Two Jacks Feature Film Review - A Rousing and Energetic Adaptation of Tolstoy's Two Hussars

A rousing and energetic adaptation of Tolstoy's Two Hussars, Two Jacks succeeds on the level pure spectacle, but provides an unanticipated level of depth and humor as well. 

Jack Huston, Danny Huston, still from Two Jacks

Two Jacks includes an all-star cast headlined by Danny Huston and Sienna Miller. Produced by Rough Diamond Productions, this feature is a fast-paced, glamorous and romantic vision of Tinseltown – old Hollywood glamor meets modern day La La land. The audience is enraptured by the brilliant cinematography through fast camera work and quick edits reminiscent of European cinema.

Two Jacks producer Julia Verdin with Billy Zane and Izabella Miko attend the screening of Two Jacks at La Femme Film Festival

The story is of legendary film director Jack Hussar (Danny Huston), a notorious gambler and philanderer, returning to Los Angeles to obtain financing for his next film. During the course of one night, Jack charms the stunning Diana (Sienna Miller), makes his way around the party circuit, and narrowly escapes a brush with the law, before playing a high-stakes poker game at dawn. Cut to, years later when Jack Hussar Jr. (Jack Huston) arrives in Hollywood for his directorial debut, an older Diana (Jacqueline Bisset) finds her daughter falling for her former lover's son. Jack Jr is desperate to escape the footsteps and reputation of his father, therein is where the adventure lies. The subtle and witty writing and directing shown cleverly by characters behavior rather than words captures the human spirit that remains constant with time.

Two Jacks Producer, Julia Verdin with Jacqueline Bisset and Director, Bernard Rose on the set of Two Jacks

"The making of Two Jacks was a wonderful experience" said Producer Julia Verdin in the Q+A after the Two Jacks special screening at La Femme Film Festival. "Everybody gave so much to this film in terms of hard work, love and passion and we all had fun doing it too…..we made the film on a small budget so had to be extra creative in finding ways to do the things we needed to do.”  Director Bernard Rose spoke of his love for Tolstoy and how this was his fourth adaptation of a Tolstoy novel to film. Billy Zane spoke regarding how much fun he had filming of the party scene and being a part of it all as well as his respect for the film makers. Izabella Miko continued the conversation concerning the challenge of having to sing in Russian! Richard Portnow chatted about his poker skills and improvising and Rosie Fellner told us how she was on her way to the airport when she got the call that she had the role and had to cancel her flight and come back.

Rosie Fellner, Izabella Miko and Julia Verdin on the red carpet of the Two Jacks screening at La Femme Film Festival

Available in select theaters and VOD.  Two Jacks is a must see!

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