GBK Presents The 2009 Golden Globes Gift Suite Review - To Honor Nominees and Presenters

January 9, 2009 - Holding its 4th annual GBK Golden Globes Gift Suite honoring the 2009 Golden Globes Nominees and Presenters, the suite took place at the 9900 Club in Beverly Hills, Ca. The recipient of BizBash’s Award for “Best Gift Bag,” GBK Productions will allow the Nominees and Presenters to walk away with more than $50,000 in luxury items including an artful array of products, services, and beauty treatments.

"We are looking forward to not only honoring the 2009 Golden Globes Nominees and Presenters for their accomplishments with the various interesting gifts, but we are also excited to introduce them to our benefiting charities which will be present. It's a 'win-win' for all involved." Quoted from Founder and CEO of GBK Gavin B. Keilly; he is proud to present a gift suite that benefits more than just the celebrities but to those who are in need as well.

GBK Productions continued their commitment to charitable giving and donated 20% of its profits from this year’s suite to four specially chosen charities: actor Isaiah Washington’s Gondobay Manga Foundation; Terrance Howard ‘s St. Bernard Project; Educating Young Minds; and the Hollywood Note Foundation.

The four charities were also given a complete GBK celebrity gift bag from this years suite so they will be able to auction off the bag at fundraisers to garner more awareness and funds for their individual causes.

Here are the one-of-kind luxury items GBK Productions provided the celebrities:

Original Belly Works

Original Belly

Original Belly Works sells pregnant belly casting kits that make a beautiful gift for mom and a unique keepsake for Baby.  The kits are Functional Art that can be decorated with paint, fabric, flowers, or other enhancements; the final work presents a wonderful, whimsical piece of art and an expressive symbol of love.  

Taking belly casting to a new dimension, Original Belly Works offers fiberglass sculptures as an upgrade of the belly casting.

Rock Our World

Rock Our World -

Rock our World is the largest importers of Earth’s energy and treasures in LA. They have a 10,000 square foot gallery to view their amazing energy art forms.

Rock Our World specializes in providing you the energy you need to enhance your living environments, from gardens to offices. Rock Our World provided the celebrities at the suite a Selemite Candle Holder that is a beautiful white satin rock that clears energy in your home and body.

Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp

Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy

Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp is the ultimate music experience.  This is a camp that allows you to move from spectator to the stage! They provide an experience that will always be remembered, sharing the limelight with rock n roll royalty including Duff McKagan (Guns n Roses/Velvet Revolver), Bruce Kulick (KISS)

Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp’s mission is to bring people's musical fantasies to life!

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc,

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc., also known as " BHPS" is a full-service plastic and cosmetic surgery practice, led by the surgical expertise of renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Chiu.

BHPS provided a year's worth of facials, botox, and other non-surgical services for all the Nominees and Presenters. BHPS is completed with the most modern technologies available and a staff of knowledgeable and personable consultants, nurses, and medical aestheticians.



Mophie provided their Juice Pack for the iPhone 3G. The Juice Pack is an 1800 mA rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case.

The Juice Pack is designed to more than double the life of your iPhone 3G battery, so you can "watch, rock, surf, and send" longer than ever before!  The Juice Pack is also available for the touch 1G, iPhone 1G, and touch 2G.

Crystal Ninja

Crystal Ninja

Crystal Ninja allows your items to be crystallized professionally by a team of designers lead by Swarovski Flatback Specialist, Kellie DeFries, a highly trained Crystal Mosaic Artist and the only award holder of the prestigious level Swarovski Professional Category Trophy in the Flatback Category.

Crystal Ninja provided a $150 gift card for the Nominees and Presenters to have an item of theirs crystallized.



Buzztime consist of engaging, interactive TV games that give your patrons a reason to stay longer, buy more, and come back often. It great for bars everywhere!

When people are having a good time, laughing and socializing makes people want to stick around! Buzztime’s game play makes the perfect host for a great time!

David Tishbis's Handcrafted Jewelry

David Tishbi Handcrafted

David Tishbi composed a dynamic collection of stylish luxury jewelry that decisively forged his name across the face of the jewelry and fashion world. Every piece is handcrafted in Israel; he specializes in a “two-tone” jewelry process, emphasizing a striking juxtaposition of gold and sterling silver.

David Tishbi’s beautiful pieces were displayed at the suite and the favorites were his original necklaces and rings.

Hope Jeans

Hope Jeans

Hope Jeans is a line of children’s wear that puts style and comfort into your children’s life. Hope Jeans allows your children to feel hip, trendy and free!

At the suite, Hope Jeans introduced a new line that is not geared for children. They introduced their new line for pets “ I Love Louli” and displayed the newest collection of: Rhinestone Suede Collars, Queen dresses, and Tye-dyed Bandanas.



The patented EARRING-Aid allows you the fun and freedom to wear even the heaviest earrings painlessly - without the risk of tearing the pierce in the ear.

The transparent, self-adhesive strip wraps around both sides of the earlobe and safely distributes the earring's weight away from the pierce and into the surrounding tissue.



Verve! Is packed full of healthy, energy boosting ingredients that will help keep you going all day long. There is no crash and burn like those other guys, just an amazing taste and a new approach to health and energy!



Pakseat Backpacks are versatile backpacks that features 2100 cubic inches of compartmentalized storage capacity and an adjustable seat that folds down providing on the spot cushioning back support.  
The Pakseat is a large capacity, lightweight, comfortable backpack, available in two color combinations and equipped with all the features of the finest backpacks on the market today.  

Mistura Beauty


Mistura Beauty featured their Miracle Match Colour Blend Technology™. Mistura easily blends into the lives of women with all skin types and colors.

Superstar Nail Lacquor

Superstar Nail Lacquer

Superstar Nail Lacquer has luxurious lacquer colors that are the latest fashion and beauty trends. Superstar Nail Lacquer is a collective 21 different stylish shades ranging from bold brights, soft chic pinks, shimmery metallics and rich jewel tones.

Superstar Nail Lacquer is emerging as a premiere brand with a quality desirable product. Everyone everywhere is noticing Superstar Nail Lacquer!

Revitalash is a unique eyelash conditioner that will help you achieve the beautiful look of longer, thicker, and fuller eyelashes. Like liquid eyeliner, Revitalash is simply applied once a day.

Whish Body Products

Whish Body

Whish Body Products don't use chemicals that may cause long-term damage to your skin. Instead, Whish uses organic ingredients whenever and wherever possible in the creation of each of our products. Gentle yet effective, they work wonderfully well for a complete bathing experience that leaves you with lusciously, naturally, moisturized skin.

Jeff Owens Artwork

Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens sculptures are found metal or acquired metal and his technique is brute force, direct metal sculpture. Each piece is hand made and unique. His sculptures are for both indoor and outdoor locations, such as foyers, living rooms, or outdoors in landscapes or gardens.

Jeff Owens creative process emerges with patterns, and he incorporates patterns into all of his sculptures. Taking one piece of steel, adding to it, or deleting from it, then ending when the sculpture encompasses all of my creativity, this is what charges up his artistic energies.


Eco Caters make biodegradable products, by using only organic foods and by purchasing produce from farms where fair trade practices are used.

In addition to these methods of conscious consumption, a portion of our proceeds is donated to organizations that support renewable energy and a sustainable lifestyle.

Hansen's Cakes


Hansen’s is recognized as the finest in baking and decorating. Hansen's Cakes are the culmination of the finest artistic talent and baking skill.

Hansen original recipes have been handed down from generation to generation and refined over the years. Today, they still use only the freshest ingredients, both domestic and imported, to create these same mouth-watering recipes for our customers.

Ocean Bar Service

Ocean Bar

Ocean Bar Service offers convenient services that help your event run as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Ocean Bar Service offers beverage sponsor offers; advice on cocktail features; order placement and delivery; bar-tenders; bar-backs; cocktail waitresses; bar rentals; bar equipment; bar supplies; and go go dancers.

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