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Silver Spoon Hollywood Dog and Baby Buffet - Pet Corner

By Amanda Cortez

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The sun was shining down on the Silver Spoon Hollywood Dog and Baby Buffet that lasted two beautiful days. I felt like I was at a carnival, but it was even better because I didn't have to play any competitive games to win a prize. I strolled around the pet corner finding fabulous products to spoil your dog or cat. After all, they deserve it, pets are known for soothing the human soul. They take care of you so why not take care of them with extra special goodies such has grooming products to make your pet's coat shine or nutritious snacks and food that will keep them healthy and happy. But the guest got a lot more to pamper their pets.

Pooch tee by KellyMichael

Kelly Michael

Dressing your dog can be as much fun as dressing your children. Pooch tee by KellyMichael, known for their signature dog shirts had set another standard in the pet industry. Despite the many competition in dog apparel, they teamed with a local graffiti style artist Angle 'Once' Baronets to bring some funk and flare to your  four-legged friends. The new addition, once features urban faces on vibrant color shirts present a fun unique style to the Pooch tee Collection. KellyMichael is about fit, comfort, and stylish fashion with a fun attitude. Their collection has an urban style. Leading the way into the future with a young attitude, excellent service and a multitude of designs. KellyMichael ensures satisfaction. We aim to provide quick service and pay close attention to their products. Making sure that only top quality products are delivered. http://www.kellymichael.com/

Some of the many star attendees: Tori Spelling ("Sonotorious"), Amber Valletta (Hitch), Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow), Larenz Tate (Crash), Kelly Hu (X-men II), Lisa Edelstein ("House, M.D."), Tia Carrere ("Dancing With the Stars"), Shanna Moakler ('Meet the Barkers'), Kevin Weisman ('Alias'), Amy Acker ('Alias', 'Angel'), Bill Bellamy ('Fastlane'),



Dogswell is a premium line pet food product. Canine and Felines need to eat nutritiously to keep fit and trim. Careful when you decide to treat them with leftover scraps, fat, or skin. They're just like humans--If you feed your pets fatty junk food, they'll become obese, they may have joint problems, diabetes, and heart problems which will result in a short lifespan.  Dogswell provide healthy treats for Canine and Felines.

Dogswell  were the first company to supplement chicken breast jerky. The pet company is a leader in the health pet treat industry and has been providing wholesome, beneficial treats for dogs since 2004 and cats since 2006. All Dogswell products contain all-natural chicken breast filets with no binders, coloring, hormones, or preservatives and are low in fat. www.dogswell.com

Castor & Pollux Pet Works

Castor Pollux

Castor & Pollux Pet Works is a passionate, independent, family owned company providing a full range of natural and organic food, treats and supplies for dogs and cats. Available nationally. Castor & Pollux healthy Organix and Natural Ultramix food products have been designed to enrich every stage of pets' lives. The original ORGANIX Canine and Feline Formulas were the first pet foods made with certified organic chicken as the #1 ingredient in both the dog and cat formulas that met the USDA organic labeling regulations. Castor & Pollux Pet Works is committed to community service through the company's Pet & Soul Foundation support many deserving animal support organizations. They work hard to create a complete line of products to make tails wag and whiskers tingle. www.castorpolluxpet.com

Pet Peeves, LLC and Multipet International

Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves, LLC and Multipet International, a leading, designer/distributor of pet products, have partnered to launch an innovative new line of plush dog toys that will add a new concept to the pet industry. The plush toys have quirky sayings on them that address certain Pet Peeves from a dog's point of view but appeals to pet owners for purchase. Some of the popular sayings on the Pet Peeves chew toys include:

Why can't I chew on shoes?
It's the same food everyday!
You get in the dog crate!
Finding Buried Bones is Hard Work!
Cats are Not My Friends!
Why Can't I Lay on the Couch!

This website is not only a site where you can find Pet Peeves chew toys, but also a site where you can rant and rave your personal pet peeves. So if you have something to say and don't have anyone to say it to, just pour it all out on this site and you might feel better. Pet Peeves toys are adorable, soft, and plush enough to take to bed. www.mypetpeeves.com

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs coatcare system is the first prescriptive canine skin and hair product line, designed to meet the unique needs of each and every dog. Man's best friend has unique fur and they need different coat care needs as do humans. If your dog is itching and has no fleas, maybe the remedy is to use a quality shampoo care system for its specific coat. Isle of Dogs is a holistic professional-grade system of shampoos, conditioners, sprays and nutritional coat care supplements that combine the best of science and nature to perfectly match what each dog needs to maintain a smooth, shiny and healthy coat from the inside out.

Grooming sprays and dietary supplements' used together--promotes coats and skin of unmatched health and quality, with no flakes, improved texture, manageable body and silky shine.  www.iodogs.com

Off The Wall Entertainment (Division of Carr Effects Limited)

Doggy Day Care & Kitty Day Care

Feel guilty about leaving your pets alone? Off The Wall Entertainment (Division of Carr Effects Limited) is proud to announce the release of At Home Doggy Daycare DVD and  ' At Home Kitty cat Daycare DVD.' The At Home Doggy Daycare DVD introduces the Puppy Cup to the world of the pet lover, thus the dog lover gets to enjoy a soccer match consisting of eight Golden Retriever puppies comprising of two teams; the Chicago Bark and New York Yuppies. Special features segment includes: Grooming Advice, Best Bets for boarding, Trainer Tips and A Word from your Vet.

And for your cat, there is The At Home Kitty cat Daycare DVD. Take a glimpse on their website to see a quick clip of this loveable video. www.otwe.bix


Skooper Box

Enjoy walking your dog with Skooperbox, but don't fret when your four legged pooch poops on the sidewalk, feel good about helping our environment. Skooperbox is made from 100% recycled material and 100% bio-degradable. No other product on the market today can make a similar claim. The little box looks similar to a small Chinese take out box and it completely breaks-down in days. The City of San Francisco has banned ALL plastic bags that is normally used to pick up their putrid excrement; Santa Monica and Orange County are considering similar measures. TIME Magazine declares: 'Just Say No To Plastic Bags!' www.skooperbox.com

Artificial Grass & Landscaping

Artifical Grass Landscaping

Imagine not having to water your lawn again. Life-like grass made by Artificial Grass & Landscaping (AGL) brings you maintenance-free enjoyment for years to come. Artificial Grass is resistant to salt damage, animal waste, fire and rain, and best of all, it is safe for the environment, pets and for children. In addition, there is no need for water, fertilizers, pesticides, mowers, trimmers and sprinkler systems. AGL provides next generation artificial grass and landscaping solutions for your home. AGL also offers Artificial Mulch made of 100% recycled rubber chips and is guaranteed for 5 years from color bleed or material breakdown. The rubber is designed not to lose its color during extreme heat and UV rays. You can also choose from a variety of mulch colors. www.aglgrass.com

Angelica's Cards

Messages from your pets may begin with Angelica's Cards. They look similar to tarot cards. The oracle deck has 55 cards. Begin reading your pet's thoughts by sitting comfortably. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Focus on your heart center. Knock on the cards to remove old energy. Touch each card to impart your energy into them. Fan them out and hold them to your heart and state your intention. For example: 'I wish to have helpful and meaningful readings to strengthen my relationship with my animal.'  (Readings are generally more accurate when done by one person with one animal at a time.) Shuffle until your inner guidance tells you to stop. www.angelicascards.com


Before taking your pet to the groomers, try having one come to your home.

Sage Pet Spa

Professionally certified, licensed and insured, SAGE'S MOBILE PET SPA will take the stress and worry out of grooming because they come to you. The pet spa delivers the ultimate grooming experience to your home. Whether it is therapeutic massage by a certified canine massage therapist or a show-quality hairstyle by their professional trained groomers. SAGE'S MOBILE PET SPA offers your pet the decadence and undivided attention it deserves. The pet spa offers a calm and safe environment in their elite, state-of-the-art mobile grooming truck. Your pet will receive all of the cutting edge treatments available for a relaxing 'Day Spa' experience. www.sagespetspa.com



Another apparel place to shop is Mascot. You'll find an entire collection  of collars, leads, apparel and accessories for your pet. To shop online see, www.mymascot.com

Pawniquely Yours

Pawniquely Yours

Pawniquely Yours - When nothing less than the finest furniture will do. Stephanie Ellis, the designer behind Pawniquely Yours, utilize the latest color trends, classic lines and only the finest upholstery grade fabric and embellishments. Not detail is over looked in the design of these: Spoil your finicky feline or fluffy Fido with a royal crimson chaise Lounge. Some of the high standards include:
Solid wood construction
Withstands up to 300 lbs.
Non skid decorative legs
Hand upholstery
Commercial grade fabric treated with Teflon
Upholstery grade trim
Cal. Tech. bulletin 133/flammability compliant

The Miss Fido Manners

Help is on the way with THE MISS FIDO MANNERS. Pet expert: Charlotte Reed has written a complete book of dog etiquette. It's the definitive guide to manners for pets and their people. The book discusses decorum for every occasion in a dog's life, guiding pet parents on acceptable behavior for themselves and their dogs. Reed provides tips for: Behaving at home and on the street; eating in or going out; extending pet courtesy to others in places of business; being mindful of others while traveling; treating veterinarians, pet sitters, and dog groomers with respect. Pet owners learn how to behave appropriately in all kinds of situations, making them model pet owners, good neighbors, excellent customers, exceptional hosts, and welcome guests at the homes of friends and family. email: [email protected]

Dog photography by Frank Bryunbroek. Frank began taking dog pictures for a rescue organization newsletter and fell in love with it. He gets a 'high' from taking pictures. His love for dogs shows on his work--he feels in his heart that 'dogs are amazing: their instinct, unconditional love, their complex simplicity, and their devotion. They have the innocence of childhood. The wit of a wise chief. The vulnerability of a good teacher. I love to watch my dogs when they are sleeping.' His current book gives him an opportunity to make a difference with his art. www.fbsite.com

The Amanda Foundation

The Amanda Foundation

The Amanda Foundation - Dedicated to rescuing animals spending their 'Final Day' at the shelters. The foundation helps hopeless pets. For example: Handsome was found starving on the street covered with motor oil and his collar was on so tight that it had become imbedded in his neck requiring surgery to remove it. He was sick, tired, and frightened and too weak to get up. No gift is too small to help homeless animals.

The Amanda Foundation has steadily boosted adoptions and helped find new families for older and special needs pets. If you're looking to place your pet for adoption, the service is free. You can call Rachael at 310.278.2935.

Other ways to help is by donating a car, boat, motorhome, or truck. CARS 4 CAUSES will assist in turning the unused vehicle into cash. This donation is a tax deduction. Call 1.800.766.2273. Special Occasion Gift Cards' consider a life saving gift to commemorate a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, or the passing of a friend or beloved companion animal. For a minimum donation of $25, they will send a beautiful card along with a photo of an orphan you have helped rescue, with a personalized message to honor the recipient. Place your order by calling 310.278.2935.

Finally, if you like, you can send a donation to: The Amanda Foundation 351 N. Foothill Road, Beverly Hills, Ca 90210. www.amandafoundation.org

Romy & Jacob

Romy & Jacob

Romy & Jacob - You'll go crazy dressing up your pet with their, too cute bathrobes; fur parkas; cowhide collars. But for your little lady Fi-Fi pooch, try a denim skirt, or a pussycat cotton pullover tank top and she'll be strutting her stuff. http://www.romyandjacob.com/home.html

Other celeb attendees:  Marissa Jaret Winokur ('Stacked', Tony winner for Hairspray), Bridgette Wilson Sampras (The Wedding Planner), Pete Sampras (Grand Slam Tennis Champion), Danny Pino ('Cold Case'), Jennifer Finnigan ('Close to Home'), Jonathan Silverman ('The Single Guy'), Bobbi Sue Luther (Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo), Melissa Rivers (TV Guide Channel), Victoria Fuller ('The Amazing Race'), Jonathan Baker (The Amazing Race'), socialite Casey Johnson, James Carpinello ("So noTORIous"), Dean McDermott ('Mind Over Murder'), Dick Van Patten ('7th Heaven'), Hilary Shepard (The 40 Year Old Virgin), Skye McCole Bartusiak ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"), Tony Hale ("Arrested Development"), Kelli McCarty ('Passions'), David Weintraub ('Sons of Hollywood').

The weekend was absolutely wonderful for the whole family. Purrrfect for felines, grrreat for pooches and charming for children and parents. Humans love to be pampered and spoiled and so do our pets. Silver Spoon spreads out this event every year to display new and innovative products for our loveable, furry friends and precious babies. I enjoyed this event, as well as everyone else. I look forward to next year.

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Published on Dec 31, 1969

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