Distinctive Assets Gift Lounge Review - Fabulous Gifts For The 6th Annual TV Land Award Presenters, Performers & Honorees

Distinctive Assets presents another spectacle, as usual, as they present its Talent Gift Lounge to the stars at the 6th Annual TV Land Awards ceremony

Distinctive Assets presents another spectacle, as usual, as they present its Talent Gift Lounge to the stars at the 6th Annual TV Land Awards ceremony. The Presenters, Performers and Honorees will be introduced to fantastic products from innovative vendors, and I was lucky enough to be present.

Designed by J. Gatsby, the gifting lounge was all dress up in a comfortable tent full of rich and bold colors that draped each and every corner of the tent. I felt like I was in another place at another time.  J Gatsby can make an extravaganza for any event.

Credited for launching the craze of over-the-top celebrity swag at major award shows such as the Grammy’s, American Music Awards, Kids’ Choice, MTV Movie Awards, Latin Grammy’s, Academy of Country Music Awards, HBO Comedy Festival and other high profile events, Distinctive Assets is thrilled to pamper and indulge our favorite TV stars of past and present with a private gift selection for celebrities backstage at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.

TV Land is the network that brings all the good old, nostalgic shows back to the present day. Who care’s of we’ve seen them over and over. These shows are classics: The Monsters, I love Lucy, the Brady Bunch, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Andy Griffith Show. The list goes on and on and These celebrities deserve a swag by the best - Distinctive Assets.

The TV Land Awards is the network's sixth annual salute to Classic TV stars, shows and the individuals whose work has endured the test of time. Several awards will be bestowed upon some of television's legendary series and stars. Throughout the two-hour telecast, TV Land will feature dozens of celebrated past and present TV performers as well as musical tributes, show parodies and reunions of some of the most iconic casts from television’s most beloved shows. 
The Talent Gift Lounge included the following vendors:

Marchon designer sunglasses www.marchon.com

It’s important to wear sunglasses and Marchon designer sunglasses can protect you and make you look good as well. Since its founding in 1983, Marchon eyewear has grown into one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of quality eyewear and sun wear. Marchon has built an extensive portfolio of some of the world's most prestigious fashion and sport brands to complement its strong Marchon house brands: Calvin Klein, Coach, Disney, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Michael Kors, Nautica, Nike, Sean John, X Games. Marchon is consistently recognized for bringing new designs and technologies to the eyewear market.

Bling Yourelf Jewelry

Bling Yourself Jewelry - www.blingyourself.com

Now I can afford to wear red carpet worthy jewelry with Bling Yourself Jewelry without breaking my budget. Bling Yourself Jewelry will come to the rescue. Rent genuine designer jewelry worth thousands of dollars without going broke - for men and women! Bling Yourself Jewelry offered guests with subscriptions to their service. Renting Bling Yourself Jewelry is just as easy as renting a video from Netflix.

Samuel L. Jackson thought the concept behind Bling Yourself was very cool – he said he was going to have his wife check out the site and rent some jewelry from it. Jodie Sweetin also loved the service and was excited about the membership.

Livescribe Audio Pens

Livescribe Pulse Smartpenwww.livescribe.com

The pen that I’ve been waiting for is finally here. The Livescribe Pulse Smartpen records and links audio to what you write, so you never miss a word. The Livescribe Pulse, also records audio as you're writing. It’s The perfect gift for a journalist or student or anyone who takes notes. Oscar Nunez ( The Office) and is wife were seen picking up the  Livescribe pen and his wife remarked “This could be great when we’re talking about ideas and you’re talking too fast for me to write!”

Big Feet Pajamas

Big Feet Pajamas - www.bigfeetpjs.com

I felt so nostaligic when I saw Big Feet Pajamas. The Big Feet Pajama Co. offers those same footed pajamas that you loved as a kid, to juniors, as well as adult men and women of nearly every shape and size. Made from the finest shirting flannel, cotton knit, micro-polar fleece and wool cashmere fabrics available, you’re sure to love Big Feet Pajamas. They’re unique, whimsical, practical, but most importantly, they’re the most comfortable sleepwear you’ll ever wear! Big Feet Pajamas will never go out of style. There here forever! Kathy Griffin picked up a pair of Big Feet Pajamas for her and Lance Bass to wear on her show. Samuel L. Jackson also picked up Big Feet Pajamas for him and his wife.

Chick Necessities

Chick Necessitieswww.chicknecessities.com

It’s nice to see a chick in charge. Chick Necessities handed out totes, tanks, and hats. Chick Necessities includes novelty tees and accessories designed for the Chick In Charge and includes custom totes and tees featuring hip and trendy graphics designed to market the brand of various retailers, a twist on the popular logo-wear trend. Their 'recycled' tees and totes hit the mark for eco-conscious retailers. Jodie Sweetin loved the baby items from Chick Necessities and Penny Marshall wanted to get the Chick Necessities iPod accessories!

fūl Backpacks

fūl www.ful.com

I was glad to see a back pack that is made to protect your back. If you don’t have the right bag or backpack to carry your items, you an actually injure yourself. fūl created an active lifestyle brand specializing in bags and backpacks for people who refuse to sit on the sidelines. fūl was founded with one goal in mind, "Create quality bags and apparel for individuals who believe in living life to the fullest."  fūl creates bags which support your lifestyle (and your back) by combining design, functionality, and durability.



TANKFARM describes its style as the new American romance – a blend of timeless vintage and adapted streetwear for the modern day working man. Like the products they make, the brand name reflects a juxtaposition of strength and fortitude (tank), as well as work ethic and courting nature (farm). Their emphasis on quality, durability, and sustainability are at the forefront of every design. The Tankfarm movement strives to be the brand that can outfit the working man’s daily life and his ongoing journey.

Thirsty Towels

Thirsty Towels - www.ThirstyTowels.com

I couldn’t wait to try on my Micro-Terry Robe. It’s superiorly soft and warm thanks to its fleece like interior without the added bulk of a lining. On the outside, it looks like terry, but ten times softer, plusher and very resistant to pulls and snags. The interior is a super soft fleece finish that is sure to keep the warmth in. Perfect for morning lounging. Exclusively made for Thirsty Towels. This robe has been dubbed "The Favorite" by posh spas and boutiques around the country.

Wine Hall

Hall Wine - www.hallwines.com

Hall Wine from Napa Valley laid out glasses filled with classic white and red wine. If you want to try their wines, join their wine club and have exclusive access to their rarest wines, sublime small-lot wines crafted solely for the sake of the club, invitations to coveted events and VIP access to the Hall winery. Rosanne loved the wine from Hall. Dick Van Dyke said “thank you so much… I can’t drink it before the show. I have to be somewhere in August.”

My DNA Fragrance www.mydnafragrance.com

Your scent in a bottle. My DNA Fragrance will take your DNA code and come up with your very own scent in a bottle – no other scent will be the same. William Shatner loved the My DNA Fragrance, in fact he said “ I would love that for my wife. I can finally see what she smells like!!” Kathy Griffin exclaimed “It’s like a pregnancy test! That’s AWESOME!”

MEK Denim

MEK Denimwww.mekdenim.com

Mek Denim was a hit with Samuel L. Jackson – he had worn MEK previously at Sundance and was given a pair of the Easton Jeans. MEK is also sending him more of their denim in the black rinse. Jodie Sweetin, Barry Williams and Meredith Monroe also loved MEK Denim – in fact Jodie had previously contacted MEK about wearing their jeans in a photo shoot. Mek Denim was a hit with Samuel L. Jackson – he had worn MEK previously at Sundance and was given a pair of the Easton Jeans. MEK is also sending him more of their denim in the black rinse.

Leaine Dehmer Clinical Skincare

Leaine Dehmer clinical skincare™- www.leainedehmer.com

Leaine Dehmer’s purpose is to share with you the most advanced up-to-date knowledge for achieving healthy, youthful skin. She is dedicated to giving you the best anti-aging skincare therapies. In addition, she has uniquely created and scientifically designed with nature at its purest form. Teri Hatcher picked up a gift certificate and skincare from Leaine Dehmer Clinical Skincare and Meredith Monroe was really excited about the product line as well!

Johnny B. Haircare and Color Edge Products

Johnny B. Haircare- www.johnnybhaircare.com

Johnny B is a professional haircare product line made specifically for those that love that “classic” look. They have an extensive array of pomades, gels, and sprays and are sure to keep you completely satisfied and looking “tops” all night long. Henry Winkler thought the scent of the Johnny B. Hair Care was  “great” and Samuel L Jackson remarked that having a 2-in-1 shower and shaving product was a great idea. They also offered products from Color Edge.

Young At Heart Art

Young At Heart Art www.youngatheartart.com

Artist, Travis Hedemann is a true artist with a unique eye, and his art makes you smile and feel good. His passion is to create fun art for people of all ages to enjoy using happy subject matter and vibrant colors. His work also includes tailor-made paintings for individuals, focusing on their interests and preferences. His work also brightens the homes of collectors and celebrities alike. A few celebrities that own his paintings are Courteney Cox and David Arquette, Reese Witherspoon, Adam Sandler, Frank Sinatra Jr., and George Rodrigue (BlueDog)

Angela Kinsey loved the Young At Heart Art artwork and picked up a postcard to check out the new paintings that they have. Samuel L. Jackson asked the owner of Young At Heart Art, Travis Hedemann, if he could email him a few paintings that he would like him to do. Dawn Wells said that she thinks Young At Heart Art would be perfect for the Idaho Film Festival.

Xocai No Guilty Chocolate

Xocai www.no-guilt-chocolate.com

Xocai is cold pressed and unprocessed chocolate that taste wonderful and can  help you lose weight without having sweet cravings. I didn’t believe it, but after one bite, I was hooked. Alison Antrim loved the No-Guilt-Chocolate, in fact she remarked “I’ve eaten the best Belgian Chocolate and this is right up there.” Cindy Williams also said “you should make chocolate toothpaste!”
Each of the TV legends in attendance also received a Gift Basket loaded with goodies from Play by Play, www.handefend.com, The Sports Club/LA, Bullyware, Tiny Prints, Solavie, D-Lux 57, Giacini Atelier, La Costa Resort & Spa, Soy Basic, Symantec, Dr. Collins, Function Drinks, Sapphire Professional Whitening, popchips, LIVE, Play Couture, Organic Food Bar, Sheila Kelley’s S Factor, Royal Accessories, Be! Products, Radica, Janyse, Playboy, Pharmagel and Numi Organic Tea.

Distinctive Assets presents another spectacle, as usual, as they present its Talent Gift Lounge to the stars at the 6th Annual TV Land Awards

Distinctive Assets is known for bringing fun and fashionable gifts for lavish, grand events. Distinctive Assets spearheaded the celebrity swag industry in 1999 and provides celebrity placement, product introduction and branding opportunities within the entertainment industry.

For more information see www.distinctiveassets.com

All Photos by Lawrence Davis

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