Standing up for Stand Up Guys the movie

“Stand Up Guys” is a fun film with 3 Oscar winning actors who are enjoying their roles and  audiences will be sharing the fun with them. There will never be another aging buddy film that will top this film with Val( Al Pacino) , (Doc)Chris Walken and Hirsch (Alan Arkin). The reason I am saying this is because I have so much in common with these actors and the mob life setting. I have know these Al and Chris from Actor Studio days early 70's  and have worked with them and they are still in this game and having a ball. Director Mark Rydell always says acting  should fun and in this film it is obvious. Now getting back to the mob reference in this film which is pretty accurate because I was raised in that element in East Harlem on the  island of Manhattan. Many critics do not have that background but I do and know it firsthand. So now back to this fun film

Upon his release from prison Al Pacino after 28 years is picked up by his  buddy Chris and what do you think would be most on his mind after being in prison all that time. He wants to party and so off they go to a brothel which is now run by the daughter Wendy (Lucy Punch )of the former madam who retired. Unfortunately Al needs some help to maintain his sexual desire so male enhancement drugs are needed. After obtaining them Al is back to complete his sexual desires. Al confronts Chris because he knows that there is a payback that needs to be settled and Chris  reveals to Al that he has to rub him out on orders from Claphands ( Mark Margolis) who feels that Al was responsible for his son's death. Al asks Chris how long does he have and he tells him 24 hours. So the party begins on a trip down memory lane and you are in for a fun ride in more ways than one when Alan Arkin who was their getaway driver and is now in a retirement and they rescue him to join them. These characters reinforce what guys used to be back in the day and that has all but disappeared today in particular how they treated women and how they are there for them ,no matter what.

I could fill in all the details but I want you to see this film and enjoy the ride with Lyle Workman's score and Bon Jovi's  songs will definitely add to it. Director Fisher Stevens has allowed these talented actor to flow with the punch  which resulted in some improvisation and bringing this buddy film closer to the heart. He established trust with them and since all of them have evolved from a theatre background the camaraderie is quite evident. The writer Noah Haidle created this film script after seeing 2 old gangster type guys sitting on a bench in park sharing stories and Stand Up guys is the result.


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