Melanie Segal Platinum Luxury VIP Gifting Suites

Beverly Hills, Ca In celebration of the 2006 MTV Movie Awards, Melanie Segal hosted the Platinum Luxury VIP Suites, a gift lounge presented by Platinum Publicity. Held at the Le Meridian Hotel in Beverly Hills, all of today's hottest celebs came out to raise a glass of champagne in honor of the MTV Movie Awards, and more importantly, collect their swag!

Lawrence Davis, our editor and publisher-in-chief, and I were privileged to attend this star-studded event! We had an incredible time perusing these wonderful items and, of course, rubbing elbows with celebs like Lost's Michelle Rodriguez, Seventh Heaven's Beverly Mitchell, MTV's Andy Milonakis, The Office's Jenna Fischer, Nick Cannon, Stacy Keibler, Ludacris, Marty Casey, Autumn Reeser, Kristian Alfonso, Kathy Hilton, Adrienne Janic, Jose Canseco, Adrienne Frantz, Alana Curry, Estella Warren, Kevin Dillon, Rob Pinkston, Brody Hutzler, Cris Judd, Jenna Fischer, Shawn Pyfrom, and more!

Platinum Luxury VIP Suites were jam packed with the trendiest products on the market! From a 3-month Vespa Scooter trial to a huge (and I mean huge) Barbie suite, Melanie Segal put together a scrumptious assortment of the most hip and fun products for the celebrity guests. The great thing, though, is that Melanie showcased products that are not completely outrageous and are attainable for us non-celebrity types!

(Drum roll please) On to the swag....

Barbie Fairytopia Dolls
I L-O-V-E-D the Barbie Suite! I ran in there like there was no tomorrow! Barbie always has the dolls that the girls want from generation to generation. This time, Mattel was inventive again with the Fairytopia and Mermadia lines. Barbie has now traded in her fairy wings for a beautiful mermaid tail.



Beverly Hills Mutt Club
The BHMC is a "Unique Membership Club and Doggie Boutique for the Upscale Pet Owner who wants Original Designs to Reflect Discriminating Taste and an Affluent Lifestyle." The store carries luxury clothing, accessories and spa products for your pet.



Cloudstar Buddy Biscuits and Canine Products
Cloudstar makes great products and treats for your pet. The Buddy Biscuits are always a huge hit with the puppy crowd. Pet Parents can't get enough of the Buddy Biscuits and other products, like the conditioners. And, if you run out of shampoo one morning but don't have time to pick up some more, the shampoos and conditioners are great for humans, too!


Coby Electronics
The folks at Coby were showcasing three amazing products: The DVD, the MP3 Digital Player/USB Flash Drive, and the most lightweight portable AM/FM radio ever. Coby makes high quality audio and visual products but at a more affordable price than its competitors.




Dance Dance Revolution
Dance Dance Revolution, or the DDR as groupies say, is now available for home! Your kids can now dance their way to a high score at home, or you can get a fun aerobic workout, with this at home version. There are versions for your favorite game console and even one for those of us who haven't played a video game since Frogger. It's a great gift and a ton of fun.


Dippin' Dots
Lawrence Davis and I are HUGE ice cream fans' .who isn't?! Now, we can get our ice cream fix in a whole new style: Dippin' Dots! I remember seeing these at a mall in San Diego years ago and was fascinated with them (yes, I love ice cream that much). Now, I'm seeing them everywhere, from private parties to gifting suites. There are local franchises near you as this is a great addition to any bar-mitzvah or kids birthday party.


Elixir Tonics
Located in West Hollywood, Elixir Tonic is a tonic bar that actually has herbalists on site to explain the power of herbs and how to best brew the elixirs. The Ginseng Lemonade Tonic is an east meets west blend of lemons, Asian ginseng, schizandra berries, and Paraguayan sweet herb. The Root Beer Tonic is a blend of old world roots, herbs & spices including sarsaparilla root, burdock root, dandelion flower, and ginger. The Ginger Ale Tonic is a naturally crisp blend of ginger and chamomile. Delicious!




Fiji Water
Artesian water comes from a source deep within the earth, protected by layers of clay and rock. There is no opening, not even a porthole to the surface. As a result, the water never comes into contact with the air, protecting it from environmental pollutants and other contamination. Thus, FIJI Water is truly natural artesian water. And, of the top ten bottled waters sold in the United States, FIJI Water is the only water originating from an artesian source.


Dr. Fresh Oral Care Products
I am one of those freaks who loves, loves, loves brushing her teeth. Hey, dental hygiene is a must' hence, my excitement for Fire Fly toothbrushes! They as they light up for the amount of time you are supposed to be brushing your teeth. If you get your kids started on this regimen now, they will have healthy, strong teeth for years to come. There are even toothbrushes for adults. Dr. Fresh makes brushing fun for everyone!


Frosty Paws
Frosty Paws are frozen treats for dogs. They come in original and peanut butter flavor, fortified with protein and vitamins, and there are no added sugars, flavors or colors. Sounds like I would like these!





Glen Ivy Spa
Glen Ivy is a hot springs spa located just outside of Los Angeles. It was featured as one of the 'Top 24 Spas in North America' by National Geographic Traveler and the recipient of the 'Distinguished Day Spa of the Year 2002' national award from The Day Spa Association.


Halsea Bags
Sally, from Halsea, makes stylish bags for weekend getaways or to protect your tennis racket, even a rolling bag for those longer jaunts. Her designs are unique yet ultra classy and is made from durable material. She takes that California beach feel and translates it into her designs! She has weekend totes (perfect for a weekend get away or as a carry on for a long flight), tennis racket cover for those stylish athletic types, rolling suit case for longer trips, and a cosmetic case for all of your necessary sentries.

Henry III Generation Premium Denim
Henry III Generation Premium Denim will soon be hitting the market! What I love most about this denim line is that a portion of the profits benefit the repressed and abused women and children in Afghanistan, founder Angie Ahmadi Miller's birthplace. Comfortable denim for a wonderful, philanthropic cause' I love it!




Hummer Laptops
We all treat our laptops like egg shells. God forbid we spill coffee on or drop our beloved treasures! With the Hummer Laptop (yes Hummer has merged into the tech world) you really need not worry about ANYTHING. These are the indestructible laptops that the military and police use. They are customized with the Hummer look and have the durability of the Hummer name. They come with every technology you need, are ergonomically styled and just tough enough for work or play.

Kamasutra Products
Kamasutra products range from botanical massage oils and bath gels, to romantic body balms and creams. Get a whole Kamasutra kit and you'll have all the tools for a soothing and seductive, refreshing and renewing evening. At the Platinum Suite I was graciously given the edible Honey Dust. Yummy'





l.a. vie l'orange Hand and Foot Spa
This spa is all about hands and feet. l.a. vie l' orange focuses on the body parts most other spas consider last. With an amazing location, tucked away past a small courtyard off of Robertson Boulevard, l.a. vie l' orange sits amidst the essence of orange and vanilla aromas. Their selection of manicures and "hand rescue" treatments are guaranteed to keep you coming back. If fanciful feet are what you prefer, then do not miss their "Orient Express Pedicure," featuring chopped cucumber, geranium essential oil and fresh flowers as ingredients.

Dr. Kawesch Lasik Vision Correction
Tired of battling with contacts every morning? Then you need Lasik vision correction! Thanks to Dr. Kawesch, Jessica Simpson's eyes are as big, beautiful and clear as ever. If he's good enough for Jessica, he's good enough for me!




Want a beautiful, celeb-worthy smile? Instead of getting painful veneers, try Lumineers! They are a great way to get an MTV Movie awards ready smile without all the pain of veneers.






Meringue Boutique
Meringue Boutique is a funky store in Oregon with a great online shop. It carries the latest designers, the trendiest clothes and even the coolest gifts so you can do one-stop shopping. There's stuff for moms to be, kids, teens and more.


Nature's Gate Self-Tanning Creme
Upper TanagementTM is the name of Nature's Gate's self-tanning creme. Sun = skin cancer, right? But, we all still want that 'I just got back from a vacation in Tahiti' look. Instead of baking in the sun attracting those harmful rays, try this organic self-tanner that provides the look and feel of a deep, glowing tan, but without the dangerous UV exposure, or loss of quality time.



Pocket Surfer
How many times have you been out and about and needed to get on the web ASAP? A kabillion, right? Check out the PocketSurfer, it works anywhere your cell-phone gets a signal. An ultra thin device, it fits in your pocket...hence the name, PocketSurfer. If you can get onto the web now on a traditional computer or laptop, then you can be surfing on this baby in no time!


Procyte Skin Care
Neova® Therapy Creme De La Copper indulges skin with luxuriously intense moisture and nutrition from health-essential GHK Copper Peptide, marine minerals and antioxidants.






Vespa Scooters
In Europe, Vespa's are all the rage. Welcome to America, Vespa! Vespa scooters are perfect alternatives to your car as they are great on gas (hello, over $3.00 a gallon!) They could save Americans 14 million gallons of gas per day! They are stylish and peppy. Remember to wear your helmet and you're good to go. Vespa was on hand to offer a 3-month test drive.



Tan Naturelle
Tan Naturelle is a big hit in Hollywood. It's an all natural, odor, and UV free custom spray tan. Tan Naturelle is world famous for the natural glow it offers. It is Custom Airbrush Tanning at its finest. Look like you've just been island hopping in no time flat!

Warren Tricomi
Warren Tricomi has salons and great products for your hair. Warren Tricomi is known for its beautiful salons, at home services, spa, and bridal services.

We didn't gather at the Platinum Luxury VIP Suites only for the sake of swag. We also gathered to raise awareness and elicit support for LCA, the Last Chance for Animals. LCA is a tremendous organization founded by Chris DeRose that helps campaign for animal rights legislation. They exist to end all forms of animal abuse and improve the treatment of all species.

For more information on the LCA, click here.

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