Pet Products Gear by Consumer Products Events Review – At The London West Hollywood Hotel

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Consumer Products Event--August 18, 2010

Consumer Products Events is the one-stop-story-shopping place for reporters to preview the latest products and took place at the London Hotel in West Hollywood on August 18, 2010. Consumer Products Events brings an event together each month in cities throughout the U.S.  Innovative Pet Products were showcased for this month. The Media got first glance at new  new technological products like self cleaning cat litter boxes, healthy foods for little Fee Fee and Fido and items to keep your pet healthy, clean and beautiful.

Here are the vendors:

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Automated Pet Care Products, Inc. created a revolutionary self-cleaning litter box that eliminates the daily hassle of litter box scooping featured in the NY Times and NBC Today.  The Litter-Robot is made from recyclable plastics. ( 

Help Em Up is a harness that gives owners a leg up on helping dogs with compromised hips and hind legs. Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, the harness can be used to assist dogs who are aging, recovering from injuries or rehabilitating from surgery (

On The Package LLC, gives pet owners and lovers the chance to immortalize their best friend onto a Milk-Bone box or ornament. (


Iams is the makers of quality foods and pet care products and strive to know pets better than anyone in the industry. All ingredients undergo rigorous inspection.  Iams is supported by organizations from the American Kennel Club to the Animal Medical Center (

Bamboo Pet (part of the Munchkin, Inc. family) is proud to announce the launch of their newest product--the Auto Close pet gate hich features a unique gravity-fed hinge that closes the gate automatically. Having been pressure tested for strength and fortitude, this gate is unlike anything else in the pet marketplace right now (

The Inquisitive Canine teaches canine “parenting” skills to pet owners. Their 'Out of the Box Dog Training Game,' the „pawsitive training solution for owner and dog and is designed to help owners implement established dog training techniques that reward both owner and dog (

Different from every other pet food, Canine Caviar is a raw meat diet in dry kibble form. This true holistic diet offers the most digestible dry food on the market. Canine Caviar also provides holistic Buffalo Stix chews (

Swheat Scoop is an all-wheat biodegradable, flushable cat litter, so natural it is 100% edible. Natural wheat starch provides clumping and natural enzymes eliminate odor. Helps prevent asthma, eye tearing, coughing, sneezing and skin irritations in cats. (

Giving a timid cat or dog a haircut can be almost impossible and professional groomers are expensive. ScaredyCut’s patent-pending barber scissors feature a plastic "no-cut guard" that keep the cut on the coat and away from the skin. (

The Honda Element lineup expands for the 2010 model year with an all-new “Dog FriendlyTM” pet accommodation system with a soft kennel for the cargo area, cushioned pet bed, extendable ramp, rubber floor mats and seat covers with toy bone pattern and dog friendly exterior emblems (

Deborah Lindquist Fashions – Haute couture eco fashion designer to many human celebrities, Deborah Lindquist’s dog sweaters are worn by Paris Hilton and Hillary Duff's canine companions. Made out of recycled cashmere with leather, stud and colored cashmere appliqués. They are limited editions and one of a kind (

The makers of BarkCode created the world’s first universal pet identification system with smart phone technology. Barkcode gets a lost pet to home without having to implant a microchip or without the fear that a scanner may not read your pet’s brand of microchip (

Earth Friendly Products - Pet Stain & Odor Remover is safe for your pet and for the environment. It's ideal for removing stains/odors due to pet accidents, urine, vomit, blood, food and other natural waste by-products on dirty laundry, fabric, carpeting, tile, sealed wood floors, upholstery, and furniture. (

Great Health Works – Makers of an all-natural Omega 3-rich supplement to support aging doggie joints, Mussel Dog helps put the bounce back into older dogs and helps relieve inflammatory joint pain (

Platinum Pets – Metal finish experts, Platinum Pets makes vibrantly colored, powder-coat finished mix and match dog bowls and collars. Electric and aqua blue for Bowser, gun metal black for Bandit, bubblegum pink for Petula not to mention the 24K gold powder coated set for Princess (

Beak Appetite--now part of the Gourmet Pet Supplies LLC family--specializes in providing the most natural, nutritionally complete diet for companion birds on the market. Specially formulated, human grade, cooked mixes without any fillers provide everything birds need to prevent the malnutrition they often suffer (

PAL-cAIR odor eliminator sprays for birds use a completely new and highly complex formula of 67 million naturally occurring bacterial microorganisms. They work on odor as in nature, by starving the stink without killing the good bacteria needed to complete the process of decay. (

H2O4K9 Inc. Makes a lightweight stainless steel water bottle with a unique elongated cap that doubles as a lickable water dish for a dog. The H204K9 is the only travel water bottle specifically designed for a dog’s natural drinking style (

PKB Animal Health is the manufacturer of Zymox which utilizes a patented antimicrobial enzyme system that naturally combats chronic pet ear ailments. Biotene Veterinarian Oral Care, which originated from a human product, naturally prevents and removes pet plaque and eliminates bad breath (

Bowser Go Potty is an indoor dog restroom and made of a swath of synthetic grass covering a drainage grid box. The “grass” is covered in a natural animal attractant which encourages pets to cover the scent with its own, thus learning to use the potty. Portion of proceeds benefit the SPCA (

Made of the same indestructible non-toxic rubber as Kong Toys, Chewber is a frisbee, water bowl and food dish all in one (

Consumer Products Events is a nice gathering where Founder Allyson Dutch brings together comfort for press and vendors. “I have created these events to help reporters source great products and meet the entrepreneurs behind them at one time and in one place,”

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