Melanie Segal MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge Review - Raising Money For Brad Pitt's Charity "Make It Right NOLA"

Melanie Segal’s Lounge in celebration of the MTV Movie Awards

Walking into a gift suite is always fun to see what celebs are trick or treating or what product is the latest, coolest craze. But gift lounges aren’t just about handing out goodies to celebrities, it’s about giving back to those who truly are in need. Melanie Segal’s Lounge in celebration of the MTV Movie Awards took place Thursday May 29 and Friday May 30. The lounge raised money and awareness for Brad Pitt’s Make it Right NOLA. Brad Pitt's charity is helping victims from the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe.

Gogie Girl hats

Melanie Segal's MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge was held at The W Hollywood Residences Welcome Center, which was the only way to get a sneak peak of what the W will look like when it opens in 2009. The aroma that wafted the room was Dominoes pizza - they were handing slices non-stop.

Bottlenotes wine club

Some celebrity guests included: Joel Madden, Paul Oakenfold, Whitney Port, Kelis, Kathy Hilton, Lil Romeo, Tila Tequila, Kate Flannery and Creed Bratton (The Office), Ian Ziering, Shar Jackson, Kathy Hilton, Derek Hough (Shannon Elizabeth’s new fling from DWTS), Omarosa, Robert Buckley (Lipstick Jungle), Shaun Toub (Iron Man), Angus T Jones, Adrienne Curry, Drew Seeley (HSM), Romi Dames (Hannah Montana), Jai Rodriguez, Samantha Harris, James Kyson Lee (Heros), Rachel Leigh Cook, Andrew Keegan, Traci Bringham, Tamera Mowry, Cheryl Burke, Carter Jenkins, Joy Lauren, Cris Judd, Kelly Monaco, Shawna Sands Lamas, Camp Freddy, Beverly Mitchell, AnaLynne McCord (new 90210 series), Kevin Sorbo, Linda Thompson, Vincent Martella, Zoey 101 and Wizards of Waverly Place stars, and many more.

Vivian Eisenstadt, Physical Therapist and Energy Healer - Prevent The Pain Therapy

Some of the celebs and the gifts they picked up:  

Logitech (universal remotes, speakers, keyboards and headsets)

Kathy Hilton picking up Logitech ipod speakers and Tag jeans for Paris.  Then she picked up Great China Wall for her daughter Nikki, which retails for $1,200 each.

Smoke & Mirrors

Joel Madden leaving an intimate photo booth (by Fotocabina) with Platinum Publicity owner Melanie Segal.

Fergie’s line of Kipling Bags

Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua Tinkerbell was being carried around the lounge and pampered with Natural Balance pet products!

Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance pet food and products

Joel Madden heading straight for Domino’s Pizza and eating it the whole way through the lounge.  Then picking up Natural Balance pet products for his and Nicole Richie’s three dogs.  He wouldn’t pick up any women’s fashions for Nicole because he didn’t trust his taste for her.   


Paul Oakenfold, making a rare appearance, visited Melanie Segal’s Gift Lounge and was excited to listen to his own tunes on the Samsung Pebble MP3 player that he picked up.  The Samsung Pebble won’t be out until July.

Christy’s Hats

Whitney Port and Linda Thompson ( Brody Jenner’s mom) running into each other and chatting. Linda asking Whitney why she wasn’t in Vegas with the rest of the cast filming the Hills…trouble for Whitney on the show?

Sushi Dan

Joel Madden (and all guests) signing a “Green Bike” to be auctioned off for Brad Pitt’s Make it Right NOLA

Biatta Intimates

Traci Bingham hitting on Joel Madden by constantly telling him “You’re really hot, you’re a really good looking man,” then interviewing him on camera.

City Boy Empire shirts

Kelis and Lil Romeo meeting for the first time, posing for photos and then picking up Cor soap, which actually contains silver and retails for over $100 a bar.

Moonsus bags

Whitney Port picking up dresses and tanks from designer Julianna Jabour

Barry’s Tickets

Lil Romeo being mobbed at the Fotocabina digital photo booth with ladies wanting to take pictures with him.  He was being escorted around by a 500 lb. body guard and was wearing millions of dollars worth of jewelry.


Tila Tequila picking up her favorite Biatta Intimate Apparel bras and panties to wear for her soon-to-be-announced winner of her heart on her TV show.  She was tight-lipped about whether she’d be wearing the lingerie for a guy or girl this time around.

Domino’s Pizza

American Gladiator Titan and Mayhem learning about health drink Vemma, packed with antioxidants from Mangosteen berries, and then trying Verve, the healthy alternative to Red Bull.

: The Next Generation star AnnaLynne McCord running into original 90210 veteran Ian Ziering.

Cor Soaps

Katherine Heigl’s 27 Dresses co-star Kristin Riiter tried on 27 pairs of Tag jeans (more like 10 pairs) until she decided on the first pair she tried on!

Tag Jeans

Tila Tequila doing shots of Hacienda Tequila from Mexico.


Brad Pitt’s Make it Right NOLA:
Melanie Segal’s gift lounge ‘adopted’ a Make it Right NOLA team house in New Orleans to help build.  The lounge has, so far, raised about $6,000, which is the 5th highest amount raised right now on the site.  We are hoping to raise even more money.  To donate to the Make it Right NOLA house that Melanie Segal’s Platinum Publicity is building, please log onto and click on “ Team Sponsored Homes” to find the house that Platinum Publicity is building.
Samsung (giving away the new Pebble MP3 player which will only be in stores in July), Logitech (universal remotes, speakers, keyboards and headsets), Fergie’s line of Kipling bags, K-Swiss, MTV/Nickelodeon, Domino’s, Great China Wall ($1000 per shirt!), Keurig Coffee Makers, Green Bikes, Tag Jeans, Barry’s Tickets, Natural Balance pet food and products, Julianna Jabour, Cor Soaps, Biatta Intimates, Christy’s hats, Gogie Girl hats, Moonsus bags, City Boy Empire shirts, Suki Naturals, Smoke & Mirrors, Sushi Dan, Keyze, Goldfadden Skincare, LL clothing T’s, Photo Cabina, the Art of Shaving, Hacienda Tequila, Brad Kronen Tarot card reader, Bottlenotes wine club, Verve, Vemma, Izze, and Fiji water.


Even though the W is not yet ready for the public, it didn’t stop Melanie Segal’s gift lounge: Stars had their pictures taken and were lavished with gifts. More importantly, Melanie Segal’s Lounge raised money and awareness for Brad Pitt’s Make it Right NOLA. If we had more global leaders like Brad Pitt, and Melanie Segal maybe this world would be a better place.

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