GBK Golden Globe Gifting Suite


GBK Golden Globe Gifting Suite was held at the Friar's Club in Beverly Hills, starting out with a host of really great charities. Many celebrities are quite generous with their time and money and this was a way to familiarize them with these various worthy causes.

Global Green USA is a national environmental organization addressing three of the greatest challenges facing humanity: Stemming global climate change by creating green buildings and cities, eliminating weapons of mass destruction that threaten lives and the environment, providing clean, safe drinking water for the 2.4 billion people who lack access to clean water.

President Gorbachev founded the organization in order to create a new approach to solving the world's most pressing environmental challenges by reconnecting humanity to the environment. Global Green's unique approach merges innovative research, cutting-edge community based projects and targeted advocacy. They educate hundreds of millions of people annually, leverages billions of dollars for environmental initiatives, and Implement groundbreaking environmental policy.

Global Green

Global Green USA hosts two award ceremonies every year recognizing environmental vision and leadership in business, government, media and other fields. The Millennium Awards in Los Angeles and the Designing a Sustainable and Secure World Awards in New York shine the light on some of today's visionary leaders.

Educating Young Minds was founded by Angela Echols to create a rich and diverse supplemental learning environment where students would be encouraged to grow academically, emotionally and socially.
Educating Young Minds grew out of the needs of many students and families for supplemental education and counseling, which over-stressed public schools could not meet.

Angela Echols Educating Young Minds

Educating Young Minds, is a non-profit learning center, that has been helping inner-city school children, ages 5 -18, excel at school and at life since 1987. With 'home-study' instruction during the day, after-school tutoring, and basic skills and SAT, ACT, ISEE and standardized test preparation classes on Saturdays,

Educating Young Minds programs serve students who are considered under-represented or at high risk in our society. Educating Young Minds also supports the progressive student who desires advanced academic support. To date, Educating Young Minds has served over 2,000 students and their families.

The AmberWatch Foundation "Be Safe!" Education Program is a three-pronged approach to arming children against abductors and molesters. The AmberWatch Foundation is fulfilling its mission by presenting the "Be Safe!" Curriculum in schools with the help of local law enforcement professionals, distributing the "Be Safe!" Book to ignite conversation between parents and children, and disseminating print, radio and television public service announcements nationwide.


The "Be Safe!" Curriculum is a turnkey safety program presented in elementary schools by local active and retired law enforcement professionals. These presenters show children and parents - in a non-threatening way and through "what if?" scenarios - how to identify and respond to dangerous situations. The "Be Safe!" Curriculum is offered as a public service at no cost to schools and communities that are committed to the prevention of child abduction and molestation

Habitat for Humanity is one of the few if not the only affordable homeownership program that serves families earning less than 50% of the median family income. Cost burden and overcrowding are the most serious problems experienced by very low-income area residents.  Working with volunteers, families, corporations, congregations, and donors we are able to tackle this important housing issue throughout the Los Angeles area. We are dedicated to making homeownership possible for low-income, working families.

They offer a hand up, not a hand out.  They do not give away houses.  They require their Habitat homeowners to invest 500 hours of "sweat equity" to help build their home and they must each qualify for a 0% interest mortgage.   Since 1990, they have built houses in neighborhoods all across Los Angeles County.  Shelter is a basic human need, and Habitat strives to achieve its goal of eliminating poverty housing and making decent, affordable homes a reality for all families.

"With Habitat we build more than just houses. We build families, community, and hope."  - President Jimmy Carter

Design21 with Allumonde Ring Design

DESIGN 21: Social Design Network is where members of the design community, socially conscious individuals, local governments, businesses and non-profit organizations (NPOs) can address social concerns and create smart solutions through design. It's a place where like-minded people can connect to share resources, inspire each other and take action.

For the GBK Golden Globe Gifting Suite they gifted the celebrities with the Allumonde ring for Hope North.   Allumonde represents: Commitment to the cause Connection to one another Continuity to the cycle of giving. To find out more about Design 21 and to see a photo of Best Actor Forest Whitaker wearing his Allumonde ring check their website.  


3LAB, Inc. Offers Two Breakthrough Skin Care Products - "h" Serum and WW Cream  "h" Serum is the world's first anti-aging serum containing a bio-engineered human growth hormone. Available exclusively from 3LAB, this luxurious 're-birth effect' serum helps effectively reverse skin aging. Encapsulated in nanoliposomes for deep skin penetration, 'h' Serum promotes cellular vitality, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The serum features Nano-Claire GY, the world's first cosmetic grade bio-engineered synthetic growth hormone-like material to supplement the growth hormones naturally produced in one's skin. WW Cream contains an exclusive patent pending combination of skin brighteners and wrinkle fighters. This Promatryx complex, derived from all natural ingredients effectively reduces facial wrinkles, accelerates rhythmic skin cell turnover and brightens skin tone for a youthful complexion.

The principal goal of Freedom Laser Therapy Clinics is to assist smokers in ending their nicotine addictions.
After 30 years of use internationally in Europe and Canada low-level laser therapy is available through clinical research trials being conducted here in the United States. Low-level laser is being studied in the U.S. to determine if it helps treat nicotine addiction and aid in weight loss.

Their clinic's tranquil atmosphere reflects a compassionate and innovative organization truly committed to helping people all over the globe live healthy, happy and productive lives.

Freedom Laser

Freedom Laser Therapy Clinics gifted celebrities with laser treatments for weight loss and a treatment to quit smoking.

Black Box Wines are high-end wine at an everyday price. Black Box Wines makes America's highest quality boxed wine. Their vintage dated wines come from the world's premier growing regions. Boxed wines from their winery are available in retail stores throughout the US and parts of Canada.

Black Box Wine

You can enjoy their excellent tasting wine in a box for about half the price you would pay for a bottled wine of the same quality. As an additional bonus, their 3-liter bag-in-box package protects the wine, keeping it fresh for at least 4 weeks after opening.

Crustacean restaurant was on hand with their incredibly delicious appetizers. The An Family restaurants are favorite of the San Francisco and Beverly Hills elite.

According to their web site: 'This is a story of three generations of strong willed Vietnamese women who rose from heartbreaking and devastating loss of home and country to building a multi-million dollars food and hospitality conglomerate. It is a story of a family who not only survived, but successfully reestablished their new lives in a foreign country and in doing so, found themselves a commitment to a heritage and a passion for tradition, 'A Culinary Tradition' which is now the core of the An Family Story. In the end, there is truly a 'Happy Ending.'

Lawrence Davis at Crustacean Booth

Wow, were those appetizers YUMMY! As I write this I am craving their garlic crab, which is made in their top-secret kitchen. The kitchen is like a locked vault where the secret family recipes are prepared.

They also do fantastic catering. I'm serious when I say that as I write this article I don't think I can even wait until my date tomorrow night to go there for that crab. I have to see if one of my friends wants to go tonight. My date will just have to take me another time.  

Bodega Chocolates

Bodega Chocolates are so creamy and rich tasting. There are among my very favorite chocolates and have been for years. They now also make many varieties of really delicious, award-winning gourmet chocolate covered apples in dark or white chocolate with creamy, chewy caramel. You can have them with or without fresh roasted almonds. They also make an array of cookies and pastries and beverages and desserts. They also offer a sugar free collection.

Glenn Laiken of Alandales

According to Allendale's owner, Glenn Laiken. 'It's all about looking and feeling your best...There is a science to looking your very best and I know how to help you achieve this goal. It's about creating a look that is for you and only you. Using your personal colors of hair, skin and eyes and incorporating your individual textures and shapes allow me to create your personal image. This process enables you to know what clothing and accessories look best on you so everyday is a "Great Day". This process is called your "Personal Imaging."

Dominic Barbar who has been one of the top hairdressers in Los Angeles for the past 7 years owns Barbar. When he is not styling hair he is working with his other passion, oil painting. His works can be seen at and are for sale. Dominic has a full line of really super brushes and makes the Barbar Permanent Hair Straightening System. They also have other wonderful hair care products and even instructional videos for sale. 

"Sugar Shock"

'Sugar Shock'  is a book written by Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C.  It dishes the sour scoop about sweets and gives you simple strategies to break free of your sugar habit for good.

Sherry with Dr. Daniel Taheri

Dermatologist, Dr. Daniel Taheri of LA Laser Center gave gift certificates for one of his innovative treatments. He does all types of laser treatments, Velasmooth treatments for cellulite, Photofacials, Laser acne treatments and various other treatments to turn back the clock.

Vidalia Grill was at the event demonstrating the food cooked with the Vidalia Grill. I have to say the fish, chicken and meat tasted incredibly flavorful and was so moist and tender. I would have actually bought one of their grills if I had the space for it. They didn't even put any sauce on any of it, yet it was as good as the best I've had. And it may have been even better.

There are many forms and styles of outdoor cooking and most grills allowed you to do one or two things on a grill like, searing steaks and hamburgers. Other forms of outdoor cooking like, cooking chickens and ribs or smoking, steaming, or frying required yet another grill designed for that particular style of cooking.  

The Vidalia Grill is designed to allow you to use different styles and forms when cooking outdoors. It cooks with gas or charcoal or wood or a combination. It cooks direct for searing and Indirect for baking, roasting, or smoking. It steams seafood and/or vegetables. It cooks whole chickens or turkeys without a rotisserie. And it comes with a 99 Year warranty. I want one! 

Art by BUA

Artist Justin Bua gifted us with one of his beautiful chic Urban posters.  His work expresses his life experience growing up in New York during the birth of Hip Hop.  His work is refreshingly original.  His art transports you into the world of his subject.


Bodyglove is the company those of us who love the water, love. They have always made magnificent wetsuits, and surfer gear, but now they make all kinds of things with their strong rugged material. They gave us ipod cases to protect are ipods. Bodyglove has a full array of awesome products for both men and women. They even make body boards, surfboards, infant carriers, music products and they have some limited edition products as well.

Dogswell makes really tasty and delicious doggy jerky and treats which are made with 'human quality' ingredients. How do I know they're so tasty? No, I didn't eat them---but my dog and my friend's dog are going nuts over them. In fact when I open the door she's been insisting that I give her one before she'll calm down.  Ok---don't tell Cesar on me.                   

"Who's Your Daddy?"

'Who's Your Daddy?' is one of a slew of energy drinks on the market. The difference with this one is' it actually tastes great. I usually can't bear the taste of energy drinks. Some of them taste like fresh mud to me. But I love 'Who's Your Daddy?'.


O'Coco's Chocolate Crisps are a new way to do chocolate. They're an indulgent but healthy snack. These thincredible cocoa crisps fulfill your chocolate desires without the high calories. O'Coco's amazing flavor comes from the finest organic ingredients like dark cocoa powder, real vanilla, and evaporated cane juice. O'Coco's are low in fat and contain nothing artificial. So you can feed your chocolate craving and keep your conscience clear.


Fill your home with the rich blends of Archipelago Botanicals candles. Each Archipelago Botanicals candle is hand poured, using only the finest ingredients and fragrance oils available. Made from a premium wax blend containing more than 50% natural soy wax, Archipelago Botanicals candles burn longer and cleaner than regular candles. They smell fantastic, even when they aren't lit.

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