Oh Canada 2010 Golden Globe Gifting Suite = SWAG - A Wonderful New Celebrity Experience

The elegant Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills, was host to Oh Canada, 2010 Golden Globe Gifitng Suite.  A steady stream of celebrities and media stopped by to learn about and celebrate some of Canada’s finest products and services.

Organized by Winnipeg-based Heather Stewart of Lilyfield Cakes, and Swish Model Management’s Liz Crawford, Oh Canada provided an opportunity for a select group of Canada’s top artisans and manufacturers to introduce their high-quality products and services to the influential Los Angeles market. Swish Model Management’s Canada’s Next Top Model winner Meaghan Waller was a guest .


Gifting suites are a mainstay of awards shows in Hollywood, providing free goods and services to the film and television industry to gain awareness and interest.

Lilyfield's Stunning Gift Boxes

Oh Canada marked the first time which was Stewart’s idea.  “We all had a great time meeting celebrities and journalists and telling them about our products, said Stewart, whose new Lilyfield brownies were an instant hit. “But more importantly, the stars had a wonderful time. Some stayed for hours, and one even came back the second day!”

Oh Canada was latest addition to Celebrity SWAG suite and Canadian products and services from Manitoba, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, were housed together in a single gifting suite,

I have a deep love for Canada and it’s been my experience that the Canadians love fine things and this suite certainly proved my point as we experienced some of the lovely products of Canada.

Heather Stewart's Lilyfield's Cakes and Brownies

Heather Stewart's, Lilyfield Cakes come in 3 flavors,: the Original Country Vanilla (sweet, succulent vanilla with a hint of lemon), French Chocolat ( fudgy, moist and decadent) and Exotic Coconut ( tropical, fragrant and fruity).   I didn't see the Vanilla or the Cococut---Good thing I have the website address!


Elena Levon for Ocean's Thirteen wearing a Vintage Bling Necklace on the Golden Globes Red Carpet

Vintage Bling Stunning One Of A Kind Jewelry!

Vintage Bling handmade antique jewelry has a green consciousness as designer Dayle Goertzen takes original vintage pieces and beautifully remakes them into exquisite, unique jewelry. Elena Levon wore one of the Vintage Bling pieces on the red carpet. I love Vintage Bling. And I’m so glad I’m now aware of the site. Dayle always makes new pieces and each one is unique and one of a kind. I purchased a stunning ring on the site and I definitely plan to buy more. I’ll be checking the website often to see the new items that she creates!


Beautiful Beaded Bridal Bouquets and Other Gorgeous Handcrafted Items

KaTonGiovi makes fine Bridal Boutique and Swarovski Crystal items and French Beaded Art. Stunning and completely unique bridal items including hand beaded bouquets for the bride to carry instead of flowers. They also make the beaded bouquets to duplicate the original bouquet as a keepsake.


LuvGear stylish and protective children’s clothing has a built in patented warning technology in the form of a patch on each garment to warn parents when to apply sunscreen or take their most precious bundle out of the sun.


LuvGear Kids Clothing that Alerts Parents When Their Kids Need Sunscreen or to Be Taken Out of the Sun

Northern Ice House Winery is an ultra-premium brand so exceptional that three of its products have won the coveted Grand Gold at the International Monde Selection awards in Belgium. A Grand Gold Award is superior to Gold and is seldom awarded in international wine competitions. Jamie Macfarlane is President and wine master for The Ice House Winery, a small boutique winery located in the Niagara-on-the-lake region of Ontario. "I'm tickled to have won the bragging rights, as this solidifies Canada's position at the forefront of the global Ice wine industry."

Yummy Ice Wine from Ice House Winery

I have always been a huge fan of ice wine since I visited a winery in Niagara-On-The-Lake—it was my favorite wine and I brought a lot of it back to the states---in fact I still had a bottle at home. When I tasted this amazing ice wine—I thought it was as good as the one I had at home. How surprised was I to find that this was the very same wine that I coveted. If you like sweet wines—this one is for you!


Chocolatier Constance Popp's Artisan Chocolates

Chocolater Constance Popp makes premium Artisan Chocolates in Manitoba from the finest Belgian Dark, which and Milk Chocolate. Many of their ingredients are made with fresh fruits, nuts and spices, and herbs grown locally in Canada. They also have stained glass boxes and handpainted cards made by Winnipeg artists.


Rice Works Crackers

Riceworks Crackers are a delicious alternative to potato chips, or fatty chips of any kind. A tasty way to get your brown rice. It comes in 5 flavors: Parmesan, Salsa Fresca, Sea Salt, Baked Cinnamon Crisps, Sweet Chili. “Consumer Reports” tastiest snack, gourmet brown rice crisps. The parent company, Show Us Your Goodness is a wonderful company engaged in a lot of charity work.

www.showusyourgoodness.com www.riceworks.ca & www.riceworks.com

Tiber River Bath Products

Tiber River Nationals Bath Products and Soap is a unique new concept, where everyone, men, women and children can go to be treated to the best self-care services, in a joyous, upbeat atmosphere. They make all of their 300 products with the freshest ingredients.


Celeste Brunel's Photographic Art

Celeste Brunel’s, of Celestial Designs photographic art turns photos into art.


High Tea Bakery is Winnipeg's favourite one-of-a-kind custom cookies, cakes, and cupcakes (along with all things wedding!) are created with the utmost attention to detail.


High Tea Bakery Cookies

Sweet Pedtooties are Uggs with class. Mukluks are traditional Arctic native footwear, originally made to keep feet warm throughout the cold winters. Today, they not only perform the same protective function but also symbolize the history, pride and heritage of the First Nations people of Canada.


Sweet Pedtooties

Siku Vodka made with Glacier Ice in Greenland, It’s great iced and has a really fresh taste.


Grace Anne II Yachting tours with French chefs was offering celebrities trips on one of the most diverse and defined waterways the world has to offer! Once you have experienced the stunning beauty of the Grace Anne II, you will understand how it has maintained its reputation for supreme quality in both accommodations and service.


Canada’s renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Bruce McFarlane and top Los Angeles cosmetic dentist David Alpan DDS represented hidden and invisible braces including Incognito Braces.



Weapons of Mass Creation

C5 Artworks from Winnipeg art collection called Weapons of Mass Creation.


O Canada, I adore you!

All Photos  © Judith Orr

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