Oscar Boom Boom Room 2006

Who:  Oscar Boom Boom Room 2006

What:  One of the hottest pre-Oscar pampering parties around.

When:  The week before the Oscars 2006

Where:  The Beverly Hilton Hotel

Why:  Oscar week is a crazy time in Hollywood. Stars and Starlets are walking around on pins and needles waiting for that breathless moment when the Best of Hollywood is announced to the world. Daily there are press conferences, interviews, events and parties, which keep Hollywood's elite running around all over the city. In response to these pressures and the stars need to be ready for the big night, event producers gather together the creme de la creme of service people and merchants in one location, they call these pamper suites. One of my favorite of these pampering events is the Boom Boom Room held at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Everything and anything your heart could desire can be found; from hip brand new companies and to the best of the well established ones. There was something for everyone from beauty products to hair care and food with a special emphasis geared toward all the lovely ladies expecting in Hollywood. So many, of these wonderful companies were all about the city chic mommy and child.

I had the pleasure of joining the celebrity brigade and found myself in a whirl of pampered nirvana. Some of the celebrity guests that attended included: Eve, Vivica A. Fox, Vanessa Williams, Ali Landry, Melissa Joan Hart, Taraji Henson, Page Hemmis, Carrie Ann Inaba, Louis Lombardi, Patty Hearst, Josie Davis, Kimberly Elise, Holly Robinson Peete, Michael Copon, Tichina Arnold, Rex Lee, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Caitlin Wachs, Malinda Williams, Lyn Whitfield, Kate Linder, Alanna Curry, Barbara Moore, Niecy Nash, Angela Bassett, Katie Lohmann, ,Danica McKellar, Christopher Rich, Dave Foley, Tatyana Ali, Kat Dennings, Ashley Jones, Jonathan Chase, Camille Mana, Roger Cross, Julie Pinson, Scout Taylor-Compton, Phoebe Price, Hal Sparks, Kelly Hu,Sean Kanan, Shondrella Avery, Terri Vaughn, and Nicholle Tom.

The Boom Boom Room gave me the opportunity to view and sample the delights of such companies as: Blue Cult, Antik Denim, Elvis Jeans, Rocawear, Meli-Melo, Landes Daily, Skin Lingerie, Thesis (LA Boutique), Live Jeans, Chakrocks, Amy Tangerine, Jessie Steal, Black and Decker, Stitchrations, True by Joseph Thomas Candles, Hint, Tattlers' Teas, Baby Bella Maya, Baby Dish, Becca Bags, Crib Rock Couture, Diapees and Wipees, Dust Bunnies, Fuss Frocks, Greggy Girl, Jenerations Baby, Koo Koo Kidz, Lillaboo, Ladybugs n Butterflies, Milkdudz, Moncalin, O Yikes, Pineapple Cove Baby, Shrnk, Snuggle Baby, Time Out Spots, Swanky Baby, You're Such A Baby, Swaddleaze, Girlie Designs, Western Chief Shoes.

Baby Bella Maya

Marta Sala's Baby Bjorn

Marta Sala's Baby Bjorn was a lifesaver when her daughter Maya was a baby who longed to be carried for hours at a time. With daily use of a baby carrier, Marta found she wanted one that was stylish and hip.  When she discovered that there were no stylish baby carriers, necessity propelled her to create trendy and hip slipcovers for her Baby Bjorn, and Baby Bella Maya Baby Bella Maya's Designer Slipcovers for the Baby Bjorn ('Soft for Baby, Chic for Mom') was born. An airline pilot, Marta was new to the juvenile products industry but quickly took it by storm, receiving JPMA's 2005 Innovation Award for her line of designer slipcovers for the Baby Bjorn, Baby Bella Maya.

Combining soft and comfortable fabric for baby and style for mom, Baby Bella Maya's covers are washable and reversible. The covers slip on and off easily, allowing moms to change covers to compliment any outfit.  Offered in a variety of fabrics, from satin to faux mink, Baby Bella Maya's designer slipcovers retail between $40 and $52 and are available online at www.babybellamaya.com.

Baby Bella Maya
(805)479-6352 cell

Bohemian Baby Food

Bohemian Baby

What a concept!  Bohemian Baby provides babies with freshly prepared all organic baby food.  The food they serve up to these little gourmet babies is not your standard baby food fare, these tots are getting only the very best!  Bohemian Baby serves up scrumptious items like carrot/apple/tofu, pear/blueberry/raisin, kale & sweet potato, pure pumpkin, vegetables with coconut korma, pear/ strawberry yogurt with fresh strawberry bites, and over 55 more items! The food has no added sugars, fillers or preservatives, has not been heat treated and has to be refrigerated.  The food has a shelf life of 8-10 days and that is a good thing! Who thought of this? The Daulters!  Anni & Tim Daulter began Bohemian Baby, in an effort to begin a new trend toward healthy delicious tasting foods for babies. They quit their jobs to pursue the world of baby food and have come a long way. The Daulters brought together the three things that parents look for in a product, optimal nutrition, great taste and convenience! If you are a lucky mommy who lives in the Los Angeles area, the food can be delivered right to your front door every week!  If not, your baby food fare can be shipped overnight anywhere in the country. Bohemian Baby is also located in all four Mothers Markets in Orange County, PC Greens in Malibu and Erewhon Market in West Hollywood. The Daulters are changing the baby food world' one baby jar at a time!  Shouldn't your baby be a bo baby?  You can read more about Bohemian Baby at www.bohemian-baby.com!

Bohemian Baby
Fresh Organic Baby Food
800-708-7605 x.85

Build a bear workshop


Build-A-Bear Workshop® is much more than a store; it's a beary special interactive experience. Enjoy the fun of making your own stuffed animal friends and personalizing them with hundreds of fashions and accessories. Choose from bears, bunnies, dogs and more to make. Stuff it, give it a heart filled with your wishes, dress it, name it and make a birth certificate. Walk out, hand-in-paw, with your new best friend.

Build-A-Bear Workshop
1954 Innerbelt Business Center Drive
St Louis, MO 63114
PHONE: 314.423.8000 ext 5379, Cell 314.283.3122

Selma McPherson creater of Chakrocks and Jonathan Chase of One on One


I simply can't say this better than the owner of Chakrocks, so in her own words: I came to California ten years ago to find warmth, a different pace of living. My search was for "Balance is Peace." I met a giving spirit, as I affectionately refer to as "Rockman". We traveled the world from Argentina to Asia and many places in between gathering beautiful Agates, Lapis, Turquoise, Malachite, Condor Fire Agate and many more. I gained a deeper understanding of the meaning of peace, balance, love, service and letting go, while living the exquisite journey of this time in my life.

Rockman and myself completed our purpose in each others lives the 12th month (December, 2005) which was the ending of my 9 year life cycle appx. And now, I'm starting a new beginning in my 1st year again in my life cycle.  Thus, was the Creation of Chakrocks in my birth month of 7 (July, 2005) was born. The Chakrock Agate belts were created to allow the stone to land on the hips and below the belly button where the 2nd chakra, is located. Agates have a deep grounding energy. Just all Chakrocks belts have different meanings of their attributes to the human body. I was given all of the Agate treasures of Rockman.

With that, I have returned the beauty back to the universe and you to share. As I have been given this passionate gift to express my love through my art. With this I find love, peace is balance. Please purchase a piece of Mother Earth and feel her gifts.

Crib Rock Couture

Louis Lombardi and his pregnant fiance' holding Lil' Miss Muffet tee

Thanks to Crib Rock Couture, a celebrity family fashion favorite and lifestyle brand, the Mother Goose Crew is finally getting the mad props they deserve. Crib Rock Couture transforms classic nursery peeps into Rock, Rap and Pop Super Stars by dedicating tongue-in-cheek concert tees to each rhyming legend.  The results? Miss Muffet will gladly 'Drop it like it's Hot,' on the 'Curds & Whey Tour,' Humpty Dumpty is appropriately on 'The Wall Tour,' and the 3 Blind Mice ironically declare, 'The future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!'
Following years of work in Hollywood on films like 'Never Been Kissed,' and for Sandra Bullock's company, Forties Films, Tracy became a first-time mom. Reading classic fairy tales, bedtime stories and nursery rhymes with daughter Jordan was the genesis of Crib Rock Couture. Tracy was inspired by the treasure trove in their family library and envisioned silhouette images fused with traditional rhyme and contemporary music lyrics. A few years later she united her love of children's literature with a growing passion for children's clothing and formed Crib Rock Couture.
Tees range in size from newborn to 14 years and a one-size-fits-most for adult women in an array of fashion-forward colors.  Fashion-forward colors include: Cherry Moon; Starfish & Coffee; Glam Slam Teal; Empty Sky Blue; Purple Rain; Red Corvette; Diamonds&Pearls and Black Sweat, all inspired by CRC's musical muse PRINCE.

Bill, Heather and James of Fenix Cosmetics


Fenix started as a 'labor of love', and has since grown into something remarkable. In 1999 Bill Bakho and James Pereyra set out to develop a sunscreen for James' wife Heather. Heather suffers from an extreme sensitivity to the sun caused by lupus.  'As we searched and tested an endless array of sun and skin care products we quickly discovered that many feel short on their promises, however rather than watch her give up in frustration, we sought out a leading chemist who could formulate the perfect elixir for her rare skin type.'

Setting out like modern day explorers, Pereyra and Bakho embarked on world-wide expeditions to the remotest parts of the earth in pursuit of the perfect ingredients.  On one such mission, they discovered the hidden promises of a rare strain of Orchid. 'We concentrated our search to a rainforest perched high on the edge of an active volcano.'  This hostile volcanic environment combined with intense solar radiation has forced plants to develop biochemical defenses to protect their cells from damage. Our skin mimics not only the delicacy of this Orchid but, using the Fenix formulaic catalyst, can also replicate its defense mechanisms. The miraculous properties of this Orchid blended with a specific strain of algae led to the formulation of fenix's renowned Vitalizing Moisturizer. This unique combination helps produce healthier and more youthful looking skin by restoring moisture and balance while effectively supporting the skin's cellular renewal rate.  Clinical Trials reveal an increase in skin firmness and elasticity an average of 53%, increased mositurization and hydration an average of 55%, and a general increase in cellular renewal over an 8 week period, which leads to an overall reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

For more information and to find a dealer, call 1-877-FENIXCO, or visit www.fenixcosmetics.com .

Initial Plaque

The Marie Ricci Collection

The Marie Ricci Collection started with a simple request. A friend asked Marie (a long time carver) if she would carve a letter plaque for her nursery. The collection has since expanded to include various items for children's rooms, the home and garden. Each item in the collection has been carved by Marie. Here are just a few of the many items, colors and finishes available in the Marie Collection. See more at www.mariericci.com 

Marie Ricci Collection
207 N. 11th St.
Tampa, FL 33602


Pearl Vanity Oil

Pearl: A "timeless classic" captures all that its namesake evokes. Clean musk notes blend with Indian Sandalwood to create a soft, sheer, luminescent fragrance. Pearl is subtle yet addictive. Sage continues to say that this fragrance, like a pearl itself, warms to the skin. Because of its refined simplicity, it is also a beautiful complement to layer with other scents from the collection. Each bottle contains 1/4 oz. Perfume oil. Retails for $110 on www.sagejewelry.com

Peek a Boo breathable nursing cover up

Peek-A-Boo Baby

Peek-A-Boo Baby, Inc. develops and designs a breathable baby cover-up.  The Peek-A-Boo Baby cover-up is designed specifically for nursing which allows discretion while nursing babies with some privacy but also providing proper ventilation for babies unlike blankets.  www.peek-a-boo-baby.com .

Peek-A-Boo Baby, Inc.





Los Angeles based infant and toddler apparel line, Shrnk, is making a name for itself as a consistent player in the increasingly competitive children¹s business.  Owners / designers, Gia Von Sylcott and Lena Wu-Fuentes take their cues from the adult contemporary market shrinking themes and trends into smaller sizes. The result is a fun, fresh line that speaks to the trendy customer yet remains age appropriate for kids and baby.

The Shrnk girls met on the job working for an apparel manufacturer and soon discovered that they each had an interest in starting baby line. Combining their 30 something years of design and production experience, they jumped into the world of infant apparel manufacturing and Shrnk, an acronym for stylin' hip rags for newborns and kids, was born. For a while they worked their day jobs and worked on Shrnk at night. Last year realizing that they had a real company with some real business, they quit their day jobs to focus on Shrnk full time. The result has been that their business has tripled, now selling hundreds specialty stores and on line retailers, all baby styles outlets, and over 50 Nordstrom doors.

Their ABCD (ACDC) tees have become a popular item, selling out at retail and frequently popping up in celebrity gift bags. They have launched a new playwear/loungewear division, Just Hangin¹ for fall 2006 and hope to add other categories for 2007.  With Lena just having her first baby, the Shrnk girls have some real inspiration, so be sure to keep an eye out for what is next.

e-mail: [email protected]
1031 S. Broadway #810
Los Angeles, CA 90015
213. 746 .4446 phone
213. 746 .4447 fax

Snugglebug Baby

Snugglebug Baby was founded by Maquel McQuarrie, a mother of two who was tired of lost, dropped, and dirty pacifiers.  As I shopped for a solution to my dilemma, I was dissatisfied with the current clips on the market. The strings or ribbons used to attach the pacifier to the clip quickly became dirty. It was clear to me that the world was in need of a pacifier clip as unique and adorable as the babies who use them.

The main focus of our design process was to create a functional pacifier clip that would reach beyond its original purpose and become the perfect accessory to showcase each child's particular style.  After months of testing and design, Snugglebug Baby successfully launched its line of Pacifier Clips in January 2005.
Whether you are interest in elegant, feminine pacifier clip for their little princess or a masculine clip for their baby athletes, they are sure to find it in our collection.  The pacifier clips retail for $25.  They can be purchased directly from their website, www.snugglebugbaby.biz, or from many elite retailers across the country.

Snugglebug Baby
801.860.1572 phone
801.253.6618 fax



SPANX was on hand at the Boom Boom Room to make sure that the Oscars Red Carpet was panty-line and jiggle-free. Guests ranging from Eve, Vivica Fox and Ali Landry to the costumers from Desperate Housewives and the OC walked away with bags bursting with slimming solutions from SPANX. Featured items included the new SPANX Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Smoother ($70), the Slim Cognito Mid Thigh Shaper ($58), Slim Cognito Control Panty with butt-lift ($42), and the season's hottest look leggings/footless tights ($24). SPANX also gave away traditional favorites like Power Panties ($25) and original Footless Pantyhose ($20). You can find SPANX products at high-end department stores and boutiques or online at www.spanx.com.

3391 Peachtree Rd.Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30326



Swaddleaze, the Original Baby Swaddler and Sleep Sack from 2 Virtues, is a Hit with Industry Experts, Sleep-Deprived Parents and Hollywood Celebrities
Swaddleaze, the unique two-in-one wearable baby swaddler and sleep sack from 2 Virtues (www.2virtues.com), is a 'dream' for parents, helping to reduce the risk of SIDS and soothe colic. Offering warmth without worry, Swaddleaze's special patented design swaddles babies quickly and easily and features an innovative 'swaddling wing' that fastens in the back. According to the SIDS Alliance, wearable blankets in the crib are a safer alternative to loose blankets.

Designed by President Heather Allard to help both her, and her daughters Grace and Hope, sleep peacefully through the night, Swaddleaze has been an instant hit with retailers, industry experts and parents. 'When I hear from another Mom that Swaddleaze has soothed her baby's colic, helped her sleep, calmed her baby's startle reflex or, best of all, let the whole family sleep, I am glad to have the opportunity to help them get through those first sleep deprived months,' says Allard.

Swaddleaze's plush and cozy fabrics come in a variety of pleasing colors and are machine washable and dryable. They also zip up the front for easy diaper changes.  A new cotton terry cloth version will be available May 2006. All sell for the low price of $25.00.

For more information, visit the web site at www.2virtues.com or call 877.276.6022.

Holly and her Tea at the Tea Tattlers'

Tattlers' Teas

Tattlers' Teas is one woman's dream after years of travel and living abroad. Upon her return, she found her biggest form of home culture shock was in what Americans were drinking. Water was boring and flavorless, anything neon green or loaded with artificial sweeteners was nothing she was going to put in her body. So after researching teas in the US and using her contacts all over the world she was able to find the freshest, purest and most delicious teas available to satisfy her thirst.  After deciding on the tea line she decided Americans needed quick and easy ways to make these delightful loose leaf teas or they would just grab a teabag. Driving her to search again for nearly 4 years to bring her Tattlers the most cute and convenient ways to brew these flavorful teas. For a cup or gallon, hot or iced, Tattlers have found a way to make your tea drinking experience a pleasurable one. There are insulated pots, cute teapots and iced tea pitchers that all have a brewing basket built in for easy cleaning. Single cup infusers and baskets are also available for the office or on the run.  Not to mention all about the health benefits and how to make it quick and easily for our busy lifestyle the business is located in Culver City, but mainly based online. You can also find them selling at a booth at many events located throughout Southern California, check the website for listings. Call or email Desiree for question about tea, recommendations, parties, travel or for a pick up.

The website is a good place to start for information and to order.  www.TattlersTeas.com

Time Out Spots

Created by teacher turned mom, Heather Sievers, Time Out Spots are the solution to unsuccessful time outs. Heather was inspired by her then three year old son, Hayden. She started his time outs on a little wooden stool, which immediately became a problem. The stool would get flipped over and scooted around. The last straw was when he picked it up, held it to his bottom, and walked around saying, "I'm still in time out, my bootie is on the stool. Time Out had turned into a game. The family needed a new time out spot! Deciding that a rug would be great for this, Heather designed the Time Out Spot and went on a mission to have it manufactured.

Time Out Spots are 27 inches in diameter and are machine washable. They are super soft, 100% acrylic, similar to a bath mat, and have a non-skid back so that children cannot 'scoot' around the room while in time out. Time Out Spots are currently available online at www.timeoutspots.com. They are also sold in over 100 retail stores (26 states & 3 countries), continuing to add more each day. The retail price ranges between $22 & $25. Time Out Spots are ALWAYS a hit gift (to the parents anyway). All Time Out Spots come bagged with a matching hangtag and ribbon closure. Time Out Spots are a fun, yet practical item. They have been used with not only children but with husbands, pets, and at the office as well!

All little darlings can be mischievous. Put them on the spot with Time Out Spots. The perfect place for when the going gets rough!

Heather Sievers

Blueberry keylime ready to go sling bag

The O Yikes

The O Yikes! Slingback Diaper Bag is the ultra-hip urban diaper bag with matching accessories from a bottle holder to a changing pad. It not only has matching accessories, it's completely loaded with the essentials active parents need while on the go, everything but the kitchen sink. It's durable, water resistant, functional, but most of all very hip with striking colors of Raspberry Tangerine, Blueberry Keylime, and Purple Grape. The O Yikes! Slingback Diaper Bag was a big hit at the posh Boom Boom Room with celebrity parents and non parents alike. I designed and developed the diaper bag for active parents on the go, but apparently many celebrities are using them as diaper, laptop, and all around bags. They said it's not your stereotypical diaper bag, it's hip, ergonomic, but most of all functional.' Lisa Lee Yap designed the O Yikes! Slingback diaper bag based on her needs as a first time parent as a first time parent, I discovered my personal short falls as well as those within the market. The needs of active urban parents had not been addressed, specifically with diaper bags. The two areas that needed the most attention were both form and function. I needed a bag that fit my active urban lifestyle. It needed to be attractive, versatile, organized, and most of all filled with the essentials 'new' parents need while on the go. These urban parents want their diaper bag to look hip, but have the space and organization to keep their lives in balance. Other than looking great, they need a diaper bag that's 'ready-to-go'. It should be filled with all of the essentials new parents' need, everything from taking the baby's temperature to taking their picture. The O Yikes! Diaper bags effectively meet the form and function necessary to keep up with these active urban parents. The diaper bag is hip and stylish but most of all functional for a mom or dad on the go.'

20660 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite #253
Cupertino, CA 95014
P: 408.255.7629
E: [email protected]

Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars

The Koo Koo Kidz
The Koo Koo Kidz  Children's Travel Activity Bag made their debut at Jayneoni's Boom Boom Room. The Koo Koo Kidz Bag was a huge hit, everyone loved the concept of having a Children's Travel Activity Bag that is already packed for you. And the Koo Koo Kidz characters were a smash. It's the perfect companion for our child, packed full of fun and exciting things to keep kids busy while traveling in a car, on an airplane, or sitting in a restaurant. The bag includes a coloring/activity book, twist up crayons, a doodle pad, KooKooKidz stickers and antibacterial wipes....keep an eye out for Hollywoods celebrity kids toting the coolest travel activity bag on the planet.
22287 Mulholland Hwy, Suite 201
Calabasas, California  91302
(818) 884-7127 or
(888) koo-koo1

Tail Bait


15115 1/2 Sunset Suite B
Pacfic Palisades Ca 90272
1(310) 230-TAIL


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