GBK Productions Celebrity Gift Suite and Green Bliss Ecospa at the Grand Opening of the Stoli Hotel in Los Angeles

Stolichnaya Vodka, the best-selling Russian vodka in the United States held the grand opening of the inaugural 10,000 square foot Stoli Hotel, Los Angeles on May 2, 2007. The mobile hotel will be making a month-long stay complete with a full-service concierge, bar, spa and individually designed guest rooms modeled after Stoli's full flavor portfolio. The grand opening included entertainment by DJ Mom Jeans/Danny Masterson and DJ Steve Aoki/Kid Millionaire, spa services by Green Bliss Ecospa as well as an exclusive celebrity gift suite hosted by GBK Productions.

Stoli Hotel

Stoli Hotel

Stoli Hotel Front Desk

Stoli Hotel

Stoli Hotel Flavor Themed Room

Stoli Flavor Themed Room

Stoli Hotel Lounge

Punkin and Sweetie� Womenswear and Eric Chuch� Menswear

Punkin and Sweetie

Punkin and Sweetie

Fashionable ladies hoodies, tees, and leather jackets embellished with studs, metallic embroideries, and excitement. Punkin' and Sweetie gets it's name from the nicknames of designers, given them by their Dad. Our other brand, Eric Chuch�, features Elite urban menswear with supple hand-feel fleece and tees with gorgeous artwork and strong verbal statements. "Chuch" is slang for Church meaning "the truth". Website

Animal Stars Luxury Pet Store

Animal Stars

Lights, Cameras, Bling! Animal Stars, Inc., a US manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of decadent pet and people products, puts the fabulous in dog and cat collars and tags. Fashion minded dogs and cats will have a hard time passing by mirrors without stopping to gaze at their dazzling reflections. Felines and canines gifted with Animalstars accessories find themselves the envy of every other pet they meet. Their owners will be greeted with delighted tail swishing, loving gazes and a sudden desire to please that wondrous human that loved them enough to give the very best. And to think, all of that pleasure is just a click away at

Dreamweaver Lifestyle Management & Conciege Services

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

Dreamweaver Lifestyle Management & Concierge offers the finest in Personal Assistant and Concierge Services. If you can imagine it, they can accomplish it! From travel arrangements; corporate retreats; planning the hottest parties, or reminders of those important dates; they do it all. With clients ranging from single parent to dual income families, busy executives to A-List celebrities, they accommodate everyone. They are not a franchise, but a family owned and operated business that offers the highest standards in customer service and confidentiality. They're available 24/7 to meet all your needs when they arise. From a one time request to monthly packages they offer their clients the freedom to enjoy life while they take care of the rest. It's not the number of years you live in your life, but the life you live in those years, so enjoy it! "We Take Our Clients Lives from Ordinary to Extraordinary." Website

Intuitive Hypnotherapy

Mind Your Power Now

Your conscious mind is only 12% of your mind. Your subconscious is 88% of our mind- the source of our fears, phobias, emotions, feelings, habits, behavior, motivation, confidence, and self esteem. Your subconscious info (belief system) determines the quality of your thoughts leading to your actions, that produce your results. If you keep on getting undesirable results in certain areas of your life due to fear, limiting belief, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, anger, etc. you must look into the subconscious to make True and Real changes that last, which then will change the results you get in life to more Positive, Desired ones. Hypnosis, and NLP are very effective and safe tools to change your belief system, releasing fears and concerns, raising your motivation to reach a specific goal, and helping you "clean" your mind from negativity of the past (anger, fear, guilt, sadness, and conflict). Whether it's money, health, relationships- which all begin in our MIND. Website

Daredevil Energy Drink

Dare Devil Energy Drink


Daredevil Energy Drink and Daredevil Lighter Fluid are targeted at individuals who are ready to take risks, follow their passions, and thrive on the possibility of defying all odds.Unlike many other energy drinks on the market today, Daredevil Energy Drink and Daredevil Lighter Fluid have a greater content of B-12 vitamin for extra sustained energy, contain milk thistle, a well known cleansing anti-oxidant, L-Carnitine fat burner and tons of natural stimulants. Daredevil Energy Drink and Daredevil Lighter Fluid are made with all natural flavors and sugars. Both drinks have a well combined group of herbal extracts, giving the drink great nutritional value. With just the right amount of carbonation, we at Outlast Nutrition LLC are extremely proud of our "one of a kind", mixed tropical fruit taste. We know you live a demanding lifestyle, so we give you exactly what you need to push the limits, and LIVE ON THE EDGE! Be Bold! Drink Daredevil. Website

Hairy Scary Hairclips

Hairy Scary

Hairy Scary

I take traditional retro style Hair flowers and make them Unusual. Details of Spiderwebs, or GLitter, or Rhinestones, or Skulls, Feathers, etc. Original and kustom Hair Accessories I have items such as: Calavera Butterflies (feather butterfly with Skull), Handel & Phete (flower, webs, skeleton hand,foot), Roses with Black Widows, Widow Bows, Roses with metal Skulls (heavy metal). Hairy Scary is a DJLu Production. Website

RebelBoards Epoxy Surfboards

Rebel Boards

RebelBoards is dedicated to making surfing more ccessible. Made of ding-resistant epoxy, each RebelBoard is hand-shaped and built for performance. They also last longer and cost less than traditional polyester resin boards. With RebelBoards you no longer have to resort to buying expensive delicate, machine-shaped boards. Check out the full line from high performance short board thrusters, Hybrids, Long boards and our incredibly popular Retro Fish and Egg line, linking proven past designs with todays technology. Website

Sky Tacos

Skys Tacos

For the best in gourmet tacos, visit Sky Tacos at 5408 West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles.  Website

Sea Girl Gift Shop

Sea Girl

Sea Girl Gift Shop offers patented cold processed aloe vera skin care, natural and organic.  SeaGirl also features Malibu Body Butter and Shea Butter Body Cream.  Sea Girl Gift Shop is located at 21201 PCH at Las Flores Canyon in Malibu.

i-to-i Meaningful Travel

i-to-i Meaningful Travel

i-to-i Meaningful Travel has been giving people of all ages and backgrounds teh chance to really experience a country by living and working within an overseas community.  Their projects enable people to give something back to the country they are visiting, whether it is by aiding Giant Pandas in China, building classrooms in Tanzania or teaching underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic.  Website

LASERAWAY Tattoo & Hair Removal Experts

Laser Away

LASERAWAY is your one stop gorgeous for laser tattoo temoval, laser hair removal and advanced cosmetic skin care.  Their state-of-the-art laser removes tattoos and body hair in comfort and without a scar.  In addition to their laser treatment, they provide excellent skin care and anti-aging specials including Photo-facials, Botox, Radiesse and Restylane.  We also boast some of the area's finest esthetician's conducting microdermabrasion, peels and medical facials in a calm, soothing and comfortable environmen.  LASERAWAY is committed to bringing you the best results in comfort and with the highest level of safety.  Website

Barbar Hair Care Products

Barbar Hair Care

Hollywood's hottest celebrities including Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan, Paris and Nicky Hilton, and Gwen Stefani all know the key to gorgeous, healthy hair is in BARBAR products. With over twenty years experience as an internationally sought after hairstylist, Dominic Barbar founded BARBAR products in 2000 to create a line of products that would make a stylist's job easier.  Website  

Rusty Bumper Infant and Toddler Clothing

Rusty Bumper clothes are a stylish, boutique quality alternative to the big box store. The Rusty Bumper line includes infant and toddler size onesies and tee shirts in hard to find black and brown colors. They are made of high quality, heavy, 100% cotton. They wash very nicely and stay in great shape with little shrinking!  Website

Fluffy Jo Urban Apparel

Fluffy Jo

Fluffy Jo Urban Apparel is a fusion of fine art, photography and fashion. Fluffy Jo's mission is to be unapologetic about meaningful and creative expression via apparel and promotes living and thinking outside the box. Fluffy Jo features clothing for men, women, children, babies as well as maternity wear. Website

Random Acts of Kindness Clothing that Gives

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness is a clothing line founded on the sincere belief that one person can make a difference. For every custom shirt you purchase from RAK, a percentage of the proceeds will go directly to charity. Website



Sumbody hand made skin care offers scrubs, masks, lotions and more that go beyond fixing blemishes, dry spots and lines. Sumbody uses ingredients that are good for your skin, like cucumber, shea butter, sea salt, avacado, goat milk, lavendar and honey. Website Clothes for the Rock-a-Baby is an online store that offers a wide variety of products with unique artwork by DJ Rabiola. Since 2006, Baby RAB has created and sold customized merchandise online using the company's print-on-demand and e-commerce services. offers more than 80 products, ranging from baby apparel to dog T's, totes and cards. Website

Mood-lites Brighten Your World


The Mood-Factory offers Mood-teas and Mood-scents based on research hat shows how affecting multiple senses influences moods. The line includings the moods Happiness, Energy, Renewal, Serenity, Tranquility, Sassy, Passion and Creativity and feature 100% organic loose-leaf Mood-teas, Mood-scents, Aroma Rings, gift baskets, lamps and more. Mood-lites are also available based on research on how colors affect moods. Website

Tooks Hats You Can Hear

Tooks is a beanie integrated with removable headphones. Wherever you and your music roam, Tooks make the perfect companion to your mp3 or other favorite media player! Take it along snow riding, jogging, hiking, biking and to spectator sports and events. Website

Green Bliss Ecospa

Green Bliss Ecospa at the Stoli Hotel

Green Bliss Ecospa

Green Bliss Ecospa Massage

Green Bliss Ecospa Reflexology

Green Bliss Ecospa Chair Massage

The Green Bliss Ecospa boasts eco-luxury spa experiences for everyday and special events with singular treatments and pampering rituals that use only the finest, purest, organic products for total rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit. Customize the treatments you want, in any combination, for any length of time from one to three hours. A complimentary spa gift and elixir tonic drink are included with each treatment. Green Bliss Ecospa offers a variety of treatments for the body, face, hands and feet as well as special spa party packages. Website

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