Platinum Guild International and Bliss Spa Red Carpet Gift Suite Celebrates the 2006 Emmy Awards Indulging in Diamonds

Diamonds, diamonds everywhere

Beverly Hills, Ca (August 24, 2006) In celebration of the 2006 Emmy Awards, the Bliss Red Carpet Suite combined three of my favorite things: diamonds, spa treatments, and more diamonds! Held at the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, the Bliss Red Carpet Suite transformed the elegant, exclusive penthouse into its own little universe of shimmering diamonds, gemstones, platinum, and spa treatments.

And more diamonds

Sure, awards shows honor the performances, creativity, and hard work of actors, producers, directors, costumers, and other industry heavyweights. However, there is also this little thing called the 'red carpet.' Just as competitive as the shows themselves, the red carpet showcases the fashion triumphs and failures that can easily make or break a celebrity and their stylist! Pressure? Maybe a little!

A stylist borrows jewelry for her client

Platinum Guild International and Bliss Spa hosted a one-of-a-kind event that we stylists dream of: one centralized place that functions as an exhibit for numerous different accessory aesthetics. Unlike any other collection in the world, PGI compiled the rarest diamonds, colored gemstones, and platinum in the world all designed by the most highly esteemed designers from all over the world! So unique were these pieces that a great majority were going from the red carpet at the Emmy's to the Houston Natural Museum of Science never to be worn again. 

A never-ending display of diamonds

What's more, PGI brought everything to us! Stylists had the rare opportunity (possibly more rare than the jewelry) to peruse a collection ranging from Egana to Mikimoto in one place. Rather than traversing from one side of the city (or world in this case) to the other and back again, stylists were able to make one stop in order to choose pieces for their celebrity client to wear on the illustrious red carpet!

Choosing jewelry for a client, especially when it is for such a highly public and anticipated event as the Emmy's, is incredibly stressful. Thus, the Bliss Red Carpet Suite went to great lengths to help celebrities and stylists relax before the big night. A day when I can go to one location, see up to 40 different aesthetics, AND relax at the Bliss Spa? It was a stylist's dream come true!

Angela Kinsey indulges in a pedicure

World renowned jewelry designer and expert, Michael O'Connor of Platinum Guild International, was present to personally take each stylist and member of the media on an individual tour of the collection. He slowly guided each person down a long table running the entire length of a wall in the penthouse, explaining the wonderfully unique characteristics of each piece. When a stylist decided upon pieces for their client, they signed as many, if not more, contracts than necessary to buy a car, and departed with a white leather satchel carrying their invaluable pieces and security guard in tow.  

Hand massages even for the boys

The Bliss Spa brought relaxation to us by providing manicures, facials, and back and hand massages. In fact, an entire room in the penthouse suite and half of the balcony were dedicated to spa treatments. In addition to the sumptuous spa treatments, the Bliss Red Carpet Suite made sure guests did not leave hungry. Both breakfast and lunch were served as well as snacks in between.

Phyllis Smith indulges in a manicure

Health-conscience guests nibbled on fresh fruit, roasted egg plant, grilled chicken breast, salad, and roasted bell peppers and asparagus. Indulgence is the grand, time-honored tradition of gift suites. Accordingly, trays of fresh baked cookies, bite-size cup cakes, gelato, and pastries decorated the suite for guests to indulge in. Aqua Bar kept guests cool in the blazing Los Angeles heat by providing both flat and sparkling bottled water.

Debra Messing gathers her swag; the Aqua Bar display

What would a gift suite be without swag? The Bliss Red Carpet Suite made sure guests left with more than the rarest jewelry in the world. Bliss Spa products, a box of goodies from Artichoke & Co, and an iPod nano were all included in the overflowing swag bag.

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