Debbie Durkin's Main Event Red Carpet Lounge and Green Suite Review - Celebrity Green Gifting Chateau

Honoring the 2008 Emmy Award nominees, presenters, and past winners, Debbie Durkin’s Main Event Red Carpet Lounge and Green Suite presented The Celebrity Green Gifting Chateau! The Chateau took place at a private multimillion-dollar Hancock Park estate on September 18th through the 20th.

Partnering with Platform Media and the Green Experts at the Environmental Media services, Debbie Durkin/Durkin Entertainment, Inc. produced a 100% sustainable Charity event that keeps on giving. During the day, the eco-friendly event featured spa services, celebrity gifting, “greening tips,” and Wire Image’s Michael Bezjian Celebrity Green Portraiture Studio with LA artist Daniel Maltzman’s paintings. In the evening, the Celebrity Poker Challenge was held and hosted by and dealt by The Dealer Dolls.

Take a look at the celebrities were provided!


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Easy eco-living tips are delivered in a short, sassy email each weekday. Custom designed Biter Bags were the official Celebrity Green Gifting Chateau Red Carpet Nominee Gift Bags.

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Wisteria Lane Flower

The flowers Wisteria Lane Flower Shop includes in their bouquets are organic, eco-friendly, and extra special because the farmers and the earth are treated with respect.

Wisteria Lane Flowers is the new floral supplier for the set of the Bonnie Hunt Show.

Debbie Durkin's Main Event Red Carpet Lounge and Green Gift Suite was a major hit with the celebrities! Providing them with all natural and organic gifts is a perfect way to start or contiue a naturally healthy lifestyle!

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