Alan Aldridge at Kari Feinstein's 2010 Golden Globe Style Lounge - Debut of his Limited Edition THE WHO Graphic t-shirts for Super Bowl XLIV Half Time

English Born Alan Aldridge began doing art in 1965 without any art education at all after a chance meeting with the art director for Penquin Books.  Alan was doing drawings of the patrons of a pub when they met and soon after he began doing illustrations for their books.  In the next two years he took over as art director himself.

Shortly after he began designing posters, album covers, and many different types of rock memorabilia items for some of great iconic rock stars of our time including The Who, The Beatles, Elton John and many others beginning the career that was to make him an art legend of the rock world.

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We met up with Alan at Kari Feinstein’s 2010 Golden Globes Style Lounge.  Alan and Kari have known each other for five years and he was unveiling his latest creation for the celebrity guests attending her 2010 Golden Globe Gifting Suite.

For this years (2010) official Super Bowl XLIV, Alan designed two Retro Sports T-Shirts, celebrating THE WHO's performance at the Super Bowl half time, one for the girls and one for the guys, one called “Windmill” and the other “New Explosion.”

The Los Angeles based artist became famous for vibrant, psychedelic-inspired designs for bands like THE WHO and The Beatles, and he will debut his limited edition THE WHO graphic t-shirts at the upcoming Super Bowl XLIV half time in honor of the WHO’s half-time performance.


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