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TEDxBenha Talk Headlines - Multitalented Miss Egypt (QOTU) & Actress SARAH FASHA

By Sarah Aboufasha

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Actress and former Miss Egypt (Queen of the Universe Pageant) Sarah Fasha, has been invited to be a special guest speaker at the 2015 TEDxBenha conference in Benha, Egypt. The event will commence on Thursday, January 29th at the Benha University Grand Hall in Benha, Al Qalyūbīyah, Egypt at 8am (Eastern European). This event is sponsored by the university’s president, Dr. Ali Shams Al Deen.

Sarah (Abou)Fasha is a first-generation Egyptian-American residing primarily in Los Angeles, CA as a full-time actress, occasional model and a U.S. Military Veteran. In December 2013, she rose to fame in Egypt due to her Miss Egypt Pageant Title in the U.S., which subsequently lead to her becoming the “first social media viral sensation in Egypt” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarah_Fasha) via the internet.

Since then, she has appeared on multiple Egyptian national talk shows addressing her “overnight” success and the immense negative backlash for being an American military veteran among other rumors. She remains a popular topic in the press and tabloids in Egypt and throughout the Middle East and parts of Europe even a year later.

The TEDx discussion will focus primarily on a common issue people experience when it comes to dealing with the approval of others throughout life. Sarah will use examples from her own life experiences pertaining to the adversity of going viral in Egypt, and explain how she was able to cope with the constant attacks. She will talk about a simple method she calls “Qualify Your Source” in effort to teach people how to apply it to their own lives in hopes that people will disallow the opinion of others to define them thus creating more self-confidence and trust in yourself.

The theme for TEDxBenha is “Bel Masry Kda” meaning “according to the Egyptian way” This theme pertains to any Egyptian who can contribute in developing the Egyptian society away from all negativity leading to a more positive lifestyle and choices.

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Published on Jan 16, 2015

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