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The Rising Movie Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary In Irish History

By Terry Akins

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 Award winning Irish filmmaker Kevin McCann of the Maccana Teoranta production company is set to bring the details of the Easter Rising in April of 1916 to life in his new film “The Rising.”

Filmmaker Kevin McCann

The Rising movie follows a Seán MacDiarmada, who played a central role the uprising against British rule. Sean MacDiarmada was the 8th of 10 children raised on a small farm in County Leitrim – a barren land peppered by famine and oppression. MacDiarmada left the farm with his best friend Bulmer Hobson, a Quaker from Belfast. The pair began promoting Irish independence and soon united with respected Irish freedom fighters such as Tom Clarke and John Daly who worked various underground organizations to grow national revolutionary sentiment. This is not just an Irish story, it is a human story about fighting for freedom from oppression.

Easter Rising 1916

With the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising approaching there is a groundswell of interest in the story of how a group of men and women banded together to transform the future of their homeland. The film aims to celebrate the anniversary by releasing the film in April of 2016. Filming will take place in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

 For more information about The Rising, and a full list of social media links, please visit TheRising.ie or follow the film on Twitter with @1916film.

The Rising Movie

Much of McCann’s work can be defined as having an Irish identity with an emphasis on human struggle. He attended U.C.D. Film School where he won his first award for a film called ‘Ar Chul an Ti’, that was shot with a 35mm camera. McCann, now a 20 year veteran of the arts has learned the industry from the ground up by working a variety of positions in the field such as writer, actor, composer and producer.  For more information please visit Maccana Teoranta at maccana.ie.

Published on Jul 24, 2014

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