Silver Spoon Dog & Baby Buffet - Pampering for a Good Cause

The hottest new items on the baby and pet market were showcased to benefit the Amanda Foundation ( at the Silver Spoons Dog & Baby Buffet on April 28th-29th, 2006 in Hollywood Hills. It was a pampering party for kids and babies that offered the most fashionable and trend-setting items in baby toys, clothing, furniture, in addition to dog fashion, food, and grooming. Dogs and babies spent the weekend in the lap of luxury sampling everything from faux-tattoos for dogs to organic, gourmet baby food that even the grown-ups enjoyed! 

In style items for your trendy toddler....

Cariboo folding bassinet with veil arm and veil

Cariboo™ (
Cariboo of New Zealand offers a timeless line of bassinets and changing tables. Cariboo baby furniture offers innovative features without compromising style for you or comfort for your baby. All Cariboo products are available in two finishes, mahogany and teak. Also available are the following products from Cariboo: Cariboo Classic Bassinet, Cariboo Folding Bassinet, Cariboo Gentle Motions, Cariboo Classic Changing Table, Cariboo Folding Changing Table, Cariboo Veil Arm with Veil and Cariboo bed sheet for bassinets.



(L to): A Wish Apparel's rhinestone tee; BabyBeReady Diaper Bag Survival Kit

A Wish Apparel (
A favorite of moms and little girls everywhere, A Wish's rhinestone tees are a must-have for babies and moms alike.  Created in 2001, A Wish offers adorable rhinestone designs on a wide array of washes from tie-dye and bamboo to crystal washes and dip dyes. Inspired by the eight years she spent as a volunteer wish grantor for the Starlight Children's Foundation, creator Toni Eakes named her company 'A Wish' and dedicates a percent of all proceeds to wish granting for seriously ill children. Guests of the Dog & Baby Buffet selected A Wish's adorable rhinestone dog and/or baby tees.

BabyBeReady Diaper Bag Survival Kit (
Every mom and mom-to-be must have this bag. Besides the fact it has everything you possibly need all in place, (including a onesie, bib, burp cloth, sun hat, pacifier & case, bottle, rattle and travel wipes) it is also one of the best looking bags you'll ever find. The fabric choices, protected by an easy to clean plastic coating, are trendy and there's one for every personality. Some of our celebrity friends that have the BabyBeReady include Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Cox, Mariska Hargitay and even Jon Stewart!

The Baby Company’s super-soft pima cotton bib

The Baby Company (
Anyone who's ever fed a baby knows how important it is to keep a sense of humor. The Baby Company's debut collection of super-soft pima cotton bibs helps parents do just that with a handful of sassy sayings.  In addition to their amusing bibs, The Baby Company also offers a popular "Don't Forget The Baby" tag which helps parents check off their diaper bag list as they leave the house with the first item as most importantly, the baby.




Nutrabella Belly Bar

Belly Bars (
These nutrition bars for pregnant women and those breast-feeding actually taste good and provide the vitamins, especially folic acid, that these moms need. Not only are they delicious, but they are great for morning sickness.

(L to R): Bohemian Baby organic baby food; Boosker Babies chenille blankets

Bohemian Baby (
The first all fresh all organic baby food company that prides itself on its amazing variety and delicious flavors. Bohemian Baby's style is very simple with a zen feel and chic. Everyone that tries them out, loves the service and the food. They also cater 'Baby turns one' birthday parties, where they will bake an all natural birthday cake and bring it out for the little ones!

Boosker Babies Blankets (
Boosker Babies is a reversible designer line of baby gifts. Their bibs and blankets, are made of chenille and the prints are 100% cotton. The founders personally choses these fabrics so that they are soft and gentle for your baby's delicate skin. The items even get softer with time the more you wash them!

(L to R): Bread and Budder Buckets; Bumper Cards customized stationary

Bread and Budder Buckets (
These are one-of-a-kind fabric wrapped buckets that you can use for so many things (102 as matter of fact). Utilitarian, yet attractive, Bread and Budder Buckets make a charming addition to home and event decor - also great for gifts! Whether in the kitchen, bedroom or patio, these versatile containers serve a storage need and provide a visual punch. According to the site, there are 102 uses for these buckets. Use them for storage, for gift baskets, as a way to hold your kids toys, or pack them with ice, fill with some libations and use at your backyard bbq.

Bumper Cards (
The Bumper Cards motto, 'Because we can't always bump into each other' recognizes the busy lives we lead and that inviting friends to a party or sending a note helps keep us all in touch. Also with this in mind, the Emergency Kit TM was created, a variety box of everyday occasion greeting cards so that you will always 'Have the card you needed yesterday, today ' Bumper cards custom makes personalized greeting cards, and stationary.

Chandi Chandelier

Chandi Chandeliers (
Inspired by 20th century European lighting, Los Angeles designer Meredith Clark has brought old world style to and sensibility to the modern day market. Each creation is made to order by Chandi's team of Los Angeles artisans, skilled in the crafts of metal work and beading. They are elegant and classy, with unique designs and colors.







Diaper Mate and Scoop Mate

Diaper Mate™ and Scoop Mate™                         (
Dirty diapers and pet messes just got a little bit easier to handle. Diaper Mate's and Scoop Mate's waste disposal bags are scented lavendar to help neutralize the offensive odors and have easy-tie handles that lock in bacteria. A compact, travel-friendly packaging makes them perfect for home or a hike.

(L to R): Emergency Cafe; First Teeth Baby Toothpaste; Fooey 100% cotton onesie

Emergency Cafe (
At the Emergency Cafe, 
you can find complete kits for home, car, or office, assembled for both individuals and families.  Deluxe car kits come complete with a res-q-me too that will assist you in getting out of your car quickly by cutting your seatbelt and shattering your window. Each deluxe kit also contains enough food, water, first aid, search & rescue, lighting, comfort and sanitation products to sustain each person for 3 days. Also available is a complete line of add-on items such as extra days of food and water, battery less flashlights, power failure lights, 5-year water storage systems, and more.

First Teeth Baby Toothpaste
First Teeth Baby Toothpaste contains a unique natural enzyme system to protect your baby's mouth against harmful bacteria much like the way a mother's breast milk does. Physicians and dentists recommend gentle cleaning of babies teeth and gums to remove sugar and food starches. Plaque-like film on babies teeth is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Brushing your baby's teeth everyday with First Teeth Baby Toothpaste is a safe way to reduce odor causing bacteria - helping to prevent early tooth can even use it for your dog as well!

Fooey Clothing (
Fooey creates unique clothes for infants and toddlers with designs that fuse a parent's sense of design with a child's sense of fun and wonderment. It is a children's line that kids love to wear and adults wish they could wear. Fooey products are produced with exclusive custom dyes and inks and all shirts are 100% cotton, sweat-shop free and made in the USA.

(L to R): Lilyfield Cakes and keepsake box; Little Lubbaloo long sleeve shirt

Lilyfield Cakes (
A beautiful keepsake box, fragrant flowers, and a yummy cake. Put all three together and you have a Lilyfield Cake gift perfect for Mother's Day, birthdays, you name it. We sampled their chocolate cake (they also come in vanilla and coconut), and were excited to hear how a portion of their sales go to The Rehabilitation Center, a children's charity that provides kids with prosthetic limbs.

Little Lubbaloo (
Lubbaloo means "I Love You". Lubbaloo clothes are made to be worn - at play, at celebrations, and even at school. They are made to make you smile and made to be shared with your little sister or brother. Each piece is touched by many human hands, as it is sewn, trimmed, painted or stamped. And as such, each is a unique work of art. There are light and airy dresses for the girls, cute shorts and pants for the boys and even a skirt that will be out soon with great swatches of fabric, perfect for special occasions.

(L to R): Little Mommy dolls; Little Showoffs expression tee; Momma and Bambino customized door hanger

Little Mommy (
Every little girl likes to pretend that she's a real mommy by taking care of a baby from dressing, to feeding and even changing her baby.  The Little Mommy™ brand brings this imaginary nurturing world to girls with adorable baby dolls and accessories inspired by Fisher-Price® products.  Specially designed for little girls as young as 18 months, Little Mommy™ provides products that offer play for every hour of the day from mealtime to playtime to travel time.  And this fall -- for the first time ever -- there is a new Little Mommy™ Play All Day™ Toddler doll that's super cute and smart too! She talks, sings, makes sounds and moves!

Little Showoffs Tees (
This is expressive fashion at its finest. Celebs even know what their little ones are saying before they can speak. For example, a simple black tee that reads 'eat, sleep, poop, cry.'   Courtney Cox's baby has a shirt that says "into everything." Gwyneth's baby has the "yoga baby,' and Britney's Sean Preston proudly proclaims he is "brand new."

Mama & Bambino (
Mama  & Bambino is the home of 'personally designed baby gifts for that special fashionista in your life.' Mama & Bambino clothing and baby accessories are designed for everyday use but with added fashionable flair for mothers seeking the newest and greatest items for their bambinos. 'Mama & Bambino is the perfect one-stop shop for any fashionable Mom. The handmade pieces are sure to be as cuddly and comfortable as they are cute! Mama & Bambino is the new fabulous in 'little'!

(L to R): Mimi's Collection door hanger; Mommy Go Round reversible dress

Mimi's Collection (
Designer Paula Prass believes every child's room is a place where dreams begin and imaginations unfold. To help those dreams begin in style, she has created an imaginative line of kid's room decor called Mimi's Collection. From designing a baby nursery or decorating a kid's room to finding a unique baby gift, Mimi's Collection is full of fresh and distinctive accessories that are anything but ordinary. Silver Spoon guests received one of Mimi's Collection's whimsical, hand-painted door hangers ($18) and had the opportunity to special order many other offerings.

Mommy Go Round (
Founder Beth Perkins powered through a mildly sprained ankle to show us her very stylish pregnancy clothes. The tanks are trendy and the dresses are simply sexy, no matter if you're carrying a bun in the over or not. Oh, and did I mention how comfortable these clothes are too. You just want to throw on this reversible dress and wear it every day.

(L to R): Nelle and Lizzy personalized rings; Prissy Poofs pink "poof"

Nelle and Lizzy Jewelry (
Simple, understated yet meaningful. We met founders Nelly and Lizzy at this fun event and they showed us their sterling silver single-, double- and triple-band rings that can be stamped with your children's names on them or even marriage proposals! What a great gift for a grandmother with her grandkids names on them or for sisters who share that special bond. We love these intertwining bands as they are simply elegant.

Prissy Poofs (
The brainchild of two Southern moms on a mission to find upscale dress-up clothes that can be worn without embarrassment (and quite adorably) outside the house, Prissy Poofs offers little girls beautiful 'poofs' that take dress-up to a whole new level. Each fabulous poof is handcrafted with yards and yards of tulle  Celebrity guests received a Knotted Poof ($44.95) or Princess Bloomers ($12.)

(L to R): Simply Tiffany Taite silver rattle; Snugglebug Baby pacifier clip; The Svan® Chair

Simply Tiffany Taite (
Based outside Seattle, Tiffany Whitchurch of Simply Tiffany Taite has made a name for herself among Hollywood moms by offering hard-to-find, heirloom-quality classics.  Guests of the Silver Spoon Dog & Baby Buffet had the chance to shop Simple Tiffany Taite's beautiful offerings and because Tiffany believes everyone should be born with a silver spoon, each guest received a Simply Tiffany Taite silver spoon ($22).

Snugglebug Baby (
Adding an air of fashion and style to an overlooked Mommy essential is the guiding principle behind Snugglebug Baby. Stylish and safe, they are made with unique combinations of Peruvian ceramic beads, fiber optic beads, Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, sterling silver plated beads and more, each Snugglebug Baby clip is strung on top-of-the-line jewelry wire with triple-secured ends to resist breakage and a guaranteed test-strength of 40 pounds.  Snugglebug Baby pacifier clips work with all major brands of pacifiers and can even be personalized with your child's name or nickname.

The Svan® Chair (
The Svan® Chair is the perfect chair designed for every stage of a child's life. The ergonomic design is great for an infant, when they start sitting up and eating solid food (around 6 mos). Then as they grow, the tray can be removed and your growing child can sit comfortably at the table, taking part in the meal with the rest of the family. It's easy to clean and comes in five different stain finishes to match any kitchen.

(L to R): Sweet Beginnings dresser; Tina Steinwell Jewelry Grow Strong Bracelet

Sweet Beginnings (
Sweet Beginnings is a line of children's furniture. The collection includes cribs, changing tables, toy chests, beds, nightstands, dressers, armoires, desks, storage consoles, shelving units, bookcases, mirrors, and even hand painted wall decor. Created by Patrice Flashner Fitzgerald, a mother of two, and a children's lifestyle design pioneer, she is recognized as a leader in children's furniture design and is admired for having a passion for creating unique art that evokes enduring quality and beauty.

Tina Steinwell Jewelry Grow Strong Bracelet (
This is the Grow Strong bracelet which was featured at this event. It is a made from beautiful ceramic beads and a pewter "leaf" bead with a "tree" imge on the other side, and the inscription "GROW STRONG".

(L to R): Toddler Treads chocolate gucio shoes; Tots and Tails Bunny Comfy personalized blanket

Toddler Treads (
Our friends at Toddler Treads were at the Dog & Baby Buffet showing off their Gucio Shoes. Gucio shoes are these trendy handmade and ergonomic shoes from Poland. Know who's a fan? Apple Martin, Gwyneth and rocker Chris Martin's daughter. She was seen recently wearing a navy pair while enjoying New York City.

Tots and Tails Bunny Comfy (
Who has a Tots and Tails blanket in Hollywood, well, just about everyone! These uniquely styled and designed towels, comfys and more can be found in the homes of many of the stars. Tots and Tails even made some personalized blankets with celeb baby names such as Tia Carrere (Bianca), Shana Moekler Barker (Alabama), Drew Lachey (Isabella), Debra Messing (Roman) and Tom Cruise (Suri). They also made dog blankets with personalization for Tori Spelling (Mimi La Rue), Paris Hilton (Tinkerbell), Nicole Richie (Honey), Minnie Driver (Bubba). Rachael Ray and her dog, Isaboo, loved it so much that she featured the products in her Feb/March edition of Everyday with Rachael Ray Magazine. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have a Snuggle Heart Comfy for Violet. Everyone loves their unique style.

Posh products for your fury fashionista....

(L to R): A Touch of Love Spa Treatments for Pets pet refresh fragrances; Bark N' Bitches

A Touch of Love Spa Treatments for Pets (   From aroma therapies to shampoos to odor refreshers, A Touch of Love has everything you need to heal your pet's mind, body and spirit. Some of these best sellers are the pet refresh fragrances, spa robe, leave-in nourishing treatments and deodorizing shampoos. These products were created by the award-winning pet stylist, Shane Carr, who used his experience to create formulas that draw on natural ingredients like tea tree oil and lavender oil to calm, nourish and protect your pet.

Bark N' Bitches (
LA's newest dog boutique open in early May. Even if you can't physically be there, keep watching this website as dog lover Shannon von Roemer's store will surely have items you'll want from near and far. There will be a complete line of doggie couture and holistic food and treatments for your pet.

Chew Gourmet Beef Chewing Bones

Chew Gourmet Beef Chewing Bones (
Not only will your dog be mesmerized by marrow and entertained by their new accessory, but they will also receive the healthy benefits of a real & all natural beef bone, straight out of Kansas. Your dog will now have the opportunity to experience the pure enjoyment of a gourmet beef bone with exposed marrow. Chews  will slowly wear down without splintering and will keep your dogs happy for hours with enjoyment that lasts long after the marrow is gone. And a nice benefit after all that chewing is that by letting your dog nibble on these, it really promotes their dental hygiene.

(L to R): Christina Said Pet Products shampoo; Dogswell Treats; Haute Diggity Dog bed

Christina Said Pet Products (
A great line of shampoos that are luxurious, smell great and really clean as well. Try the creamsicle florida orange or vanilla scents or the strawberry shortcake. You may end up fighting with your dog over who gets to use it!

Dogswell Treats (
Dogswell makes healthy and tasty jerky treats for your dog. The chicken breast strips for Vitality, helps maintain eyes, skin and coat. Dogs will benefit from their Happy Hips treats which help maintain healthy hips and joints. Their Happy Heart keeps dogs happy and the Mellow Mut is perfect for the a peaceful lifestyle-loving pooch. The treats are all natural, rich in protein, low in fat and easily digestible. The chicken and beef jerky is great, but keep an eye out for their new duck jerky and lamb & rice ones too.

Haute Diggity Dog (
So if your dog can't be out on the town partying with Paris, it's just as easy to be fabulous and fashionable with this line of doggie beds and toys. With names like "Chewnel #5" and "Jimmy Chews" and "Chewie Vuitton" your dog is ready to hit Rodeo Drive anytime.

(L to R): Hedy Manon 18k-gold-dipped bowl; Mint Jewels Pet Accessories; Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs

Hedy Manon (
Hedy Manon products cater to a luxury client that appreciates the finer things in life for their four-legged best friends.  Created by Hedy Woodrow, the collection is predominantly made in Italy with dog bowls made by a skilled artist in the USA. Items in the Hedy Manon collection include handmade, hand-painted, 18k-gold-dipped bowls that are detailed with diamonds and crystals. The collection includes a Safari Leopard and African Elephant line, in addition to the signature bowl of Hedy Manon. Event attendees raved about the new Hedy Manon bowls, candles, cashmere clothing, leashes, collars and signature handbags that give pooches a true 5-star lifestyle experience. 

Mint Jewels Pet Accessories (
Mint Jewels makes lovely beaded and pearl necklaces, among other items, for your pet. Keep checking the site as founders Monica Rollman and Natasha Scott's collections are worth waiting for.

Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs (
This is a man who loves his dogs, and he has created a new line called Eatables, which contains a superior mixture of the finest meats, as well as fresh vegetables and premium ingredients. It's basically a home cooked meal for your dog. Try the Irish Stew, the Chinese Take Out, the Hobo Chili and coming soon, the Southern Style Dumplings and the Spaghetti and Meat Sauce.


Petapotty (
Too tired to walk the dog? Trying to housebreak your puppy? No backyard? Want to bring your dog to the office? This is a lawn toilet system for your pet with a drainage system. It is constructed so as to contain pet waste and uses real or synthetic grass. Dogs have to relieve themselves numerous times a day so this is a great alternative if you're unfortunately unable to walk them as many times as they deserve. They come in 3 different sizes too.



Pet Nation Products by Dr. Jeff Werber calming formula

Pet Nation Products by Dr. Jeff Werber (
Dr. Jeff is well known nationally for his educational efforts, TV and radio appearances, Emmy Award winning pet health reporting and celebrity clientele. You may have seen him as host of Animal Planet's "Petcetera" or of PetCare TV. Or maybe you caught him him on "Oprah". He is spokesperson for Bayer Advantage/Canine Advantix, and for his most famous and beloved star client, Lassie! Let's just say he knows his stuff and you should check out his line of products.

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