Main Event Red Carpet Green Grammy's 2011 Review - Gifting Lounge Gifts, Great Food and Music Saves Lives

Debbie Durkin’s Main Event, Red Carpet, Green Grammy Gifting Lounge 2011, in partnership with Music Saves Lives, was host for the 2011 Grammy Gifting Lounge at Hampton Court in the Glamorous London Hotel, off the Sunset Strip, in West Hollywood, on February 10th and 11th. Celebrities enjoyed great music played by various performers and groups during the day, while sipping Ketel One cocktails, Java One, Monster Energy Drinks, and Peace Tea and enjoying delicious food prepared by Gordon Ramsey’s chefs. Neck rubs, reiki treatments, massages, hair and makeup sessions were all available to the VIP guests along with luxury gifting. What could be better then that?  Some attendees at the Suite were Marla Maples, Stephen Baldwin, Dyan Cannon, Sally Kellerman, N'Dambi ( Grammy Nominee 2011), the Wolf Pack (Bronson Pelletier, Boo Boo Stewart, Kiowa Gordon) from Twilight, Sasha Peiterse, Lydia Hearst, and Joshua Logan Moore from Desperate Housewives.

Yolanda Holly, Developer, and President of Medi-Rub Massagers

Yolanda Holly is the cutest thing, but don’t let cuteness fool you, Yolanda is a sharp businesswoman who created an empire with her high quality Medi-Rub® Massagers. Working with the top engineers, doctors, podiatrists, and chiropractors that specialized in foot and body pain, she set about to create the finest massagers available, and developed the Medi-Rub® massagers for feet and body. These strong, yet lightweight massagers are now used in hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, and homes around the globe. The products are made in America in her San Clemente Factory. Distributors worldwide sell these massagers at 500 trade shows every year. Medi-Rub® Massagers were originally developed for people with diabetes, but these massagers are universal, and offer relief from even for the everyday stresses. Yolanda was relieving the VIP invited guests of any of their stresses and strains, with onsite massages with her terrific products. She also gave the celebrities one to enjoy at home.

Revolve To Charge Your iPhone

Revolve Electronics has come up with the 21st century charger that replaces all the chargers we normally use. It works with any voltage in any country, for the regular charging time. The best part is it also charges itself while charging your phone or ipod and you can take it with you and never be out of power. It can be used to charge most phones and mp3 players. The χeMini Plus is a complete hybrid charging system that provides sleek, simple, eco-friendly access to power wherever you need it. Charge from the wall, car, computer, or sun! With the powerful 2200mAh built in battery in the χeMini Plus, you can charge up to two devices at once, including smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, iPhones, iPods, and more, from multiple sources at home or on the go. With the Revolve Charger you can charge two devices at a time. It’s made from 100% recycled materials blended with bamboo fiber.

Harriet White President of H White Skin Care.

HWhite is a clean, fresh smelling body lotion that lasts all day. Harriet dreamed of a luxury body care line that would hydrate her skin. The HWhite Collection supremely hydrated lotions conquer the affects of dry, dull and ashy skin without the negative effects of oil, grease, caking and clogging. Imagine luxurious textures, elegant spa fragrance, natural ingredients and soft, supple glowing results with all-day effectiveness. The first of its kind, created exclusively for HWhite Luxury!

Music Saves Lives

Music Saves Lives® works with youth to encourage saving lives through blood donation. Music Saves Lives® is the bridge between music, entertainment and important life-saving causes. They bring a simple concept; connect the music and entertainment, we all love, to a life saving community action. Their goal is simple, their action is incredibly effective. “Saving Lives Has Never Sounded So Good®!”

Different Bands Played All Day

Music Saves Lives® mission is to create opportunities for people to save lives with simple contributions and to teach the facts about the affects of what they contribute to. They then bridge their efforts to something special related to music, musical artists and general entertainment.

Goorin Brothers Hat Company

Goorin Brother’s hats are a116 yr old family hat company. Since 1895, Goorin Brother’s hats make a statement without saying a word. Find Fedoras, Cadet Caps, Baseball, Ivy and Duckbill Hats for Men, Women, and Kids. There are 11 Shops across the US, including LA, San Francisco, Seattle Chicago, Denver and Boston, and one in Vancouver. Bold, beautiful hats are made by Goorin Brother’s Hat Company, in a large variety of colors, materials and styles from trendy to classic.

Kristin Ruhlin with Rev7 Gum.

Rev7gum is not only great tasting, they promised it won’t stick on my carpet.This is one of the coolest eco-inventions of our time.  Now that's an awesome thing to have in gum.  How many of us have been stuck to a sidewalk by someone's hot gum mess on our shoe!  That will never be a problem again if only everyone chewed Rev7gum!

Luckily Monster Energy Drinks were there---in regular, and sugar free to give us a boost and help us keep up our  energy!  It takes an awful lot of energy to pick out all that great SWAG!  Monster Energy Drinks also make a great mixer for those that want a little Ketel One in their drink to have energy and a nice mellow buzz at the same time. "Unleash the beast!!"


Bibi McGill (Beyonce's Musical Director/Guitarist) with Fur Fitness

Fur Fitness offers unique pet sitting, dog walking and dog training services to keep your pet happy, healthy and fit.


elle G Jewelry

Designed by elle G for the American Heart Association

elle G is an eclectic mix of chain, sterling silver, and hand-blown works of art for the neck or wrist. Elle designed a stunning bracelet for the American Heart Association that sold for $95 with a generous portion of that going to the American Heart Association.

Obvioua Clothing

Obvious Clothing makes great sweaters and tops out of very soft fabrics, with unique styling & washes. All of their clothes are made in America.

Michelle Roy Designs

Michelle Roy Designs are really adorable collections of jewelry, hair accessories, clothing, and gifts.

Pol’ Atteu, known worldwide for his stunning Haute Couture Gowns, worn by many celebrities, was a glamorous addition to the Main Event Grammy 2011 Gifting Lounge.

Stephanie G of BH with Julia Verdin- Makeup Eyebrow Expert

Stephanie G of BH is an expert in makeup and eyebrow shaping and was making brows Red Carpet ready and doing makeup applications.

Dogswell has a full line of products to make your dog healthier, more comfortable and stronger. Jerky, Biscuits with Benefits™, canned food, wraps and veggies, and dry food. They also have products to make your dogs hips feel better, to keep their youthful figure with Shape Up®, Breathies® to keep their breath sweet, Mellow Mut® to keep them calm, Happy Heart® and Tummies®.

3 Green Dogs Vitamins

3 Green Dogs Vitamins even brought gifts for the celebrity pups! Healthy dogs are happy dogs, and it's important that your dog gets the right nutrition.

Dirtee Hollywood

Dirtee Hollywood Tee’s are made in LA by founder David Long, who has roots in the south, but now lives in Los Angeles. Dirtee Hollywood Tee’s, for men and women are fun, and fanciful.

Dr. Paul Dougherty was offering certificates to the A-Listers for free Lasix. Other VIP’s were given certificates for $1000 off their procedure.

JR Entertainment

JR Entertainment Consulting provides insurance services to the entertainment industry such as concert tours, publications, recording studios, events, trade shows, and more...


Yvonne Larson, Neck Worker

Yvonne Larson is a neck work expert and was on hand to give neck work sessions to the celebrities.

Sacred Heart Collections is a line of flirty dresses and jumpers for with special pieces for special girls.

Kimberly Goodnight owner of Pure Consulting, did PR and was in charge of talent and media for Main Event, Red Carpet, Green Grammy Gifting Lounge 2011.

All Photos © Judith Orr Photography





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