'2016 Gold and Silver F1 Coins' - Celebrating the History of the FIA Formula One World Championship

Special commemorative coins were launched during the 2016 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX from October 21st to 23rd. This year showcased the special edition 1/4 oz United States Grand Prix Gold Coin, as well as a 1 kg F1 Gold Coin, one of only 15 that were made this year. In addition, two other F1 coins were displayed: a 2.5 oz Silver Coin and 2.5 oz Gold Coin. The value of the 1 kg coin is very substantial because it is an exclusive and memorable coin of 1 kg of gold that is currently worth over $40K, and that’s without any subsequent premium added to it.

The beautifully crafted United States Grand Prix coins feature the official F1 logo, the name of the event, and a Formula 1 2016 car. On the obverse side of the coin is Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The packaging includes a certificate number, statement of metal fineness, weight, proof quality statement, and the signature of the PAMP assayer. The coin records and symbolizes for the aficionados the memoirs Formula 1 especially  for devotees and collectors.



In 2016, the quarter-ounce gold coins became available in multiple different packaging and designs celebrating events in the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship including the British Grand Prix, and the Grand Prix races in Italy, the United States, and Brazil.  Each coin incorporates a stylized view of a Formula 1 car, the name of the event and the Formula 1 logo. The display of the coins will be available again at the “Formula 1 Grande Premio Do Brasil 2016” from November 11-13th held at the Autódromo José Carlos Pac,  Interlagos neighborhood, Socorro District, São Paulo ( F1 Brazilian GP 2016). If you want to have the VIP experience in Brazil and check out the different packages and where you will be able to encounter and explore the displaying of the Gold and silver F1 coins, check  Formula One Paddock Club Packages Brazil  or order them online through  Rosland Capital, the exclusive distributor appointed by Licensee Stunt & Co. Ltd of the gold and silver collection celebrating the FIA Formula One World Championship.


The 2016 collection also features all 21 Formula 1 circuit names on a single gold coin and on a single silver coin in limited quantities.

Each gold coin in the F1 individual circuit collection and the single gold coin featuring all 21 circuit names are limited editions. The individual circuit coins are 999.9 pure gold, ¼ Troy oz., 2016 issue, legal tender and minted as proofs by Swiss-based PAMP SA, one of the world’s finest producers of precious metal coins. The single gold coin is also 999.9 pure gold with a weight of 2.5 Troy oz.

The single coin featuring all 21 Formula 1 circuit names is also available in .999 pure silver with a weight of 2.5 Troy oz. Talk to a Rosland Capital Representative today: 800-695-7585 for a price and more details ($1,500 minimum order).



Marin Aleksov Chief Executive Officer of LA-based Rosland Capital LLC, holding the 1 kg United States Grand Prix Gold Coin of gold at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin-TX, Oct 2016. Photo: Marco Figueroa


LA Splash Magazine had an exclusive interview at the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix 2016 at the Circuit of The Americas with the own Marin Aleksov who is Chief Executive Officer of LA-based Rosland Capital LLC, He told us that the coins are not only a way to celebrate the races, but also a unique keepsake for coin collectors and Formula One fans alike. The history of the races is truly brought to life in the coin series.



Yenis Monterrey.- What can you tell me about  F1 coins and introduction to the market? Are there going to be any surprises for the F1 coins in 2017?

Marin Aleksov.-“We launched the coin in Silverstone (2016 Formula 1 British Grand Prix) early this year, we made only 15 pieces and we only have two left, each of them has a number on the side. In 2017 we are going to have a different design for the one-kilo coin for each track and we are going to have a 1-kilo coin that will be very special for Austin at the Circuit of the Americas. We are going to focus next year on individual tracks, for example, the one for F1 in Abu Dhabi is going to be a coin that is very extraordinary and one of a kind. We haven’t realized it yet, but it’s going to be about a 5-kilo coin, so just imagine, it’s going to be fantastic”
Yenis Monterrey: How can the aficionados be able to have access to buy the coin during the different races where the coins are offered or displayed?

Marin Aleksov.- “ We will have an office at the races and also they can contact us through the web page of Rosland Capital, or through the UK, Hong Kong, and next year we will be in Germany as well. The best way is through the website and fills out the information and someone from our office will call back the fan interested”

Yenis Monterrey.- Are there other products available for the fans?

Marin Aleksov.- “There is a market for everyone, we have the little coins like this one a 2.5 oz Silver Coin and 2.5 oz Gold Coin (Grand Prix US Coin),  this coin has a value of $400 and has a unique number, statement of metal fineness, weight, proof quality statement.  People buy the coins to collect them and  because they are very rare.  The devotees interested will have to contact Rosland Capital and  usually, it has been the case that the little coins will sell very fast.”

Yenis Monterrey.- What can you tell me about the collectibles and premium coins?

Marin Aleksov.- “When we talk about collectibles and premium coins the market is huge because the value isn’t only based on the price of gold, it’s also for the number of coins itself because each coin has a unique value.  Rosland Capital has been specializing in premium coins for 10 years and the value is going to be always greater than the price of gold.”


Yenis Monterrey.- How long it takes to develop each coin?

Marin Aleksov.- “ It’s not that you are going to put each coin in the machine and it’s going to come out from the machine. It  takes about 3 months to develop each coin and the coin is made by hand with the best quality. A lot of labor is invested in each coin which is a piece of art.”


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Photos by Marco Figueroa


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