Consumer Product Events Eco Friendly Gear for 2010 Review

Consumer Products Events at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica

The Consumer Products Events for November was held at the Viceroy hotel in Santa Monica, CA. The theme was Eco Gear Products for 2010 from entrepreneurs who have the opportunity to display their latest Eco Gear products for 2010.


Here are the vendors:

Pacific  Shaving Company –

The Pacific Shaving Company manufactures environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional shaving products. Their signature product is a 3 oz bottle of essential oils that will last 400 shaves (that’s equivalent to six cans of shaving creams).

Vapor –


Vapor is a reusable water bottle that’s durable and dishwasher safe. Fill it half way with water and freeze it. Then fill the rest with water and take it to go. You can fold it roll it or flatten when it’s empty.

  Verterra Dinnerware –

Verterra Dinnerware all-natural and adds a chic touch of nature to your table. Their durable and versatile single-use product available. You can use them to bake in the oven, store in the fridge, and reheat in the microwave..VerTerra is made from fallen leaves, steam, heat and pressure. – no chemicals, no toxins.

Crown –

Crown is an all natural topical solution available for thinning hair.

Instant Button for Jeans -

Instant Button® for Jeans is a removable and reusable button that instantly and seamlessly alters the waistband up to one and a half sizes without requiring a belt or an alteration. Instant Button for Jeans comes in a set of two buttons with 2 post lengths (6mm and 8mm), one of each, to accommodate the various jeans thickness.

Indigenous Designs -

Since 1994, Indigenous Designs has been a fair trade organic vertical supplier of contemporary handmade fashion.  All garments are made with extreme care, luxurious organic fibers and by artisans that are paid a Fair Trade wage. Indigenous is one of a very few apparel companies that have been awarded the prestigious international Social Responsibility Business Awards for pioneering social and environmental integrity within the apparel industry.

DSI Energy Saver Green Power Strip –

This new product “goes green” by using a master socket that controls the other outlets on the DSI Energy Saver Green Power Strip. Meaning when a device such as a TV is plugged into the master socket and then turned on, the other sockets with your cable box, DVD player, and sound system will then be powered on.

Other vendors at the event were: 


Incognito Bikes

Earth Footwear

Green is Beautiful


Happy Tiffin

Rebirth Bicycles

Consumer Products Events are one day showcases where reporters can sample products for new content.


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