Sanjini's Eye of the Empress Action Film Sizzles - The Fight Club and Playing Pool

Sanjini is an actress, writer, producer and martial artist.

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Eye of the Empress Movie Poster by Ruben Magos


Part 4 of Eye of the Empress opens with El Chico Malo (The Bad), played by David Saucedo at his Fight Club. Skylar (The Good), played by Sanjini is in disguise as a ring girl. Max Holt, played by Monte Stone has a plan organized with Boris Oxnard (The Ugly), played by Jes Selane.


Max Holt (played by Monte Stone) and Skylar (played by Sanjini) - photo credit Kevin Clay

El Chico Malo (played by David Saucedo) and Max Holt (played by Monte Stone) - photo credit Kevin Clay

Boris Oxnard (played by Jes Selane) - photo credit Sanjini

El Chico Malo is surrounded by his entourage of bad thugs including martial artist, Tar played by Willie Wright and Black Magic, played by Jordan Cann. Sexy, Viviana (Stefania Marconia) is also hanging on El Chico Malo’s arm ready to watch the fight. Bruce Boxer, played by pretty boy, Govind Hogan is in the fight ring with Rob Romero, is played by Rob Fernandes. 


El Chico Malo (played by David Saucedo) - photo credit Pierre Chemaly

Bruce Boxer (played by Govind Hogan) and Ring Girl - photo credit Kevin Clay

The sexy ring girls announce the beginning of Round 1 and 2. Ring girl, played by Brazilian Playboy bombshell, Celia Almeida struts up and down the fight ring. Boris is in a Taco Stand preparing a magic taco. Juan Sanchez Aguilar plays the taco delivery boy. Special thanks to Juan Sanchez Aguilar for the use of his taco truck (Jesse’s Catering).       

Max Holt and the Ring Girls - photo credit Kevin Clay

sanjini and Juan - photo credit Kevin Clay

The magic taco is given to El Chico Malo at his Fight Club and during the fight. It is marked with an “X” and contains a chip to make it explode. At the same time, Skylar is preparing to approach El Chico Malo with a knife in her hand. Max Holt is outside the Fight Club and is communicating with Boris Oxnard who is in the taco truck. Boris’ cellular phone dies at the moment he is supposed to count to ten (10 seconds) and press the remote to make the taco explode. El Chico Malo is about to eat his “magic taco” when Skylar approaches him. The taco is about to explode when Max rushes in and flings it away. The taco explodes and the audience rushes out in a stampede. Skylar picks up a bottle of water nearby and pours it onto the Empress Diamond which El Chico Malo is holding in his hands. The water seems to diffuse the magical powers of the Empress Diamond – making a sputtering sound. El Chico Malo and his girlfriend rush out but he is caught in the crowd rushing out and stumbles and falls to the ground. The Empress Diamond falls out of his hand. Skylar rushes out while Max Holt (played by Monte Stone)and Tar (played by Willie Wright) are in a fight. Max manages to punch Tar out.

Tar (played by Willie Wright) - photo credit Sanjini

A hand picks up the Empress Diamond but we do not know whose hand it is…

Special thanks to David Stein and his support. David was an audience member and has supported the Eye of the Empress series from the beginning. Kevin W. Clay was also an audience member and took photo stills of the film shoot. Dr. Brian King also took photos for the movie posterCinematography veteran, Pierre Chemaly (over 80 cinematography imdb credits) shot with a Black Magic camera. Jaye Razor was an Associate Producer, providing financial assistance that helped with the production costs. Thanks also to Christopher Graigrai Simmerbach and Daniel Daube for their financial contributions.

Actor Jaye Razor!

Special thanks to Robert Ratche who helped provide the shooting location of the Fight Club. Thank you so much to Systems Training Center and Marcus Kowal for providing the location of the shoot. Systems Training Center is a hardcore MMA school providing training for both amateurs and professionals (UFC Fighters). Jay Wilson was an excellent First Assistant Director. Jay’s insurmountable help and assistance provided the foundation for my “Eye of the Empress” film by assisting with the formatting and typing of the script and also with his amazing on-set skills. T.J. Yoshizaki was the Sound Mixer and his company Baseline Productions provided the equipment and crew for the production. Part 5,  Playing Pool was shot at a bar (The Spot) with a pool table. Skylar and Max Holt (played by Monte Stone) are playing pool. Skylar wants to know more about Boris and Max wants to know more about the Empress Diamond.

Max Holt (played by Monte Stone) and Skylar (played by Sanjini) - photo credit Matt Quinn

Skylar has a flash back to her late grandmother, played by Sudha Desai who gives her the Empress Diamond (a family heirloom) to keep safe for her father. Skylar’s grandmother mentions that the diamond has magical powers. Skylar has another flashback to her father, played by Russ Andrade, who is disappointed in her. Skylar struggles to get her father’s approval as she is headstrong and gets into scrapes that he has to bail her out of often.  Skylar vows to find the Empress Diamond and return it to her father.

Skylar (played by Sanjini) and the Grandmother (played by Sudha Desai) - photo credit Chris Anthony

Skylar mentions that she saw the diamond fall out of El Chico Malo’s hand but wonders who picked it up. Skylar and Max also discuss that they worked together in the past for a government agency but now Max is a mercenary.

Max Holt (played by Monte Stone) and Skylar (played by Sanjini) - photo credit Matt Quinn

The bartender, played by Matt Quinn, warns Skylar about Max Holt. Matt Quinn was also an excellent Second Assistant Director and is also credited for taking photo stills of the shoot. Anjeena Ali, the Producer, arranged the location for the shoot. The Spot is a great spot to get a few drinks at the bar, play a game of pool and socialize with some locals. Dane Heathcock assisted with his help and time as Associate Producer.  

Part 5 was filmed with a Red Dragon camera.

Sanjini and the bar patrons - photo credit Matt Quinn

Max Holt (played by Monte Stone) and Skylar (played by Sanjini) - photo credit Matt Quinn

Star Sapphire Media and Baseline Productions produced both Part 4 and 5 of Eye of the Empress. 

Shot somewhere in Mexico….




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