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Sanjini Bhakta’s “Eye of the Empress” is a riveting, exciting short action film with powerful imagery and colorful characters. This action film is shot in the style of Robert Rodriguez’s “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” with tones of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns. This was achieved by the cinematographer, Tobias Deml whose photography and lighting added creativity and intrigue to this film.    


“The Eye of the Empress” follows the story of Skylar, played by Sanjini, who enters a scrap yard/warehouse area in disguise. She is looking for “a family token” called “The Empress”. She encounters a bodyguard played by Zaid Abro and a thrilling chase scene ensues around a landscape of abandoned trucks, tires and scraps of metal.

Actors Zaid Abro and Sanjini, Photo by K. Clay

Actress Sanjini with Tobias Deml and Peter Acosta, Photo by K. Clay

Actors Zaid Abro and Sanjini , Photo by K. Clay

Skylar then faces three henchmen played by Jason Nieblas, Joseph Nieblas and Raduan Osman. Skylar is embroiled in an exciting, action fight scene involving guns and martial arts. The unique fight choreography was created and directed by Jason Nieblas who plays the character, Valdivia.

Actors Sanjini and Zaid Abro with Lawrence Saint Victor, Photo by K. Clay

Actors Sanjini and Joseph Nieblas, Photo by K. Clay

Actors Sanjini and Raduan Osman, Photo by K. Clay

After this spectacular fight scene, Skylar has a showdown with the big, Mexican Narco King, El Chico Malo played by David Saucedo. The last part of this film is a play of shadows, intrigue and magic.       

Actors Sanjini, Jason Nieblas and David Saucedo, Photo by K. Clay

Actor David Saucedo, Photo by K. Clay

Actress Sanjini, Photo by K. Clay

Actress Sanjini, Photo by K. Clay

Actress Kim Cash and Actor David Saucedo, Photo by K. Clay

Shot in East Los Angeles under the hot sun, this set had a magnificent backdrop, props and flavors of a Mexican Narco King’s hangout! The warehouse/scrap yard area was provided by Russ Andrade and Martin Gonzlez. El Chico Malo’s golden throne was provided by Adrian Huerta.

East Los Angeles Scrap Yard Location, Photo by Sanjini

El Chico Malo's throne, Photo by Sanjini

Der Spiegel’s team Sandra Sperber and Marc Pitzke came to shoot behind the scenes footage of the fight scene. Please view their news video about “Eye of the Empress” at:


“Eye of the Empress” is like a gem of creativity filled with action, adventure and beautifully shot with the help of a talented crew and cast. Fabian Saske created the gorgeous music for the fight scene and other parts of the film. Craig Sounda Brown created the unique music for the chase scene and credits. Rick Wilson lended his talents and skills as Sound Engineer/Designer after working for decades in the big movie studios. Lawrence Saint Victor was an excellent First Assistant Director, Ian C. Glover added his talent and skills as Second Assistant Director and Peter Acosta was an amazing Camera Assistant/Gaffer.

Actors Zaid Abro and Sanjini with crew Peter Acosta, Yuichi Shiotani and Tobias Deml, Photo by K. Clay

Actors Zaid Abro and Sanjini with crew Lawrence Saint Victor and Yuichi Shiotani, Photo by K. Clay

Baseline Productions was also involved in creating this film with its hard working crew – T.J. Yoshizaki, Yuichi Shiotani and Yukana Ueno. T.J. Yoshizaki effectively edited the difficult fight scenes as well as the entire action short.    



Sanjini's You Tube Channel 

Summary of action film:

Action heroine, “Skylar” becomes involved in a quest to find a family token called “The Empress” when she finds herself involved in a gun chase with a psychotic bodyguard, faces a fight with three tough henchmen and then faces the corrupt Mexican Narco King, “El Chico Malo”. 

Poster created by Kirill Kozlov (



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