Melanie Segals's 2008 Emmy Awards Gift House Review - Presented by Platinum Publicity

With gift suites all over Hollywood, Melanie Segal’s 2008 Emmy Award Gift House was the place to be to get some awesome celebrity gifting! Presented by Platinum Publicity, located in West Hollywood in a private multistory house, the suite took place with many celebrity visitors in sight.  With a view looking over the Sunset Strip the suite had a cool, relaxed, exciting atmosphere where Segal’s guests could enjoy beverages, snacks, and desserts while they enjoy shopping for their amazing gifts they were welcomed too.

Presented by Platinum Publicity

Check out some of the exciting gifts provided!

D'SSence Urban Chic

D’SSence Urban

Three young women— Diva Edwards, Sharnell Griffin, and Shelby Green, founded D’SSence Urban Chic in 2006. The three women have a strong passion for detailed silhouettes and luxurious fabrics. D’SSences’ mission is to create an elegant yet urban chic line that can reflect any background.

D’SSence is a lifestyle line for a woman who is fashion forward and enjoys the limelight. The line is produced twice a year geared to women between eighteen and forty who appreciate unique, detailed, quality garments made of the best fabrics.


Ve’cel Clothing

Created by Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Ve’cel is a brand developed to promote individuality & uniqueness through different forms of fashion. Our clothing line is constructed with the finest fabrics and is manufactured through multiple hand processes achieving only the highest quality garments possible.

The designs are an expression from a collaboration of creative minds expressing their thoughts through art. Our design inspirations come from those who are not afraid to stand out and break the chains of conformity. We are as passionate about the clothes we make as you are about the clothes you wear.  Music, art, & fashion, it’s what brings us together!

Luck Jets


Lucky Jets is a Full-Service Door-to-Door Private Jet Company serving a specific niche in the Private Jet Industry- bringing together passengers of like itineraries and serving popular Casino destinations around the World.

The efficiency of the Lucky Jets Shared-Flight Charter program allows them to offer you the absolute lowest prices on the market!

Klub Nico


Klub Nico is a brand of Ipanema, Inc., a Northern California based company founded by Kelley A. Lehner in 2003. All Klub Nico footwear is manufactured in the south of Brazil using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and the latest technology in shoe making.

Their mission is to provide quality, unique shoes suitable for the modern fashionable woman.


For designer Rafi Anteby, the goal of contemporary fashion is in its use as a powerful tool to make strong statements.  And with that, he brings us his strongest, most unique fashion statement ever: BULLETS 4 PEACE.

Through his art, Rafi brings his life experience into the fashion world.  ShaDang, his first fashion line was created to promote his passion towards the ancient healing arts of China.  Now with BULLETS 4 PEACE, Rafi takes us further along his experience curve by paradoxically promoting world unity via one of the most divisive tools ever created.



Jason "Deuce" Dussault is creator of Dussault Apparel. By creating his collection and showcasing it in only select locations; they are creating a demand that has quickly put the names Deuce and Dussault on many lips.

Known in Canada as Deuce, the Vancouver Deuce Custom Ink store was the first. Along with representation from Leone L2, one of Canada's finest retailers " DEUCE," has gained a respectfully powerful momentum.

Juan Juan Salon

Juan Juan Salon

For 23 years, Juan Juan Salon has been an icon in Beverly Hills but not until the summer of 2000 did it begin its real rise to stardom. Ownership team Sean Jahanbigloa with wife Jennifer and sister Elie took over Juan Juan with the intention of providing it’s clientele with the best and latest in haircuts, styling and coloring while keeping the image of the Salon low key amidst the extensive celebrity clientele.

Although the salon maintains a client list that would impress any starseekeer, the trio strives to fulfill the needs of their everyday clientele, which they believe are the most important.

Mandy Make up Eyelash Bar and Makeup

Celebrity Makeup Artist Amanda Jacobellis formed Makeup Mandy LLC in 2006. Makeup Mandy Eyelash Bar and Makeup Studio is a unique boutique specializing in Lavish Lashes individual eyelash extensions that last 4-6 weeks before a touch up. The Studio also offers full makeup services including bridal makeup and hair, spray tanning, airbrushing, eyebrow design and hosts an eclectic collection of the artist's favorite makeup brushes, colors, skincare and body products for retail.

Stepping into Makeup Mandy Eyelash Bar and Makeup Studio is like taking a step into Old Hollywood, complete with chandeliers, crushed velvet wallpaper, fluffy soft rugs, and great music. This is where the truly glamorous come to be pampered.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula

Founded over 160 years ago, as one of America's first skin care companies, E.T. Browne Drug Company, Inc. is a leader in treatment oriented skin and hair care products.

E.T. Browne Drug Company, Inc. markets the #1 brand of cocoa butter products worldwide. P almer's Cocoa Butter Formula is the only brand offering a full line of cocoa butter items, from creams, lotions and lip balms to soap, body oil and our original solid formula.

In addition to cocoa butter products, the company markets Palmer's Skin Success, a complete skin care line that puts the emphasis on treating problem skin. From cleansers and moisturizers to fade creams and acne medications, P almer's Skin Success delivers clear, healthy skin.

Distant Collection

Distant Collection

Distant carries a wide range of items that cater towards individuals who have a taste and appreciation for quality, beauty and high craftsmanship. None of our items are mass-produced and many are one of a kind. The items are handpicked and some are designed by Arzu Benavides owner/designer of Distant boutique.

They are very proud to carry world famous eco friendly Turkish bath towels, beach towels and spa wraps. The bath section is complimented by a selection of natural olive oil soaps, scrubs, and steam bath accessories.

The ProportionofBlu jean line

The ProportionofBlu -

ProportionofBlu is selling out everywhere with high demands of their form fitting jeans. Being that they fit o comfortably yet are still stylish, the jeans popularity is growing rapidly.

For ProportionofBlu, it’s about form, fit, and functionality. It’s about the beauty of everybody and everything. ProportionofBlue is meticulously handcrafted, and every creation is designed “in the ratio” for you.


5 LUSH and EXILIR gum are the newest flavors of the 5 Gum line. 5 is a sugar-free stick gum that provides crisp tropical sensation to your mouth. It’s the gum that’s mouth-freshening, long-lasting and is combined with invigorating sensations.

5 Gum comes in a sleek, chic black envelope pack. The distinctive, rectangular outer package includes both black matte and gloss textures as well as embossed and de-bossed finishes slim enough to slip right into your pocket or purse.

NIVEA Lip Care


NIVEA, the world’s largest skin care brand, is introducing NIVEA Lip Care in the United States. The lip care makes your lips look and feel soft and smooth so you are always ready to let a great kiss happen.

Each product is formulated to deliver hours of moisturization to keep lips healthy and kissable. The formulas are fortified with naturally occurring ingredients like Shea Butter, Grape Seed Extract and Jojoba Oil to support the moisturization of lips.

Foto Cabina

Foto Cabina

The Foto Cabina Booth is uniquely designed from the ground up to be nothing the most full-featured, elite photo booth in the industry.

Their rental service is located for the following areas: Southern California, Nevada, Utah, and Phoenix. Nationwide delivery is available and with their business growing so rapidly, contact them they might have booths already to rent in your area not listed above.



Fresh from the runaway, T3 introduces the limited edition Orlando Pita Signature Styling Set. Everything a fashionista needs including their award winning Featherlight dryer and styling accessories from Orlando Pita exclusively at Barneys New York.

Twentieth Century Fox Digital Copy

Twentieth Century

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment gives consumer ultimate flexibility with the release of several best-selling DVDs with Digital Copy on September 23rd. Increasingly popular because of it’s viewing flexibility, Digital Copy allows consumers to effortlessly transfer copies of their favorite movies to their iTunes digital library and then view it on a Mac or Pc, iPod, iPhone or on a wide screen TV with Apple TV.

Melanie Segal's Gift House was undoubtebly one of the most popular gift suites during the 2008 Emmy Award week. Providing high end gifts from clothes to beauty products, this gift house was a success!

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