Oscar Styling Suite Review - Maidenform SHAPEWEAR, Jewels and Sexy Shapewear at the Elegant Four Seasons Presented by Tracy Paul & Company

What a Fun Suite

One of our favorite Oscar Styling Suites, presented byTRACY PAUL & COMPANYfeatured collections ofMaidenformSHAPEWEAR and Intimates with fitting experts.The exclusive, invitation-only event was held at the elegantFour Seasons Hotelon Doheny in Beverly Hills , in a gorgeous Penthouse suite on February, 24th, 25th, and 26th,by appointment only.

Healthy Snacks

A hub of Oscar action, the Four Seasons was host to a flurry of events as A-List Stars, nominees and presenters were seen throughout the hotel.Amid sweeping views of Los Angeles, VIP guests surveyed the racks of SHAPEWEAR and Intimates lining the room while choosing items to try on.

Frosted Cupcakes--It's OK you have SHAPEWEAR

Tiny pink cupcakes byFrosted Cupcakery, circling around a tiered brass tray, winked from their perches, next to platters of neatly sliced melons and berries and colorful vegetable plates with creamy dips as guests passed by struggling not to be seduced before heading to the fitting rooms.

Bucellati Jewelry

Bucellati One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry

In a large, gold trimmed, glass caseBUCCELLATIdisplayed one-of-a-kind pieces of exquisite diamond and gold jewelry for Stars, Nominees and Presenters, to wear on the Red Carpet and hopefully all the way, to picking up that gold statuette.

Norah is in Charge of Marketing for Maidenform

In the fitting room guests were expertly measured and brought the correct sizes of their chosen garments.I’ve been told before by experts that surprisingly few women are actually wearing the correct size bras that they should be wearing.


I was accompanied to the suite byCarie Lemack, Executive Producer of the Oscar nominated Anti-Islamic Terror documentary, “Killing in the Name.”Carie tried on the SHAPEWEAR slip that fits right under your short dress with a built in bra, completely hugging your shape.It looked so nice on her, I joked that she could wear that to the Oscars and look fantastic.

So Many Choices

The Maidenform SHAPEWEAR items were amazing.The items were sexy and really delivered on SHAPE and style!The Invited guests got to take home all of the stunning SHAPEWEAR and Intimates they tried on at the Oscar Styling Suite, and then they gave us Gift bags too!

Nail Artist Elsbeth for Nailtini!

Elsbeth Shuetz, celebrity manicurist and nail artist, provided manicures forNailtini.An array of bright, muted, metallic and sparkling colors, glittered like flavored martinis as the invited, VIP guests chose their favorite for an additional sparkle for their Oscar weekend festivities.Elsbeth painted mine in the French style with spotted Leopard tips and silver trim—striking!So striking in fact that Dan Zak even mentioned them in the 3 page article he wrote for the Washington Post about Carie Lemack while he chronicled her and I at many of the pre-Oscar events.

Gifts or gift certificates were provided byTrue Religion(I love their jeans),Inge Christopher’sbeautiful handbags ,Stri Vectinto smooth wrinkles and fade scars,Mighty Leaf Tea, andRescue Remedythat makes great natural products and now even makes stress relieving gum.

All Photos copyrighted byJudith Orr Photography, All Rights Reserved

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