Reese Witherspoon is Wild About 'Wild' at the Los Cabos International Film Festival

Reese Witherspoon discusses her latest film, 'Wild', at the Los Cabos International Film Festival press conference. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Kicking off the Los Cabos International Film Festival was a press conference with the beautiful southern gem of an actress, Reese Witherspoon, followed by the screening of her film, "Wild".

Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and produced by Witherspoon, "Wild" is a story of fate, strength,  endurance, and ultimately finding oneself.  Featuring Reese Witherspoon, "Wild" is a true story based off of the book written by Cheryl Strayed.

Leading a life of drugs, sex, and little to no money,  Cheryl often looked to men and drugs to fulfill a dark hole within herself. After the death of her mother, which caused a downward spiral I. Her life decisions Cheryl had to find a way to live herself and find inner beauty to make peace with her past decisions as well as try to reset to a new brighter future.

Reese Witherspoon with festival head Alonso Aguilar. Photo Credit: Meagan Sargent

Deciding to take herself out of the eyes of many and focus on herself she embarked on the ultimate quest of hiking 1100 miles along the Pacific crest trail in order to release her struggles and start anew. "This was one of the most challenging films I have done, stated Reese Witherspoon. Both physically and emotionally this film was challenging and I'm glad Cheryl trusted me with her story."

No matter where you come from the important part is the end destination.  In "Wild",  you will review your past decisions and quickly realize that ultimately finding peace and happiness within yourself will lift you up mentally and emotionally and create an unstoppable force. "Wild" is a definite must-see.


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