Consumer Product Events Nutrition and Fitness Review - Great New Products for 2010!

Consumer Product Events

The Consumer Product Events connects consumer packaged goods with the press who are looking to report about them. For the month of September, the theme was Nutrition and Fitnessand there were some new and very interesting products. Here’s what they had to showcase.

All One –

All you need is one scoop of All One High Potency Powder Multivitamin in your favorite juice or smoothie. The 35 year old company is family owned. Their product has vitamins, amino acids and New Zealand protein which are known to have the highest standards in the world.

Lupus Race for Life –

The primary function of Lupus International is to alleviate suffering for lupus patients through patient services, including education, early detection of undiagnosed cases through awareness promotion, and to eradicate lupus by supporting lupus research. 

There is hope. Since 1983, they have provided thousands of people with educational and supportive services.  Furthermore, they assist those affected by lupus to live fuller, more productive lives.

Inform to Live –

Kathryln Linehan works with Inform Fitness to help you increase bone density , lower body fat and increase energy in 30 minutes a week.

National Ski Patrol –

Southern California Ski Patrols are looking for individuals with a strong desire to help others. They are a volunteer organizations who serve snow sports enthusiasts.

David Kirsch’s Butt Book -

If you can’t get to David Kirsch’s gym in New York try his Butt Book that’s full of illustrations to improve any butt size or shape. He can make them higher, smaller, rounder and tighter.

NightWave Sleep Assistant  -

Smooth deep breathing assistant will help you breath yourself to sleep.

ROM Machine –

It’s a big machine, but you get big results. And you only work out for four minutes, but get the results from a 45 to 90 minute conventional exercise routine. I tried it and I got a good workout as well as more flexibility.

Dream Field Pasta –

Dream Pasta has fewer digestible carbs, the same high fiber as 2 cups of broccoli, and it can help you manage your blood sugar. Dreamfields even has the great taste and al dente texture of authentic pasta.

Wake Up On Time –

You can stop hitting your snooze button and throw away your alarm clock. Wake Up On Time is your new wake up call. All you do is take one or two pills eight hours before you want to wake up. The secret is the time release ingredients. Another product is Go Away Grey. The pill will stop your hair from going grey with a magical ingredient called catalase, which the absence of, can turn your hair gray. 

Since I'm not a morning person, I was excited to try Wake Up On Time. It works! I'm anxious to try their Go Away Grey to get rid of my grey highlights.
In Grow Medi Cream –

In grown hair, razor bumps, rash wax, skin irritation are gone with In Grow Medi Cream with regular use.

Miraclesuit –

Lose 10 pounds in 10 seconds with Miraclesuite. Their suits are engineered to make a women look slimmer and feel better.

Founder of Consumer Products Events Alyson Dutch

It’s always nice to meet new and seasoned entrepreneurs and discover new products. If you have in grown hair, gray hair, need new vitamins or want to become a ski patrol you have more choices to choose from.

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