Greenlivinglifestyle - EMMY Gifting Lounge & ECO Spa

Esai Morale (Jericho) and Nicole L

Dawna Shuman of Light House Public Relations produced and presented THE GREENLIVINGLIFESTYLE LOUNGE & ECO SPA, held at Cisco Home, a sustainable furniture showroom at 440 N. La Brea in the heart of Hollywood.
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Francisco Pinedo, known as Cisco, is the CEO and founder of Cisco Brother’s Corp, an award-winning custom furniture manufacturer based in LA.  Cisco Brothers have distinguished themselves with its superior craftsmanship, cutting-edge style, and unparalled value.

Two floors of Greenlivinglifestyle

Greenlivinglifestyle are green living experts that offer planet friendly services and products to the consumer.  Their comprehensive green lifestyle services range from finding the perfect non-toxic and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to project managing the construction of a healthy and energy efficient home, to implementing a green program for an entire corporation, production or event.

Brigitte Malaaya Britton with her book "The Palm Beach Way"

The hit of the show was a vivacious, beautiful woman just brimming with health and vitality who is nutritionist-to-the-stars Brigitte Malaaya Britton, H.N. writer of The Palm Beach Way and a wealth of information.  
When I met Brigitte at the suite, she was pouring a very green drink and getting ready to hand me a sample.  It was a regular size glass and I said “oh no---just give me a tiny sip.  She insisted that her shake was delicious, but I wouldn’t take a chance.  While guess what, it is REALLY YUMMY!  I wanted her to fill my glass to the brim and I must say this is the very best healthful shake I have ever tasted.

Brigitte with Perrey Reeves and Jeff Gosset

The Palm Beach Way Shake, Brigitte’s scrumptious Mega-Malaaya Shakes and orgainic mega meal replacements includes liquid vitamins (Optimum Nutrition) with over 220 nutrients and kept everyone buzzing with great energy.  She treats the body as a whole, Mind, Body & Spirit by implementing inner cleansing, holistic nutrition, strength training, and customized herbal supplementation. Her book is available at Contact her at:
[email protected]

Green Bliss Spa

Green Bliss Ecospa featured massages and facials using the new Origins line of organic skin care, Green Bliss is a traveling Spa Service that blends spa and wellness trends with spa rituals, skin, body and non-toxic nail care, pesticide-free robes and slippers, organic wine, champagne and party platters of food.

Javier with Origins

At the Origins Oasis, celebs were pampered with mini back rubs, hand massages and Peace of Mind® Sensory Therapy® treatments provided by Origins Guides.  They also received an exclusive sneak preview of NEW! Origins Organics™, the first full line of US-based prestige skin, body and hair care products certified according to USDA National Organic Program standards and not available to the public until next month!  The line is part of Origins continued commitment to the environment and to promoting beauty and wellness while celebrating the connection between Mother Nature and human nature.
We were gifted with Origins gift bags including Peace of Mind On-the-spot, Peace of Mind Gumballs and Mileage Plus(tm) Liptint 95% Organic and signed up to be the first to receive the Origins Organics(tm) collection.

Me smelling the wonderful aroma of PureOlogy®

PureOlogy® is a Pure Hair Care Experience.
Wendy and Angel Del Solar gave us the complete star treatment.  They have fantastic products that smell glorious.  PureOlogy® is as natural line of hair care products that is 100% vegan.  Made with certified organic botanicals and signature aromatherapy blends, these hydrating shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are protective and restorative; made in the USA and carcinogenic free as well as cruelty-free.

Andrew Warburton (Rules Of Engagement)

Celebrities dropped by to offset their carbon emissions by registering their vehicles. is a service that offsets vehicles, flights and events. DrivingGreen made the entire event greenhouse gas neutral by offsetting all the carbon emissions including the electricity and round-trip travel for each participant.  They also offset all guests' cars, making them greenhouse gas neutral and environmentally friendly for one year by calculating the total amount of carbon each vehicle emitted, the equivalent dollar amount to purchase offset credits and gifting them with those credits.

Mighty Leaf Tea is gourmet teas off all types including tea pouches, loose teas, with or without caffeine, iced teas herbal and fruit tea infusions and just about anything else tea.  Mighty Leaf Tea Introduced the First Full Retail Line of Whole Leaf Tea in Biodegradable Mesh Tea Pouches

Trying some Mighty Leaf Tea

Popping is a way of making all-natural chips without oil. They start with the finest ingredients, like organic corn, wholesome potatoes, and whole grain brown rice. The apply heat and pressure, along with a little snack magic. And pop! It's a chip.  PopChips are good!

More wonderful food

Vava Water, is natural spring water bottled at the source, then charged with specific therapeutic electromagnetic frequencies.

Boti Bliss (CSI Miami)

Million Trees LA Initiative: promoting One Million New Trees be planted in the City of Los Angeles to create an extraordinary environmental legacy that will serve as a watershed for other environmental changes. The City of Los Angeles will be transformed to a green, sustainable city.

Rochelle Carson Begley

 Dr. Deborah King is a nationally recognized Health and Wellness expert, Contemporary Healer, Contributor, and Author of Truth Heals - What You Hide Can Hurt You. Applying contemporary healing techniques she guides thousands of people to recovery, effecting change at the cellular level and assisting them to higher levels of consciousness

ECOS earth friendly products for cleaning, bathrrom, laundry, personal use, and pet products.

James Pickens (Grey's Anatomy)

The Spiraled Stem Floral Design utilizes organic and eco-label flowers, eco-friendly containers, alternatives to traditional floral design tools and materials, and more efficient office and studio practices such as recycling and composting. They did the floral design and arrangements for the Architectural Digest Green Room at 50th Primetime Emmy

ECOS products

Peak Organic Brewing Company is a small brewing company dedicated to making delicious beer using the world’s best ingredients.
Rumiano Cheese was awarded the American Humane Association award because their farms are certified to have a commitment to the well-being of farm animals, raised humanely in cage-free environments that limit stress with ready access to fresh water and a healthy diet that maintains optimal health.
Steaz Organic Soda & Steaz Organic Energy drink: is the first functional energy drink with respect for the community and environment. Steaz brings their customers health and vitality, while providing a "buzz" they will feel good about.

Organic Spirit Company:  UK5 Vodka uses the world's purest water and finest organic grain perfect fomaking premium vodka.  Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin Dry, aromatic and zestful, only the finest organic botanicals such as juniper, coriander, angelica root and savory go into this superb gin. Papagayo Organic White Rum is distilled from sugar grown organically in rural Paraguay providing work and improved living standards for hundreds of small farmers.  

Real Raw Live

Real Raw Live:  Organic fare and organic beverages by Gregory Joujon-Roche helps celebrities get into the best shape of their lives. They had an array of tasty, raw, healthy vegan appetizers and guilt free munchies for us to enjoy.  Now he brings that knowledge to you.  The founder of this raw café & health center REAL RAW LIVE, Gregory Joujon-Roche trained Toby McGuire, Demi Moore, Gwen Stefani, Pierce Brosnan amongst others.
Green & Blacks Organic Chocolate is great tasting, rich organic chocolate candies, including bars, biscuits, ice cream, gifts and hot chocolate.
Wheatware makes forks. spoons, knives, even hangers and guitar picks all made from wheat.

Steven (Health Direct) Dierdre Hall and Brigitte

StalkMarket is dinnerware made out of a bi-product of a fiber waste products made from sugar cane 100% biodegradable, compostable, freezer safe, wood fiber free

Hand and Foot Pampering with Manicures and Pedicures:  Featuring Priti Non-Toxic Nail Lacquers and Soy-Based Remover along with Buddha Nose Organic Apothecary scrubs, soaks, balms, and moisturizers.  Buddha Nose makes the connection between the energetic dynamics of shiatsu, a Japanese form of bodywork based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with the essential oils of aromatic plants.

Eyebrow Shaping By Jaclyn:  LA’s top brow stylist shapes & contour brows.
Mineral Based Makeovers by TRUE courtesy of TLC of Newport Beach, CA

Lenora Perry Handwriting Analyst:
Renowned for her intuitive expertise in reading 'the true you', Lenora has been practicing her craft for 33 years.

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