Dominigo Zapata Art Exhibition at Lab Art Gallery: The Jewel Wrap Up


I attended the Art Exhibit for Domingo Zapata at the Lab Art Gallery in Los Angeles and this was definately one of the most interesting art exhibit I had seen in a while. Dominigo Zapata's art exhibit was both unique and versatile. Not your average art work thats for sure. His work seemed to be a mix of modern and new age design.

Dominigo Zapata's Celebrated his night with good friend Sofia Vegara

There were so many different art pieces that were interesting one in particular is this very interesting purse.It had a an intertesting material hanging from it found this so eclectic.

Creativity is the best part of an artists work

There were so many good things about this exhibition. One being the fact that it was some really great people in attendance

Sofia Vegara hosts Dominigo Zapata's Art Exhibition

The event was hosted by ABC's "Modern Family" star Sofia Vegara and model/actress Pamela Anderson
Also with hosted bar and catered food from the ever so tasty popular Berri's Restraunt

Catered by the delicious Berri's

Always have to thank our bartender's

Lab Art Galleria

Dominigo Zapata has been building his body of work for over 20 years. Zapata is a Spanish- American artist from Palma de Mallorca, Spain. He has a few art studios. One in his townhome in Gramercy Park, New York, another at the Design Distict in Miami.Also in Venise. Dominigo Zapata's paintings are a great representation of abstract art and sculpture. He uses both oil and acrylic in his paintings.Incorporating his imagination of art and pop culture in of collages and graffiti.

Simple but not

Doinigo Zapata always keeps art interesting

Zapata's work varies in motif. Exploring themes of sexuality, opulence and vatality. He has his own signature style. Dominigo Zapata's art has layers of reality and fantasy. He is known for his signature "Polo" series which is the body of art that gain him recognition.His most recent work consist of his Spanish culture and Pop icons.Also the state of contemporary practice.Zapata also draws on his experience as a songwriter(Zapata co-wrote lyrics for Micheal Jackson and Jon Secado). Dominigo uses his deeply poetic imagination to incorporate text and visual cues, mixing facts and fiction. Bringing the beauty, depth, uniqueness to life in his art.

Creativity is the key to good art

Lab Art Galleria

Dominigo Zapata makes a great name for artists. He has the true eye of a person that is a dreamer. He uses his ability to create art as his way to put his dreams in reality.An artistic mind that puts you in a mind state of creativity in his paintings

Dominigo Zapata Bag Designer too?


So many people came out to the Lab Art Gallery

The great thing about Dominigo Zapata is he doesnt just create art.He embodies the true meaning of artistry.

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