Carolina Herrera and John Varvatos Couture Eyewear Hits the Red Carpet at the 2006 Emmy Awards

Los Angeles, Ca (August 25, 2006) The 2006 Emmy Awards brought together the hottest stars on television on one of the hottest summer days in Los Angeles. Spending a sunny summer afternoon on the red carpet calls for one of fashion's most important accessories: sunglasses! In celebration and preparation for the Emmy's, Clifford Public Relations hosted an exclusive event that unveiled the newest lines of couture eyewear by Carolina Herrera and John Varvatos. Celebrities received a private fitting for a pair of designer sunglasses to wear while walking the entertainment industry's most important runway, the red carpet. 

Dr. Blake Kuwahara, emperor of eyewear, personally fitted each celebrity for a pair of designer sunglasses to accompany their lavish gowns or handsome tuxedos. Dr. Kuwahara is truly an expert in when it comes to eyewear. He received his Doctorate of Optometry from UC Berkeley and began his career working as an optometrist in Los Angeles. Since his Berkeley days, he has been designing eyewear for Liz Claiborne, Hanae Mori, and Isaac Mizrahi, as well as fulfilling his duties as the Creative Director and Vice President of Design for Base Curve, a leading manufacturer of luxury eyewear. Someone this good has to start their own line, right? Well, Dr. Kuwahara did just that by creating KATA Eyewear. Celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Will Smith, Halle Berry, and Samuel L. Jackson are fans of Dr. Kuwahara and KATA Eyewear.

Celebrities weren't the only ones to try on a pair of Carolina Herrera or John Varvatos sunglasses! Our very own publisher and editor-in-chief, Lawrence Davis, and I also had the opportunity to adorn our faces with this exclusive eyewear couture. And for me, bigger is better' for sunglasses, that is (wink, wink)!

The 2006 Emmy Awards marked the grand debut of Carolina Herrera's first line of sunglasses. Every single pair was just as elegant, chic, and exquisite as Carolina Herrera herself! Styles ranged from the eber-trendy, Jackie O's to wire-framed, more athletic looks, and everything in between. The fine, elegant details apparent in Herrera's clothing were reflected in every frame. Every pair, for example, was branded with a tiny, yet very elaborate, 'H' on both corners of the frames. While adorning a pair of Herrera sunglasses, I couldn't help but feel chic, stylish, and perhaps a little like the world's most fashionable fashionista, Carolina Herrera.


John Varvatos also introduced his new eyewear line for this year's Emmy Awards. Varvatos eyewear is geared towards men oozing with elan, confidence, and a cool, laid back style. Aviator lenses were aplenty in both plastic and metal frames. The coloring of each frame was so exquisite and unique that within one pair of sunglasses, no two sides were colored exactly the same. Varvatos also included a more athletic style in his collection. These pairs of sunglasses were very practical for those sporty men, yet retained their modish, cool appeal. A man wearing a pair of John Varvatos sunglasses while on a run' H-O-T!

Sunglasses are a wardrobe essential all year long. Why should celebrities have all the fun? Add a little red carpet style to your couture collection with Carolina Herrera or John Varvatos couture eyewear.

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