The Boom Boom Room 2010 - Splendiferous Celebration of the 2010 Golden Globe Awards

I would have said that it couldn’t ever get any better, but I have to say that each successive Boom Boom Room offers such an extraordinary array of new and creative vendors, innovative genius in the world of children and their parents and anyone else in their lives, that it sure seems to get better each year!!  2010's Golden Globe celebration at the Boom Boom Room again combined some of the biggest names in the baby and kid's industry with some brand-spankin' new upstarts, mother and daughter companies, family companies, eco-friendly products, and on and on and on.  I have to say that I was duly impressed.

Jayneoni Moore was once again our honorable host for this marvelous event, supporting SERVICE and offering a fantastic play area for the kids sponsored by Fisher-Price, a Luxury Mommy Lounge hosted by BC Magazine, Arts and Crafts by Alex, and a kids reading area thanks to Eric Carle.

Of course, you want to know what eye-catching, heart-stopping and titillating celebrities graced the event, right?  Well, consider your wish granted and check out the list:
Abigail Spencer, Ali Landry, Aonika Laurent, Busy Phillips, Chad Lowe , Christina MIllian, Constance Marie, Evan Handler, Greg Vaughan, Jodie Sweetin, Joely Fisher, Joey Lawrence, Kate Linder, Kathleen Robertson, Kevin Frazer, Kim Porter, Larry Birkhead, Marisa Coughlan, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Mayim Byalik, Michelle Stafford, Ming Na, Nancy O’Dell, Nicole Sullivan, Penelope Ann Miller, Samantha Harris, Sarah Wynter, Sean Patrick Thomas, Scott Baio, Shar Jackson, Tiffany Thiessen, Tisha Campbell-Martin and more.  Don't you wish you could have been there?!?!

And the second thing I'm sure your curious minds want to know is what were some of the incredible products vendors were showing off!!  So wait not a moment further because here it comes:

Having a C-section?  Heading into your third trimester and feeling like your middle is going to tip you over?  You have to check out AbdoMend.  Offering soft, adjustable, cotton binders that will support your changing body before and after childbirth, AbdoMend wants to help you heal faster, with less pain and minimal scarring.  Just what you want too, right?  Providing a C-section Recover Kit plus other supports that will assist your healing process from any abdominal surgery, AbdoMend also walks you through massage, brushing and other self-healing techniques that will speed up your recovery, aiming at the best possible journey and results possible.

AbdoMend Booth

Check out their Website!


Amy Tangerine
Amy Tan
is the designer of crafty and fun knit tops for women, toddlers and babies.  The line features embroidery and witty, flirty phrases that will make moms and kids alike fashionable and "juicy"!  Found in boutique stores around the country and online, Hollywood is in love with Amy TangerineAmy Tan is also working with Kristen Harmel, longtime contributor to People Magazine and author of "Italian for Beginners", "The Art of French Kissing" and more.  Harmel's latest book, "After" is due out in early February and we got a sneak peak at Amy Tan's table.  A book aimed at the teen audience, After is a sweet and engaging story of a teenage girl working through not only the trials and tribulations of growing up, but doing so in the face of the devastating loss of her father.  I whipped through it - the teenagers out there are sure to as well.

Amy Tangerine and "Again" Display



Apple Park
Here is a perfect example of a brand new company with a great product and message.  Apple Park, whose products are both baby-safe and environmentally responsible, was just founded in 2009 by the forces of Angie Ting, who had the dream of creating safe and eco-friendly toys for her two children, and Susan and Chloe Pate, a mother and daughter team from the San Francisco company Pate International, who helped Angie make the dream a reality.  Awesome, right?  In fact, Apple Park's production facility is certified by Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS)Really impressive!  The 5 "picnic Pals" characters are sweet, simple childhood soft toy creatures: monkey, lamb, bear, bunny and ducky.  Their story focuses on the joys and beauty of nature, the ability of the different creatures to live together in harmony and their desire to love the Earth and you!!  They are even working on a series of books to help the characters, the story and the message come to life even more. 

Apple Park Booth

You have to check out their website here!

is a company created by a team of designers and parents focused on making better products for children.  BABISIL Elegant is their premium line of baby products including BPA-free bottles and toddler tableware.  Their " Munch Set", which includes a bowl anchor, a bendy spoon and silicone bib with a hilarious character design, allows you to bring your munchkin along when eating out and minimizing the chance of mess.  Any parent's dream!  

BABISIL's Munch Set - bowl anchor, bib and bendy spoon


See their entire product line here.

Balboa Baby
Featuring the Serene Sling and the Nursing Cover, Balboa Baby showed off their knit, flexible baby sling in a number of lovely patterns and colors.  Offered in sizes XS to XL, the sling is designed to fit any adult and give them ease of movement while keeping baby cozy and comfortable.  The Nursing Cover is contoured to cover mother and child securely, allowing for a safe cocoon of privacy for nursing.  Balboa Baby was created by the team of Shirley Pepys, her son Noel Pepys and the famous Dr. William Sears.

Serene Sling by Balboa Baby


Booby Trapper
Yes, you read it right!!  The Booby Trapper is a nursing canopy that allows mom and baby to see each other at all times, due to a patent-pending design.  The Booby Trapper encloses Mom's sides and front for complete modesty, yet has a circular rim at the top which holds the canopy away from baby's face and leaving an unobstructed view between mother and child.  Of course, they come in an array of fun and fabulous designs so you can choose the one that's right for you!

The Booby Trapper nursing canopy


Brainy Baby
Brainy Baby, as you might guess, wants your baby to love learning!  So their product line is focused on fun, interactive ways to provide children with educational and delightful experiences.  From 6 months old, you can find something here for you child.  They offer plush toys with multiple different elements of touch and sound; puzzles, flashcards and games; and a full line of DVDs ranging from shapes or colors to learning a new language! 

Brainy Baby Display

Start your child's education off right and check out their Website!

Bratt Decor
Back again this year, Bratt Decor brought their distinctive style and beautiful craftsmanship with them, displaying their Chelsea sleigh crib and dresser in antique silver.  Stunning!  Can you blame Tori Spelling (or any of the other long list of celebs) for shopping with these guys?  It's amazing what can come from a newly married couple who can't find the furniture they want for their on-the-way-baby!!  They can't find it, they make it and now everyone else gets the chance to get one too!

Bratt Decor Booth

Check out all their collections at their Website

Bright Starts
Bright Starts has been around for over 40 years.  They have an extensive line of baby and children's toys, playards, swings, bouncers, bath and personal care and more.  Their motivation is happy, laughing and developing babies and they develop their products to create just that.  Besides sharing an array of delightful toys with the attendees, Bright Starts also had on display their InGenuity™ line, showing the Cradle & Sway™ Swing and Automatic Bouncer™.  I'd have gotten in for a swing if I'd have fit!

Bright Starts Display of InGenuity line

See their extensive selection here.

Is there a parent of young kids out there who hasn't heard of Britax??  I mean, come on!  Don't we all have one of their carseats in our backseats?  And they keep on developing newer and greater stuff!  This time they have created a bunch of extra bells and whistles to make you - the parent - smile and breathe a sigh of relief.  The True Side Impact Protection™ system "distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion, contains the head and body, and keeps the head, neck and spine 'in true' or aligned, to limit injury."  Then there's the " Quick-Adjust Head Restraint and No-Rethread Harness".  What does that mean?  It means that with a simple turn of a knob you can adjust the harness to the perfect fit for your child WITHOUT having to pull the harness out of the seat and re-threading it!!  Are you smiling yet?

Britax Booth

Enough from me - check out more on their Website

Chef Antonio
Chef Antonio was back again to inspire more kids to cook and more parents to get their kids into the kitchen with them!  If you don't already have the book -  "Chicken Soup for the Soul - Kids in the Kitchen" - what are you waiting for?!?!  It's as easy as logging onto!  There is nothing like having the family together in the kitchen, all working together, to make a meal.  This book can share with you stories, recipes, games and more to help get the youngsters to head in there with you and then be really glad they did!  Memories made here will last a lifetime.

Chef Antonio with " Chicken Soup for the Soul - Kids in the Kitchen"

Be sure to get your copy at or other online or retail bookstore


The intention of ChicPapoose is to provide you with a way to carry your child while maintaining your own personal sense of style.  Created by a work-at-home mom, these carriers are simple, versatile and fashionable.  The celebrity attendees at the Boom Boom Room were all about ChicPapoose, using them to carry their little ones around the rest of the show!  The styles are all named after the friends and family that inspired them (i.e. Lindsay, Paullee and Alex) – how creative is that?  Each carrier is a combination of two coordinating fabrics, one patterned and one solid, so each ChicPapoose is actually two slings in one!  Keep your fashion sense intact while keeping baby snuggled close with ChicPapoose!

ChicPapoose Booth

See all the styles here

Crazyoleez Crayons
What a great idea!  Crayons that combine a multitude of colors into one fabulous unit and then are molded into creative and fun shapes that kids (and their parents!) will love!  And I LOVE the quote on their website: "In a crazy world . . . it's the bits and pieces of life that create its beauty.  Children don't see things in black and white.  They inspire us to dream in color, to look outside the box . . . the crayon box - that is."  Doesn't that just say it all?  That, and the fact that my daughter has been unwilling to put down her Crazyoleez star for more than a moment for days now!  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit small hands and creative young minds.  And think outside the box, as they say, because you can get custom-made shapes if you have a special event or group to provide for.  I think I'm going to go steal one of my daughter's Crazyoleez right now and have my own fun!

Crayoleez Booth


Creative Clips by Colleen
These hair clips are just great!  Sequins, beads, ribbons and fun shapes and designs make these clips a great addition to your daughter's hair accessory drawer.  Even a simple, small bow stands out thanks to the shimmer and shine of the sequins and my daughter can't get enough!  Made with Velcro, these clips are sure to stay put too!

Creative Clips by Colleen and Piggy Paints

Check out their Website for their headbands and hats too!

Another fabulous Earth-friendly company!  I love this!  Dandelion is "everything eco-ssential" for baby - organic teethers, toys and rattles; silverware made from corn; organic totes; and more!  I'm just delighted to see the focus on eco-friendly products that are both safe and nurturing for our children, but also teach us all to love and nurture the planet we all live on.  Hurrah!

Dandelion Display


Here's one for the moms!  And created by moms too!  Two salon-owning moms created this line of hair care to both out-perform other brands and still be safer and more natural.  Offering shampoo, conditioner, and styling products that are dye, paraben and sulfate-free, we finally have a chance to have the glam look we all want without all the damaging ingredients found in most leading haircare products.  Not only all that, but the company also donates a portion of every sale directly to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  You gotta try it!

Danu Hair Products


Dropper Stopper
How many times have you been toolin' around town with your little one in the stroller and suddenly you realize that the toy your child was carrying or the bottle/cup they were drinking from has vanished?  You panic and rush around to find the missing item, even retracing your steps blocks or even miles back?  I know I have!  So here comes Dropper Stopper - which does exactly what the name suggests!  You attach one end to the toy or cup, the other end to the stroller and viola!  Even if your angel decided to intentionally or otherwise toss it overboard, there it remains, hanging on tight to the stroller.  Day (and sanity) saved!

Dropper Stopper Booth


is focusing their attention on healthy skincare for babies, kids and the planet.  Inspired by Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", the new Episencial line for young children, including newborns, features illustrations of the book's favorite fruits, the caterpillar and the sun, giving parents a kids a new communication between bathtime and storytime.  This line incorporates an all natural, filled-with-organics, formula plus Episential manufactures in the U.S. using solar power and recycled and sustainable packaging.  Prices are easy on the pocketbook to boot!  Fabulous combination!

Episencial Booth


Fat Tie
How easy is it to get your son to don a tie for the latest family wedding or other dress-up event?  Not the easiest, right?  Well, take a look at Fat Tie.  Here's a company who decided to take that pain away and incorporate a snazzy "tie" into a line of hip t-shirts for boys.  Throw a jacket over it and head off to the party or just wear the shirt running around the playground, looking adorable!  Two for the price of one is always a great deal, isn't it?  Great designs for the lads in your life.  Be sure to see them all.

Fat Tie - T-shirt and tie in one



Go GaGa
And you will “Go GaGa” for these bags!  With a collection of ergonomic, stylish and comfortable-to-carry totes, Go GaGa gives you something so versatile that you can use it as a diaper bag, laptop bag, yoga bag or even carry-on travel bag!  Especially designed for your health and comfort, the Go GaGa “patent pending ergonomic strap not only spreads the weight of the bag across your back and shoulders, but also has a sleek style that suits both men and women”.  With a wide array of colors and eco-friendly materials, the Go GaGa bag is as resilient and tenacious as you are, each and every day.  A perfect companion, whatever you choose to use it for!

Go GaGa Display

Check out the options here

Good Nite Lite
Another delight many of us parents-with-young-children enjoy are the mornings when we are pulled out of a deep sleep at 5 or 5:30am because some little person decided it was time to start the day.  Sound familiar?  So how do you teach your child to sleep in a little longer or at least let you sleep in?  The Good Nite Lite is your answer.  This ingenious nightlight can be programmed with a bedtime and wake time.  It will give a soft blue "moon" glow starting at the preset bedtime and remaining so through the night hours.  Once the wake time arrives, the light becomes brightly illuminated into a face of the sun, signaling your youngster that's it's time to wake up.  Behavior modification was never so simple and Mom and Dad will never be so grateful!!

Good Nite Lite Booth


Happy Heinys
Another great return from last year, Happy Heinys is still giving modern moms the many benefits of cloth diapers, but with all the convenience of 2010!  Maintaining their huge variety of diaper types, fashions and sizes, you can the perfect cloth diapers for you and your child - and even love doing it!  Happy Heiny’s also sponsored the Super Changing Station at the Boom Boom Room, keeping bottoms dry and babies smiling!

Happy Heiny's Booth


Icy Diamond Totes
I love these stories of need creating ingenuity creating solution and then sales!!  Here's another mom stuck in a situation where she couldn't find the exact thing she was looking for and so she made it!  And now we all get to benefit!  Icy Diamond Totes are small, insulated bags that are perfect when you need to carry a snack, lunch, medicine or any other cool-reliant item without lugging around an entire cooler with you!  Small enough to hook on your pants or purse, wear as a fanny pack but big enough to pack your toddler's lunch and keep it cool!  Really perfect for the small, cold, essentials.

Icy Diamond Totes Booth

Check out their Website


Izzy Bitzy
Here's a fashion line for you kids AND your pooch!  Yes, Izzy Bitzy offers onsies for the babies and tees for the kids, tweens and pups in your life.  From witty and clever to downright hysterical, the line is inspired by film, rock and now biker legends and will be sure to make you double-take and laugh out loud.  You have to check them out!

Izzy Bitzy Booth


Kid Basix
Founder Bret Plate tells the story of how he woke up one day to find all the water bottles in the house had disappeared.  Why?  His wife had read and article in Mothering Magazine about the dangers of BPA and out they went!  They were replaced by stainless steel, reusable water bottles.  His son, however, still had his plastic sippy cup.  Bret decided that this could be changed and went about to create The Safe Sippy - a stainless steel sippy cup - and the Kid Basix company.  As a forerunner in the revolution of children's drink ware, Kid Basix now has anything you would want for your kids, starting at baby bottles and ending with sports bottles that are great for adults too!  The latest generation of Safe Sippy includes some terrific bonuses like a dust cap, a travel plug, and an adaptor changing the sippy to a straw cup.  Ingenious, safe and sharp lookin' too!

Kid Basix Stainless Steel Drinkware

Take a look at their Website 

If you are a nursing mom who wants to be able to look gorgeous and fashionable, while still having ease and convenience to nurse your baby, Larrivo is for you!  Their chic designs (that anyone would feel amazing wearing) give you not only a feeling of comfort and style, but also uses fabrics with a 4-way stretch, giving you support and superior fit with the patented NurtureBra® Support System with built-in nursing bra.  Hollywood is already in love with Larrivo, as Rachel Weisz, Halle Berry, Elisabeth Röhm, Kim Raver and Courteney Cox will tell you.

Larrivo nursing clothing

See more on their Website 

Little Yellow Chick
If you want some deliciously soft and wonderfully designed baby blankets, you must see Little Yellow Chick's line.  Owner and designer, Jeanne Smith, is yet another entrepreneurial mom and grandmother who's creations were so wildly popular amongst friends and family that a company was born so the rest of us can get a chance to enjoy her creations.  With classic, basic tones to fun and wild fabrics, you are sure to fall in love with these blankees.  And to add a little spice, throw in one of their adorable and equally soft double-sided bibs!

Pink Camo Blanket by Little Yellow Chick



Great to see L'ovedBaby back again this year.  Their line of cotton baby clothing continues to keep babies snug, warm and happy!  I love the muted colors and soft 100% cotton fabric.  Don't forget their 4-in-1 nursing shawl, receiving blankets, arms-free swaddlers and make-your-own gift baskets.  And while you are shopping on their website, be sure to read the " Celebrity L'ovedbabies" section - the L'ove goes both ways!

L'oved Baby Booth


Lubie Land
I'm in love!  And so is my daughter!!  These things are so amazingly cute . . . and so squeezably soft . . . and so toss-around-able!  How can you not love them?  Ok - what are they?  Lubies, of course (pronounced LUH-Bees)!  Lubies are all round, like a ball, but represent more animals than you'd possibly imagine!  Can you picture a giraffe turned into a round ball?  I wouldn't have been able to either if I hadn't seen it.  And my almost-4-year-old can't put it down!  It goes everywhere with us.  It's friend, huggable plush, and ball all rolled into one.  You will want every single one, I promise you that - and your kids might even get a chance to play with them once in a while.

Lubie Land Booth

Take a trip to Lubie Land now!

Maddy Brand
You mom's out there who use bottles for your babies, listen up!  Do you like to get out and about rather than being stuck at home all day?  Having a baby shouldn't mean being imprisoned in your own home, right?  Well, if your child uses a bottle, how many do you have to lug around with you in order to make sure you have a clean one each time they feed?  And if you forget, then how do you properly clean the one you do have??  Not easy, right?  Well, problem solved!  The Maddy Brand™ Tote Brush is a travel bottle brush to make bottle cleaning a cinch wherever you are.  With a telescoping shaft and snap-on cap, it's easy to toss into your purse or diaper bag and yet stretches to full size when you need to clean your bottles.  Great for sippy cups, coffee cups and virtually any other narrow container.  Sure makes things a whole lot easier!

Maddy Brand and their Tote Brushes


Mallow Munchies
Who out there didn't grow up eating rice crispy treats?  I know I did.  Well, Mallow Munchies has brought that childhood favorite back, but with some upgrades!  The marshmallow in these yummy delights is made from scratch, using only natural ingredients - leaving out the preservatives and artificial yuck.  So the end result has all the mmmmmm mmmmmm you want in a fresh-from-the-kitchen kind of way.  Try the classic or delve into some of the decedent dark chocolate, caramel or other flavors.  You'll be comin' back for more!

Mallow Munchies Booth


Mamma's Milk
We've all heard by now (hopefully) that carrying your baby close to your body is a huge benefit in the development of your infant.  Mamma's Milk offers a beautiful selection of slings designed to carry your child in a natural fetal position, close to the sound of your own heartbeat.  From the basic, fitted stretch cotton option to a huge array of adjustable designs in cotton, silk or SolarVeil®, there's plenty to choose from.  And my daughter is thrilled with her toddler-sized sling that she can carry her baby dolls and stuffed animals with.  Too cute!

Mamma's Milk Slings

See their Website for diaper clutches and Swipes too!

Melrose Kids
Here's another stop-my-heart item.  When your youngster falls asleep in the car or stroller, what do they usually look like in their sweet sleep?  An angel or someone who will need some serious chiropractic adjustment upon awakening because their forehead is kissing their elbow?  Most likely the latter!  My daughter is certainly in that category.  In fact my father once commented that it hurt him just to look at her like that!  Melrose Kids has come up with your solution and a GREAT product!  It feels like a large swatch of stretchy fabric - almost like a strangely shaped and oversized ski cap - and pulls over the back of the carseat or umbrella stroller.  Once in position, the front can be pulled down over your child's forehead and it snuggly keeps their head from doing the nappy flop.  Brilliant!  It even comes with 3 slits on the top seam to accommodate tethers and umbrella stroller handles!

Melrose Kids Booth

A must see right here.

Moby Wrap/Simone Layne
And here is the infamous Moby Wrap.  If you haven't tried one, you've certainly heard of them.  Moby Wraps use your entire back and shoulders to carry the weight of your child and keeps them close.  A wide cloth to cover both shoulders, the wrap has no buckles, buttons or snaps - it simply ties into place.  The intention is to have your child close without a lot of bulk to get them there.  Capable of holding a premature infant all the way to a 35lb. toddler, women all over rave about this product.  Now, your toddler can mimic you and the new sibling with their mini Moby Wrap!  In addition to the wrap, we were also introduced to a new division of Moby Wrap - Simone Layne Baby.  A line of knitwear for pregnancy and after, Simone Layne showed us a sample of their children's line with beautiful hooded scarves.  Warm and cozy with handmade appeal.

The Moby Wrap Booth


Momo Baby
Ever seen a silicone bottle?  No, not the teat - the actual bottle itself.  I hadn't either until I checked out Momo Baby.  Flexible and therefore easy to grasp, this and the other products in the Momo Baby line are all rigorously tested to assure safety - meaning totally free of potential dangerous chemicals such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates, PVC, and lead.  All bottles are convertible to sippy cups so they stick with you as your child grows.  Momo Baby also offers innovative tableware for kids.  For example, they offer a travel bowl that seals tight with a lid and in that lid fits a bendy spoon so that you will never forget it!  Another great item is their Detach-a-Bowl:  a 3-sectioned, individually lidded, "bowl" which comes apart so that each section can be individually heated, cooled and/or served.  They offer footwear and bedding too.

Momo Baby's Booth

Check it out: Website

My Rock and Roll Baby
Still rockin' it, the hair accessories you find here are ones with "bling"!  Unique and fun designs, accented with Swarovski crystals, give these clips, bows and headbands a special flair.  In fact, the look is so popular that the company offers a line of clothing as well.  Keep your kids rockin' with My Rock and Roll Baby and Rock Candy!

My Rock and Roll Baby Booth showing Rock Candy


NEA's Read Across America
The National Education Association (NEA) appeared this year to promote their Read Across America Campaign which is devoted to getting children to love reading.  Can you ask for a better goal?  In their 14th year, the year- round program offers events, partnerships and reading resources to children and teens to encourage them to read, read, read.  NEA's Read Across America Day, a day celebrating reading, occurs each year on or near Dr. Seuss' birthday (March 2).  Thousands of libraries, schools and community centers bring kids and books together to participate.

NEA's Read Across America's Calendar

Be a part of it to! Website

No Slippy Hair Clippy
With a fantastic and huge array of clips, bows, and headbands, No Slippy Hair Clippy hair accessories stay in place thanks to a magnet.  When they say No Slippy, they mean it!  You can never have enough hair accessories if you ask my 3-year-old and with simple bows to lion, fish and pumpkin clips, you can have a great time collecting bunches.  They even offer accessories for teens and adults.  Be sure to check out the website, as they are also pledging a portion of all purchases to UNICEF to aid the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

No Slippy Hair Clippy Display


Ever wonder why there are no disposable water bottles out there for kids and babies?  Well now there is!  Nourish offers you two great options.  First, for formula-fed babies, they have a bottle, with a nipple top, perfectly measured with pure spring water so you can add the formula shake and feed.  Then you just rinse and recycle!  Perfect for those "feeding in a pinch" moments.  Same goes for the toddler version.  This one has a spill-proof sippy top for water on the run.  The spring water is from English Mountain in Tennessee.  Bottles are BPA-free and recyclable.

Nourish baby and toddler water bottles


offers a line of stainless steel baby bottles in 4, 7, and 9oz options, plus a wide-mouth choice.  The bottles come in a variety of fun colors and designs and the wide neck can be accessorized with sippy cup conversion tops and handles.  Conversions for the narrow neck bottles are coming soon, as are sports tops.

OrganicKidz Booth


The company's tag line is " Clothing Made Organic by Nature."  Sound good, right?  Wait until you see it . . . and then touch it!!  Wow!  Made from certified organic cotton or a combination of the organic cotton with baby alpaca, garments are made with low-impact dyes or no dye at all.  Origany's manufacturing and labor standards are also Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) compliant.  But like I said, you have to see it and touch it to believe it.  So soft and beautifully designed, you'll want one in your size!  Origany made a huge impact with the celebrity attendees and will make one with you too!

Origany Booth


Piggy Paint
You can finally feel safe letting your little darling paint her "piggys"!  Or fingers for that matter.  Piggy Paint offers a water-based, non-toxic and odorless nail polish for kids.  In a vast array of colors, your little princess with love adding colorful nails to dressing up or just to ogle at all day.  Not to be forgotten is the polish remover - they offer that too!  Low odor, made from natural ingredients and even biodegradable!  MY daughter is delighted with her pretty pink nails - what color will your's pick?

Piggy Paint - an array of color


Safe Kids Worldwide
Safe Kids Worldwide is a global network of organizations focused on preventing accidental childhood injury.  From proper car seat use and installation to water and gun safety, this group offers resources and information to help you keep your kids safe.  My daughter walked away with " The Buzz on Safety" magazine and we are reading it more than any other book in the house (and we have our fair share)!  Great lessons learned early!

Safe Kids Worldwide Display


Smart Mom
Once again, Smart Mom displayed their terrific line of beautiful jewelry, perfect for the new mom!  Now you can feel confident dressing yourself up with these lovely pieces of jewelry because they are designed for your child to chew on them at their hearts content!  You heard right - Teething Bling®!  A line of pendants and bangles made of silicone, free of phthalates, latex and are non-toxic, intended for moms of infants with newly emerging teeth.  You can show your style and ease your child's gums all at the same time!

Smart Mom's Teething Bling Display


Does your child wiggle, squirm and complain about the seams sown in their socks?  Never in just the right place, causing endless discomfort?  Well, SmartKnitKids has created a seamless sock for you precious one, putting all those troubles in the past.  Made of super soft corespun yarns with Lycra, these socks are form-fitting and resist wrinkling or bunching in the shoe.  They are also antimicrobial and are made of high tech fibers that pull moisture away from the skin, keeping kids feet dry and more hygienic.  Sizes run from toddler to kids and socks are offered in ankle, crew and knee-high length.  Your kids' feet will never been so happy!

SmartKnitKids Seamless Sock Display


Speakaboos showed up with their very own sound booth to record attending celebrities willing to record a story or song for their fabulous website.  The Site offers stories, songs, nursery rhymes and more all presented by some of your favorite celebrities, "bringing classic children's entertainment into the digital world".  You can listen (and watch, as the stories are illustrated) online, download a single track or entire album, and soon you will even be able to record your own stories and songs!  A great way to add literacy to your child’s' computer time.

Speakaboos Sound Booth


Spotlight Baby
Created by occupational therapist, Judy Kang, Spotlight Baby offers products to stimulate your baby and support the development of their full potential.  The Bamboo Buddy is a soft cuddle toy made of ultra soft bamboo and organic cotton, designed to stimulate baby's senses and even serve as an alternative to plastic teethers.  The Squeeze Ease mitts help protect your baby from scratching themselves while still allowing their fingers to be free for exploring and sucking.  They even offer Baby Development workshops.

Spotlight Baby Booth


Starfield Bay
Starfield Bay creates inspirational jewelry made directly from you and your loved ones.  Using your very own fingerprint, they will design a stunning charm that will be forever unique.  You can also find other art charms, custom name charms, pet charms and more.  Choose from their collection or custom create your very own.

Starfield Bay Display


Another great savior for moms on the go, Steri-Bottles provide you with phthalate and BPA-free, pre-sterilized bottles made for single use right out of the box and are completely recyclable.  So whether you are traveling, feeding in the wee hours of the morning, or pressed for time in any way, the Steri-Bottle gives you a safe, quick and easy way to feed your baby.

Steri-Bottle Booth


Terrapin Toys
Mary's Softdough is a super fun line of modeling dough that is extremely soft and non-crumbly.  Coming in individual colors, rainbow tubs and exotic choices like scented, glitter or glow-in-the-dark, you and your child will have hours of exciting playtime!  The scented doughs smell so good you'll be tempted to taste them, so be sure to play with your kids to make sure no one takes a bite!!

Terrapin Toys Booth


Timi & Leslie
"It all started when a Los Angeles designer, Leslie Newton, began sewing handbags using vintage fabrics.  The retro-looking bags had lots of function, but never sacrificed style.  The new company's business began to soar.  Women were not just using the stylish Timi & Leslie bags as diaper bags, but also as handbags, work bags, computer bags, travel bags, and for many other uses they devised."  Timi & Leslie continue to impress with their line of better handbags, children's bags and even luggage.  Versatile, functional and stylish, both mom and baby get their needs met here.

Timi & Leslie Display


The Patchwork Bear
" The Patchwork Bear was founded by Jennifer Cura in 2004 after combining her skill as an architect with her love of sewing to produce a product line of handmade products that are as unique and personal as those who own them. Her line has grown from a simple baby quilt and matching bear to include: tooth fairy pillows, photo memory quilts, wedding dress quilts, custom bears and full nursery design."  The " Keepsake Collection" really takes the cake by using your own outgrown baby clothes, wedding gown, or other sentimental fabric made into your very own, custom-made quilt or bear.  What a perfect way to wrap up the nostalgia of your sweetest memories and keep them forever.

The Patchwork Bear Booth


Every watch your child try and suck down the last drops of liquid from their sippy cup and worry that they will fall over backwards?  That's exactly what the Tilty sippy cup is meant to prevent.  Ergonomically designed, the Tilty helps teach kids how to drink from a cup with less mess and more success.  With an interior that tilts the liquid toward the spout, the Tilty cup allows your child to drink it "all gone" quicker and easier - making the transition to adult cups quicker and easier too.

Tilty sippy cups


Treasure Dough
Here's a new and unique idea!  Take 2lbs of brightly colored play dough, put it in a bucket and bury all sorts of toys inside.  Doesn't that sound like it would keep your kid busy for . . . ever??  OK, maybe I exaggerate, but for a good long time right?  Enough to eat in peace, take a shower, or make an uninterrupted phone call?  Sounds pretty good doesn't it?  Well, that's Treasure Dough!  From Princess Loot to Dino Diggers, this is a sure winner for home, party favors, or gifts.

Treasure Dough Booth


Paci Sitter, Toy Sitter, Muslin Blankets and Comforters
and Fabubands are what you will find at TutimNYC.  The Muslin blankets and comforters are breathable, allowing baby's body temperature to regulate naturally, and get softer with every wash.  Always losing pacifiers, toys and cups?  Paci Sitters and Toy Sitters make sure you can find everything you need to keep your child calm and happy.  And keep them looking gorgeous with sequin-adorned Fabubands too.

TutimNYC Booth


One of the best known names in quality children’s footwear, Umi shoes are made to go the distance - and let you little one do the same.  Designed to support and protect little feet from all sides, Umi shoes are made with the highest quality nappa and nubuck leather and non-toxic materials that are built to last.  The fine details are clear, as each adorable pair strikes a balance of color, design and style.  Your children's feet support their entire bodies - be sure to support those little feet well.

Umi Shoe Display


"Made with all-natural ingredients and nutritional supplements, each 16 oz Vuka flavor is specifically enhanced to provide energy for the activities that fill your life. Instead of a one-syrup-fits-all adrenaline rush, Vuka offers intelligent energy that enables you to choose the kind of boost you need to achieve your goals."  Offering 4 different drinks for your different needs, each combines a different selection of natural ingredients meant to support you in a very specific way.  Vuka means "wake up" in Zulu, so why not try to wake up yourself?

Vuka Booth


You have never seen hats, mittens and socks like these before!  Bringing each design to life, Zooni has created 3-dimensional knit hats, mittens and socks to keep the warmth in and the imagination in full swing.  Kids fight with you when you insist on getting them all decked out to go out in the cold?  Well, not with these.  Some are almost like wearing your favorite stuffed toys and your kids will just love them all!

Zooni Hats and Mittens



Other vendors included:
Amanda Elkins Photography
Baby Bump
Baby Silk/MD Moms
Bare Bottoms Inc
Bebe au Lait
Child to Cherish
Cordie Cakes
Gina Lee Photography
Honest Beverages
Jenerations Baby
Lil tree
Momma Couture
Nap Nanny
Nora Imported
Peekaboo Products
Pink Koala
Pork Chop Kids
Red Mohican
Turtle Toppy
West Coast Wagons

The entire event was extravagant and exciting and the perfect precursor to the Golden Globes Awards show.  You couldn’t ask for a better array of products and vendors – and yet, who knows what we will see next year!  I keep being surprised and am certain to be again.  Enjoy all the fabulous options here and we’ll look forward to checking out the list in 2011!


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