Asian Excellence Gift Suite by WOW! Creations

Maxim Greeting us in the Green Room

WOW! Creations invited us to this years Asian Excellence Awards Gifting SuiteWOW! Creations is a Beverly Hills based Gift Bag provider and celebrity marketing company. WOW! Creations is a niche marketing company offering Celebrity VIP Gift Bags/ Gifting Lounges/Celebrity Marketing and Public Relations.

Wow! Creations is a company that brings elegant, fun and luxurious products in an innovative way to the attention of A-list celebrities.   They create an avenue for designers, products and services to connect with celebrities through their gifting suites.  They distinguish themselves from the other gifting companies and remain exclusive, while still garnering strong media exposure for their participating partners.

One of their goals is to find creative ways to present the companies through media-worthy events and packaging the results in a way that will create maximum buzz for their partners' product. Wow! Creations is a one-stop solution to all their clients celebrity marketing needs.
Their partners will benefit by making significant media impressions and consumer relationships. They provide opportunities to market to a very elite group of celebrities and entertainment industry decision makers.

William Martinez and Staff of Gina Alexander Bags

Gina Alexander, Inc. is a company with a novel idea for great product.
We met William Martinez (he's the manager and graphic designer) of Gina Alexander Bags.  This is a wonderfully innovative product for everyone.  It can be a fantastic gift or event item as well as being a great marketing tool.  They make all kinds of handbags, and pouches with your photos on them.  They have everything from makeup bags, wallets, and purses to large bags.  Check out their website.  What a fun item to have to show off your favorite photos.

Jim Lutes and Don Bodenbach of Frutaiga

Don Bodenbach, CEO who has been in nutritional supplement industry for over 27 years, created Frutaiga.
The Benefits of Frutaiga:
Maintain Optimal Energy and Vitality*
Promotes Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction*
Fortify The Body Against Stress*
Dramatically Improve Mental Clarity*
Enhances Sexual Vitality*
Frutaiga has a delicious flavor that is refreshingly sweet, slightly tart, and can be enjoyed by the entire family.
Our active ingredient blend contains more than 70 active compounds that have a positive influence on health!

Sugar On LaBrea is a hip and happening West Hollywood boutique with a celebrity following.  Sugar on LaBrea carries everything from unique and adorable clothes, boots, to even cakes.  Yes yummy, scrumptious, creamy, mouthwatering cupcakes!
They gave us beautiful, colorful scarves.
Fruitstoremember had the most gorgeous displays of edible fruits.  In addition to the yummy fruit arrangements, some of their gorgeous baskets and urns have chocolate and chocolate-nut covered fruit as well.  Their presentations were really nice looking! They gave us each gift certificates.  Come on now, it's not selfish of me to send it to myself.  After all I just had a birthday. (My 29th again' it sucks to get old' I think next year I'll be 28).

Hint™ Water

Hint™ Water's secret is clear and simple.  The idea behind Hint™ is simple: pure water, nature's original refreshment, accented with a hint of natural flavor. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners: Hint is a refreshing alternative to sodas, juice and other sweetened drinks and it tastes great.  No wonder they were named Health Magazine's Best Flavored Water Award for 2007!

Me with Hint Water™

Nancy's Healthy Cookies first received national attention when they were featured on the Oprah Show as one of Oprah's favorite gifts. And no wonder! Each cookie has less than 1 gram of fat and 30 calories, yet these super-premium treats actually taste richer, more decadent and just better than their high fat counterparts.
They come in Four Delectable Flavors
Decadent Chocolate Fudge
America's Favorite Chocolate Chip
Old Fashioned Snickerdoodle
Honey Oatmeal Raisin

Hawaiian Tropic's Island Glow™ Daily Moisturizers, let's you achieve the "tan of the islands" without the sun. It's great for all skin tones.  It's controllable color with a soothing, green tea fragrance.

Hendrix Electric Vodka

Hendrix Electric Vodka is produced by Master Distiller, Bill Scott, of Idaho's Distilled Resources, Inc.  It is 100%-grain vodka from the finest assortment of corn, and rye from Idaho and Utah with Natural Rocky Mountain spring water.  Distilled four times through pristine stainless steel columns, Hendrix Electric Vodka is filtered through carbon and crystal resulting in vodka unparalleled in flavor and purity.  I'm not even a vodka drinker but this sounds quite refreshing doesn't it?  

Novica is in association with National Geographic.  They carry unusual and cool products, as one would except to be coupled with National Geographic.  You can purchase from their online catalog.  They carry everything from Home Decor, Jewelry & Apparel, to Paintings and Gift Items.

'Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat' is a book by Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle.  
Now I haven't had a chance to read this yet, but after skimming through it, I can say I am definitely want to read it.  It's true, Japanese women don't get old or fat, and they actually look quite regal into their older years.  According to Naomi Moriyama the secret can be found in her mother's Tokyo kitchen---Japanese home cooking.  The book offers a lot of practical advice.  Check it out.     

Usana's Products

USANA, makes Sense' (pronounced saun-say) which is amazing skin care products patented with their self-preserving technology.  The products are very concentrated and you need to use only a small amount.  Their products include a Gentle Daily Cleanser, Daytime Protective Emulsion, Hydrating Toner Renewal, and Perfecting Essence, of which we were given 10 day supplies.  They also have a hair and bodyline.
We met Nadine Lederfine, is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist who is a Usana Independent Associate and does complete nutritional analysis.
[email protected]

Sonya Paz fine art watches are beautiful watches for men and women with framed Sonya Paz images in them.  They are vivid and bright paintings, which are a reflection on Sonya's California roots, and her love of life.  Her work is inspired by the pop art elements with a twist of modern art cubism.  I'm wearing mine tonight.  

Sonya Paz Fine Art Watches

Tiko Soy makes wonderful smelling soy candles, and a full line of bath and body products including Body Scrubs in flavors like chocolate and coffee, Bath Treats e body scrubs and sexy bath balms and Moisturizers for body, hands and feet.
They gifted us each with a gift box with 3 of their most tempting treats. Their exotic new fragrance, Blackberry Juniper, was featured in a candle from their Luxury Collection, as well as in a Body Scrub. Their Mediterranean Spa Restorative Hand Cream completed their exquisite gift box.            

Taylor Pham, who is a West coast Makeup artist, owns Thi cosmetics.  Her Thi' line of beauty products celebrate Asian beauty.  After years of disappointment by the lack of availability of quality products and colors Asian women, Taylor began to custom blend and develop her own line of products to better serve her clients. Taylor worked closely with her chemist to produce a line of custom products to compliment one another and create a flawless finish for her clients.
Her makeup is available exclusively online.  

Wilshire Smile Studio's Igal Elyassi, DDS does all types of cosmetic dentistry as well as Invisalign Braces.  His advanced training in aesthetic and restorative dentistry has put his practice in the forefront of modern technology.  
They gifted us with Laser teeth whitening. Dr. Elyassi does both ZOOM™ Whitening and BriteSmile.  Using the patented in-office whitening you can have teeth up to eight shades whiter in about one hour.   

Sushi in the Green Room

J.C. Penny was one of the sponsors of the Asian Excellence Awards and they had an assortment of jewelry, Zonkers, a diary, and some Power Noni beverage.

For more information ont The Asian Excellence Awards Click Here

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