The Boom Boom Room's Baby and Big Kid Style Villa A Celebration of the 2007 Golden Globes - Part 2

If you didn't see our first piece on the Boom Boom Room's gift suite celebrating the Golden Globe Awards, stop right now!  You must see all the incredible items that we shared with you there to appreciate the impressive nature of this event.  This is not just an article, but a continuation of a previous one!  Aren't you amazed?!  I know I was as we continued to make our way from booth to booth.

Here are more of the great products we found:

The Patchwork Bear

Handmade, heirloom-quality gifts made just of you!  They offered a number of their lovely items:

Signature Patchwork Bear

The Signature Patchwork Bear is a vintage-style teddy bear made of coordinating fabrics. Each bear is handmade with love and features hand-embroidered eyes and nose for added charm and safety. Coordinates with the Patchwork Lovey Blanket for an original gift set. Choose from three styles: Pastel Patchwork Bear: Made from coordinating cotton fabrics. Minky Patchwork Bear: Textured bear made from chenille & minky velour for baby's developing sense of touch. In pink, blue, vanilla, brown. Custom Patchwork Bears: Create a keepsake bear using baby's outgrown clothes or blankets or provide your own fabric to match your room decor. 

Handpainted Chenille Tooth Fairy Pillow

A celebrity favorite! Handmade and handpainted, this original tooth fairy pillow features a pocket on the back for keeping teeth & treats safe! The front text reads: "Tooth Fairy, Tooth Fairy, Come take a peek, there's a tooth in my pillow, please come while I sleep!" Created by a mommy who knows how hard it is to pry those teeth from sleepy heads, each pillow with a satin ribbon for hanging on the door or above the bed. Measures approx. 7"x9". Celebrities who have these adorable pillows are: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields, Courteney Cox, Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler, Katie Holmes, and Leah Remini! 


Patchwork Lovey Blanket

This original blanket is a thoughtfully designed patchwork of fabrics in different textures to stimulate baby's developing sense of touch: super soft "minky" fabric, chenille, cotton & satin make it a perfect choice for any baby. Sure to become baby's security 'lovey' for years to come. Measures 30'x30'- ideal size for home, stroller, car seat or just snuggling. Coordinates with the Patchwork Bear. Also available in a MINI version! Great security blanket for baby that is recommended to help baby learn to self-soothe. Joely Fisher, Carnie Wilson, Angela Basset and more loved this blanket when they saw it.

Always Kiss Me Goodnight Pillow

This little handmade pillow has a big message! 'Always Kiss Me Goodnight' is hand-stenciled on the front of this super-soft chenille pillow and features an applique heart or star that can be personalized. Tia Carrere, Tisha Campbell and celebrity daddies Kevin Sorbo & Bill Belamy picked up these pillows. Angela Basset requested personalized pillows for her twins to match their minky Patchwork Bears! 


Baby and Children's Jewelry
Sterling silver beaded pacifier clips and bracelets

In February 2002, I gave birth to a sweet baby girl. As I was buying jewelry for my baby girl an idea came to me. What if I could design a pacifier clip that would work with any pacifier but would be look nice instead of the character ones with a dirty ribbon attached? At that point, I didn't intend to make more than one. However, I soon discovered that people loved my design. It seemed everyone who saw it wanted one just like it. Due to this sudden demand, I decided to start making and selling sterling silver beaded pacifier clips. I started Sweet Baby Beads in June 2002. Since then business has continued to grow. Since 2002, Sweet Baby Beads has added numerous other baby and children jewelry products to their original line including bracelets, necklaces, personalized pacifier clips, personalized bracelets and the bib and bib clip.


Marco Collagen Color Guard HairCare System

Created by world-renowned hair colorist and stylist Marco Pelusi, the Marco™ Collagen Color Guard™ HairCare System is the first and only complete collagen system exclusively developed for color and chemically treated hair that prevents premature color fade and creates the most positive, therapeutic environment for the hair and scalp. Marco's breakthrough proprietary technology, Collagen Color Guard, incorporates a special blend of naturally-occurring collagen, hair keratin and silk amino acids, and hydrolyzed wheat proteins that work together to repair and rebuild damaged sites on the hair shaft for increased strength, style-ability, shine and color longevity. Marco Color Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard Marco Color Health Shampoo with Collagen Color Guard Marco Color Hydrate Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard Marco Color Control Gel with Collagen Color Guard Marco Color Guard Hairspray with Collagen Color Guard Marco Color Smoothing Gloss 


Woobee Products Wow Hollywood Elite

Ming-Na with Cooper holding blue/chocolate Woobee blanket

Woobee, Heather Correa's stylish line of water resistant baby products, were gifted to celebrities Angie Harmon, Laura Leighton, Angela Bassett, Tia Carrere, Diane Farr, Shar Jackson plus more at the infamous Boom Boom Room gifting suite on Jan 11. Hollywood mamas were impressed with Woobee products. 'These are genus. What a fantastic idea,' said Angie Harmon. Thrilled, Harmon picked up two pink and chocolate blankets for her daughters. Other celebrities commented on the softness and utility of Woobee products. 'He is always kicking off his blanket; this will be great,' said ER star Ming-Na. 'And it's so soft.' The Woobee line features blankets, bibs and burps that keep children warm and/or dry. With its unique design and fabric combinations, Woobee products feature a soft, cozy material on one side and a wind and water resistant backing. 


4-in-1 Nursing Shawl by L'ovedbaby

This 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl by L'ovedbaby lets modest moms "privately" nurse in public...and in style. This multifunctional shawl can also be used as a pregnancy poncho, a lightweight on-the-go blankie, and a canopy for the stroller and carseat, blocking out sun, wind and noise for baby. It is a favorite of Brooke Shields, who called it the "perfect nursing shawl." So, go ahead, make your baby a L'ovedbaby!




Suzibella rocks the  Boom Boom Room with Nappi Sak, the superchic mini diaper carrier

Angie Harmon, holding her "Nappi Sak" with daughter and Suzanne Longacre of Suzibella

There comes a time when you no longer need to carry around all the 'stuff' for baby, and you're ready to move to a smaller, more stylish bag to bring with you 'just in case'. We developed the patent-pending Nappi Sak by Suzibella for that wonderful day when all you need to bring are a few diapers and wipes. The stylish bamboo handle and superchic fabrics, combined with the functional changing pad, moisture-tight container for diapers and wipes, and convenient fabric pockets for holding essentials like cell phones, keys, and credit cards makes Nappi Sak the perfect accessory for the hip Mom. The Nappi Sak makes a statement. It says, 'I can be stylish while making sure I take the best possible care of my baby. We are always ready to pick up and go anytime, anywhere' from a fun play group to a quick shopping trip to Neiman's. 


DVD MagIQ™ by Tiny Love ®
DVD and Plush Doll

DVD MagIQ ™ is a complete, comprehensive learning environment featuring a groundbreaking level of active viewing for baby. A unique, multidirectional triangle of interaction passes between DVD, cuddly toy and baby. Baby's soft toy responds in real-time to the DVD using breakthrough technology developed by Tiny Love. Choose from one of three DVD MagIQ™ farmyard friends, in two age-appropriate versions: the 3-12 month DVD is accompanied by Tickle the Lamb or Tiny the Dog and the 1-3 year DVD is accompanied by Dot the Cow, all of which encourage and provide positive reinforcement for baby as she reacts to the custom designed DVD. MSRP is $49.95. 



Leg warmers for infants and toddlers


We've got the cutest BabyLegs

BabyLegs in a line of stylish leg warmers, created with babies and toddlers special needs in mind. BabyLegs has a wealth of useful functions and chic styles. Made of a very soft and stretchy blend of 80 percent cotton, 15 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex, these cute accessories: keep little legs (and arms) warm all year round, make diaper changes a breeze, protect soft knees from harsh surfaces, provide light weight sun protection, make potty training easier, jazz up any dance class and make a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion. 


Angel Milk
Nutritional Supplement Shake for Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

Angel Milk® is a heavenly nutritional shake especially formulated for pregnant and nursing mothers because it contains all the ingredients they need the most. It's fortified with vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, folic acid; and blended with minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium. It's high in protein and low in sugar. Best of all, we've lovingly added herbal extracts like chamomile, dandelion, ginger and marshmallow root to nourish you and your baby. Angel Milk® ' formulated with motherhood in mind. 


Other vendors included:

New Era Fits
Bee's Knees
Amy Tangerine
Big Day Books
Baby Celebration
Cozy Cushy Inc.
My Vintage Baby
The Bob-a-Lots
Simply Ella
Pure Pushy
Canopy Cards
Preschool Prep
Chic Tots
Just Too Cute
Pat Martinek's Martinek's Bebe
Picture Perfect Hair Bows
Hand Picked Pumpkin
Beesqueaky Shoes
You're Such a Baby
Baby Fabulous
West Coast Wagons 

I dare say there wasn't any kind of baby and kid item you couldn't find!

It would be virtually impossible to mention all of the incredible baby and kid items that we saw and took away.  Suffice it to say that it was overwhelming and exciting to the point of my daughter skipping her midday nap to take in all the wonders of the day and of sending Stephanie (who was contracting 'casually' all day) into full-on labor by midnight and bringing another precious angel into the world by Friday morning!  Both Mommy and baby are doing wonderfully!!  We'd call that a pretty triumphant day!

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