Rescue Humanity Event Playboy Mansion - Summer Solstice Party to Raise Money for Children in Nepal



The Playboy Mansion, last Saturday the 23rd of July, hosted the annual charity bash “Summer Solstice 2011”, held by The Prive Group to benefit the Rescue Humanity Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the living conditions of the vulnerable - orphans, abused women, and the rural poor - of Nepal.

Nepalese children helped by the Rescue Humanity Organisation


The event, headlined by former Pussy Cat Doll actress/model Rachel Sterling, boasted sleek bodies in every direction you looked: those of the entertainers, the guests as well as the Lamborghinis, Savinis and exotic vehicles, classic cars and motorcycles of the "Concorso Exotica 2011" car exhibit. 



Impressive Luxery Car Show, photo by Frank A. Turner III

 Past the car exhibit on the lawn, through the plant covered tunnel type entrance and into what might be perceived as the “secret” gardens of the Mansion was a display of Playboy Playmates, go-go dancers and body painted models in incredible Burlesque themed costumes dancing on the grounds or around the poles on the small stages dotted around the garden and even  Playboy fire-dancing performances.   



Fire Show, photo by Frank A. Turner III

Finally on the main stage was the incredible and seductive Burlesque show by Rachel Sterling who revealed several costumes changes -on stage, and delicate body movements which complimented the large white feathered wings she was maneuvering in her hands, before ending her show with the iconic dance in a champagne glass.


Rachel Sterling's Burlesque Performance, photo by Frank A. Turner III

One could also enjoy a celebrity poker tournament with prizes, fabulous live and silent auctions, a fashion show showcasing very sensual club wear and classic lingerie and over 250 gorgeous models from across the country.


In addition, guests had the privilege of exploring the 5 acre grounds of the world famous Playboy Mansion which comprises of a striking waterfall flowing over a cliff like stone arrangement into a swimming pool, which then connects to an indoor cave like grotto with extravagant lighting that illuminates several smaller pools, with a sauna and bath house.



Around the pool is a patio and barbecue area and through several different “hidden” pathways one can find a game room- with vintage games and pinball machines, tennis court, a wine cellar and even a zoo and aviary hosting different exotic monkey and bird species, with guided tours by February’s playmate Kylie Johnson.  What with the striking Gothic-Tudor architecture of the mansion and all its hidden treasures, the music, the lighting, the sumptuous gourmet buffet, premium open bar and guests dressed up in colorful feathers and beads one could feel that they were in a fairy tale ball, or at the least a Hollywood movie.

PG Sponsor Logo, photo by Frank A. Turner III


 Upon arrival stunning models and charming guests including celebrities Steven Bauer (Scarface), Mary Carey (The dungeon, Indecent Dentist), Ralph Rieckermann (the Scorpions), Dennis Hof (Cathouse: The Series) and Nick Young (NBA- the Wizards) to name but a few, trod the red carpet, some in beautiful burlesque attire and some in nothing but intricately detailed, incredible body paint on bare skin. 

Celebrity Sports Figure , photo by Frank A. Turner III



Red Carpet Interview, photo by Frank A. Turner IIi

Every guest bought an entrance ticket to the event, even the most striking of women and celebrities who usually enter events of this kind for free were happy to contribute their part- a mere $950 to enjoy the show, because this event was different from the rest, all proceeds went to support the Rescue Humanity Foundation.

Red Carpet Interview, photo by Frank A. Turner III


 We spoke with most of the celebrities at the event and there was a constant underlying appreciation of why we were all there, and though everyone was dressed up and sexy, and there was much to be seen and many distractions, the cause was not clouded for a moment:


Red Carpet Celebs, photo by Frank A. Turner III


 The Rescue Humanity Foundation cares for the neglected and forgotten groups in Nepal through their four projects: Project Nepal, Rainbow House, Sharan House, and New Found Jewelry.


Project Nepal brings in medical teams of experienced doctors and nurses which volunteer their time and expertise to provide health care for the rural poor in remote Himalayan areas.  It is not unusual to have hundreds of villagers waiting for treatment, many who walked days through the mountains, with little food, to seek care.


Rainbow House orphanage provides Nepalese children with a loving home, an education, healthcare, and, most importantly, protects them from exploitative forces such as child trafficking and prostitution.  These children have no other means to support and better their lives, and Rescue Humanity Foundation is helping create a change in the future of Nepal’s nation.

Nepalese children helped by the Rescue Humanity Organisation

 Sharan House was created as a safe place for abused women most of whom were sold by their own parents or neighbor villagers, some as young as eight years old, into the sex slave trade.  These families had no other way of surviving their poverty other than selling their own.  Many of these women are now infected with HIV/AIDS and suffer from recurring health problems due to malnutrition, tuberculosis, pregnancy complications, and depression.  Upon attempting to return to their homes they face community ostracization, and are left to die without any support. 


Lastly, New Found Jewelry is an initiative which provides these women a financial and creative opportunity and all proceeds from the sales of the beautiful, handmade jewelry benefit Sharan House, where they live and benefit from whatever peace is still available to them. 


It is incredible that a mere $100, less than one pays monthly for their mobile phone, enables you to sponsors a child at the Rainbow House and provide him/ her with a warm, clean, healthy living environment, as well as clothes, education and hope.



Nepalese children helped by the Rescue Humanity Organisation




Please visit their website for more information:


The fact is that an estimated one million women and children worldwide are forced into prostitution every year, and this is not just in third world countries such as Nepal, Thailand and Nigeria but also in Europe, Eastern Europe and even here in the USA.  It looks as if the Rescue Humanity Foundation can raise awareness for a global problem and that is exactly what it is doing:


We interviewed former adult film star and two time California gubernatorial candidate Mary “Carey” Cook, who started her career in Playboy TV before moving on to become a porn star. 

Carey, who studied ballet from the age of 7 to 19, took a job as an exotic dancer to help support the family financially. Upon noticing that the "feature dancers" made much more money, she asked an agent how she could become one too. The agent recommended that she become a porn star.


Mary Carey, who is now writing a book about her life, brought to our attention her own experiences of exploitation as a woman in the adult film industry, and herself believes that more attention needs to be addressed to abused women in America.  Carey was at the event to show support and understanding for the Rescue Humanity Foundation in hopes of spreading the word here at home.


We also interviewed Rachel Sterling, of the Burlesque show, who will be visiting some of the poverty stricken areas of Nepal in November:

"Humanity is indeed in need of rescuing." says Sterling, "I live and work in Hollywood. We are spoiled spoiled people! ...  It’s important to think outside the guest list and gift bags and think of what we are really doing... To not reach out, to not see the injustices and react to the horror is the greatest sign of the decline of the collective spirit and will be the downfall of man."

"My goal now is to raise the funds to get me to Nepal this November to work with these kids... I want to leave this bubble and go and see what life is like for them.  Not just see but also really marinate in it.  All children are deserving of love."


Rachel Sterling's Burlesque Performance, photo by Frank A. Turner III



Finally we spoke with Anthony Bayer the head of The Prive Group who put this whole event and many others together to benefit different charities across the world.  Bayer, who sponsors two children himself, believes in doing anything you can to help others and his group has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help causes and foundations such as the Rescue Humanity Foundation.




You can visit their website for future events:


The night was an enchanting and sensual occasion, a scene out of an old movie, which captured the imagination of all the guests who had the privilege of attending.  There was constantly more and more magic to discover, but the biggest wonder of all was that all proceeds went to support those who are unable to experience the luxuries and even mere necessities that we might take for granted.










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