Teen Choice Gift Suite Review - A Talent Swag social!

Gorgeous Romi Dames from Hannah Montana

The Luxurious London Hotel, off the Sunset Strip, in West Hollywood was the chic venue for the California Queen, 2010 Teen Choice Talent Swag Social to honor the Nominees and Presenters. California Queen hosted the SWAG soiree with a celebrity filled gifting suite. TeAmo and Bellaboo were the headline sponsors of the event.  The dynamic rockstar, Lukas Rossi from Supernova was one of the attendees, and just released a fantastic new solo album.  Awesome and stunning actress Romi Dames from Hannah Montana was enjoying the suite, as was Madison Leisle, who will be long remembered for her unforgettable performance in Ghost Whisperer.  

The Dynamic Lukas Rossi from Supernova!

Lisa Bingham, the California Queen, not only hosted the Teen Choice Gifting Suite, she also sponsored two charities. One charity she founded herself, Sara Rae, and the other great cause was Children of the Night.

Lisa Bingham, founded the charity Sara Rae to honor her sister, Sara Rae. In Sara Rae’s short life, she profoundly changed her sister. To honor Sara, California Queen (ME) will help America’s youth with a sober house built in her name. They will also have another Talent Swag Social for the 2011 Grammy Awards and a benefit concert to support Sara Rae Charity.

Children of The Night is a profound charity founded by Dr. Lois Lee, CEO and President of the organization. Children of the Night helps American “throwaway children” who have been forced onto the streets and into prostitution, from as young as 11 years old with the average age being 12-14. They have rescued over 10,000 children. With her aid, 60% of the children they work with have made it off the streets. They help them get their G.E.D.’s and some have even made it in PhD programs, are Vice-Presidents of companies, and some now own their own companies.

A special guest at the California Queen Teen Choice Awards Talent Swag Social was Emma Baker, the newly crowned Miss California Teen USA 2010.

Bellaboo Skin Care For Teens

"Make the Change" Bellaboo Helps Teen Girls Raise Their Self Esteem

Bellaboo Natural Skin Care System is the first skin care system that was created for teen girls. Bella is a totally natural three-step natural skin care system for all skin types to nurture and nourish young skin. When Snezna Kerekovic, Bella’s creator and founder, had her own daughter, she realized there was nothing on the market for teenage skin that she could give to her own daughter. Not wanting her to use products full of chemicals she created her own all-natural skin care system for young girls. They also have programs with teens to help them raise their self-esteem. The VIP’s were given the Bellaboo Natural 3-step natural Skin Care System as well as E Z Blitz, designed to blitz zips and balance skin.

TeAmo Apparel

Another presenting sponsor, Te Amo Apparel, raised the bar with on being fashion forward with their too hip line of beautiful and chic fashions. You can buy their clothing at many popular stores like Nordstroms’s, as well as online on places like Zazzle and Café Press.

Ana M Designs Clothing

Ana M Designs Hats

Ana M Original Designs makes funky California clothing including awesome hats and t=shirts with emblazoned with renditions of skulls decorated in bold, bright colors and some with stunning swarovski crystals. Their designs celebrate the diversity of the world with innovative artistic impressions of various skull-based interpretations of different people. The original designs they create are quite unique.

Healing Massages from El Leon Spa

El Leon Spa gave guests and celebrities special, healing, hand, back, neck and head massages. El Leon is a bodywork and healing center specializing in authentic Thai massage. El Leon Spa is owned by director/producer, Barry G. Walker.

Beautiful Design on One of the True Love & False Idols Tee's

True Love and False Idols is a superb brand of street fashion with the coolest line of t-shirts with hip, bold patterns, bringing together music, art, tattoos, graffiti and stunning graphics. Hip-hop artist, Get Busy Committee was in person to represent the love for a lifestyle of luxury, True Love & False Idols.

Fingr's Edge Add-On Nails with Cool Designs

Fing’rs Edge is a charming line of faux fingernails with awesome designs. They come with adhesive tabs, or you can put them on with glue. Fing’rs Edge nails are just too cute. If you have to go out and can’t wait for your nails to dry, just pop these on and they look like you had a custom design airbrushed on. All you have to do to remove them is soak them in warm water.

SlipandToss Emergency Sandals

SlipandToss is a very handy emergency item to keep in your bag for when you’re at the gym and going into the shower or getting a massage, or pedicure and can’t wear your dressy shoes or tennis shoes, and would rather not go barefoot.. Just wear them a couple of times and toss them away.

Imking's Awesome Tee's

Imking was giving the guests their choice of beautiful, chic t-shirts with bold, bright and fun patterns.

Dirty Shirty gave out their cool t-shirts for boys and girls. Want to show yourself off in your Dirty Shirty? Post your pic on Dirtyville.

Pix Photobooth

For fun entertainment the guests were enjoying mugging for the camera in the Pixbox Photobooth with a choice of hats or silly items to add as props.

VIP Guests at the California Queen event were also gifted with a swag bag from Make Love Not Trash filled with gifts.

Romi Dames from Hannah Montana and Lawrence Davis, Publisher of Splash Magazines World Wide

Podz Eyewear are little eye podz to wear in the tanning bed. No funny line across the nose!

E’shee Clinical Esthetics gifted their Ampoule Collection. E’shee is crafted from stem cell technology and is a new revolution in skin care,

Everyone was enjoying samples of Johnny Rockets rich, delicious, decadent milk shakes in chocolate and vanilla.

Mod Cloth vintage inspired clothing.

Hand crafted jewelry by the Zen Lily.

BV’s Awesome Stick Wax made from 100% organic & natural palmetto surf products, TV Heros music, Skate and Surf dvds, Soul of the Rose, Creative lifestyle clothing, Lifted Research Group, Abstract visionary, J.A. Mills clothing.

Other VIP Attendees at California Queen

Best Choice Group Ben J and Legacy (New Boyz), Choice Movie Actor Micah Sloat (Paranormal Activity), newly crowned Miss California Teen USA 2010, Emma Baker, Dayanara Torres (Miss Universe), Bella Thorne (Hannah Montana), Karissa Shannon (The Girls Next Door), Lauri and George Peterson (Real Housewives of the OC), Kiowa Gordon (Twilight, Eclipse), Luis Maldanado (Into the Presence), Ashley Holiday (Huge), Harry Shum Jr. and Max Adler and Josh from (Glee), Whitney Mixter (The Real L Word) and many-many more wonderful guest came to support CQ’s chosen charity Children of the Night.

About California Queen

Swag host and founder of California Queen and Sara Rae Non-Profit, Lisa Bingham, gets products and services in the hands of the elite of Hollywood. California Queen hosts red carpet gifting events to support various charities.

All Photos © Judith Orr Photography

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