozy and comfy. I'm ready to take a nap with my oh-so-soft RobeWorks plush robe.

The only problem now is that my feet are pulsating like Fred Flintstone. But Reebok came to my rescue. Thank you for running shoes that hug my feet and make me smile with comfort.

After I finish tying my fabulous Reebok tennis shoes, I swiftly saunter my way to William Rast who handed out the most handsome shirts for men.

I'm crossing the midpoint of my race and I'm confronted with obstacles. I hear a loud roar screaming from my tummy.  'Feed me!' it says. My luck is with me and I'm about to be rescued by the Girl Scouts of the USA' yeah. I chowed down a 1/2 box of Thin Mints. My tummy loves you for feeding me, and I am grateful for the 'I Love You' Cookie Bag filled with three boxes of cookies, "Cookie" the stuffed dog, two t-shirts and a mug. Some of the celebs revealed their favorite GS cookies: Aaron Carter loves the Thin Mints, Chris Tucker is all about Samoas, and Nelly is into Do-si-dos. You can find your local Girl Scout Council for cookies or log onto

Now that I am filled with nutrients by the Girls Scouts of America, I am off to COBY Electronics. I had a choice of one of the following items: MP-C341 portable MP3 boom box with 256MB built-in flash memory and SD card slot, TF-DVD7307 portable DVD/CD/MP3 player with a 7' swivel screen, and a CS-MP93 high-output amplified stereo speaker system. I chose the cool CS-MP93 high-output amplified stereo speaker system. 

More stops to make and I'm feeling like a winner. Welcome to Phatfarm, where they're offering hip and styling apparel for youths.  For the expecting mommy, they have newborn sets and cool diaper bags.

Glamour Campaign was in the house with their sharp, intricate Swarovski crystals-designed shorts for women and Fleur de Lis Hoodies for men. This line filled with small gems will catch your eyes.  www.glamourcampaign.

I take another breath, but I am determined to make it all the way. Marnie Rocks was chosen to be the exclusive jewelry vendor at the Talent/VIP Gift Lounge displaying unique necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Marnie's "Naughty and Nice" necklace was designed specifically for Nickelodeon and the 2007 award show.


The Distinctive Assets Gift Bag was full goodies.

Socialite Hollywood offered VIP Membership.


Russeau Expresso offered a gift certificate for a coffee party.

La Costa Resort & Spa offered a 2-night stay in a La Costa Suite with Daily Breakfast Bistro and a Romantic Spa Journey for Two.

The Sports Club/LA offered a one year bi-coastal membership.

Logitech Z-10 Interactive 2.0 Speaker System.

Gift bags are not a new thing. They're the adult size goodie bags that we received at birthday parties when we were kids. Gift bags are at award shows, charity galas, film festivals, sporting events, private celebrity functions and more. Why do they do it? It's simple' vendors want to get the word out' and what better way than to have a movie star/celebrity/VIP spread the buzz about their product or service. Many times celebs donate their goodies to non-profits. This makes it a win-win for everyone.

Finally, thank you to Nickelodeon for all the fun, laughter, and great entertainment you provided for the whole family. I look forward to 20 more years with you. Thank you for a very special day!

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